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Dream Bus

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I know that there is already a thread up that is similar this, but i want to see specifics in this one...If a company came to you and said "I want to design perfect buses for nyc, help me do it", what would be in your design?

1: please provide a description for each bus configuration (40ft standard, 60ft articulated, and 45ft OTR coach)

2: please provide specifics like engine/trans combo, seating, exterior color scheme etc...


I'll start it off

40ft - I would love to see a high floor version of the Novabus LFS with frameless windows, local LFSA decal theme, and the original aluminium alcoas. It would be powered by the cummins ISL and Allison WB400R GenIV transmission, have wedge style DRUM brakes, have a side mounted radiator, and rear mounted a/c condensed (to get rid of those stupid looking bumps on the roof. Can't forget about the HID headlights and RTS style seating.


45ft OTR - see Prevośt X3-45 (I think that bus is perfect)


60ft artic - I would like to see an New Flyer XD60 body, current XD40 decal theme, alcoa wheels (of course), and D60 style seating from the wheelchair benches back. Powered by a cummins ISX with Allison WB-500R Gen IV transmission, having S-cam drum brakes and dual center tires. LED headlights also included.

All buses to have RED hoodlum lights so people know that it is an actual emergency instead of just normal amber hazard lights...

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