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  1. You should see the SI buses Manhattanville has inherited. Bodies are the worst I've seen in 20 years. Made worse by the fact that Yukon never painted replacement panels (they went under a wrap) so you've got grey primer all over the exterior.
  2. 4254 has a run-box from an Orion V, must have been swapped while an SI bus. That's a nice little throwback to see driving around Manhattan (and the 10 year-old paint helps too).
  3. I will be surprised (but thrilled) if the TOMM is back out.
  4. That might be the most Bronx transfer type-shit I ever heard...
  5. from Smith-9 to Jamaica from Coney to Jamaica are loops to outdo the ! Those are bizarre service patterns if I've ever heard of them, but I sort of get a kick out of it.
  6. Lol, I saw that same convoy on the WSH about 15 minutes ago, was gonna post it but you beat me to it! I saw those all still had Jamaica stickers. I don't think those ever saw Quill service. Reminds me of when 8872 from LGA was at Quill a couple years back, among other maintenance loans.
  7. You guys been noticing the removal of "Off Hours" signs in the subway? Astor Place had its huge yellow enamel "Off Hours Waiting Area" signs that date to ~1986 finally covered up with black sheet metal recently. The old signs are still there, but clearly the MTA just wants them hidden away. There was an article in the Times a couple years ago about the MTA's decision to do away with the signs. They were first installed in 1982 or so, and there was supposed to be one in every station by 1987. As a result most of them are in Akzidenz-Grotesk and nearly all are porcelain enamel. They're being slowly eliminated, but there are tons of them to deal with. I have to check if the ones at 79th are still there–those used to be prominent too. Those were the stations with on-platform waiting areas, whereas there were a ton of stations with mezzanine areas. Woodside and Grand Central had a maze of them near fare control.
  8. You sure about that? Haven't seen a single Manhattan bus with a new Oatly front ad, and the Flatbush ones just look like leftovers from the earlier campaign. SI transfers are all getting plastered with Museum of Sex ads (good way to tell what's current). ENY and MQ always have the newest campaigns, and they're both Museum of Sex still. Seems to me like the only new campaign is at the rear of buses, nothing new at the front and just a bunch of holdovers on the old campaign. @ others, as for why I'm keeping track? Nice to see ads that have a sense of humor, treat the viewer with a little bit of a wink-wink-nod-nod, and aren't uniform across the city. The Museum of Sex ones are straight tacky with that big flag and all, and usually ads are just boring (how many years of VIM did we get stuck with?).
  9. Had no idea Flatbush still had the Oatly campaign on nearly all their buses. Nice to still see those around. Same with some of the JG front ads and a couple of UP expresses.
  10. Worth noting he has some problems. Wouldn't blame entirely since he just hears it and repeats it. But he also refuses to listen when called out, so hard to say.
  11. New Oatly ad campaign on the rear of Manhattan buses. Pretty funny if you ask me, though I'd bet there's some law they're breaking...absolutely tiny text that says something like "If you can read this Oatmilk ad, you must really care about oatmilk ads." It's inscrutable from more than 15 feet away, and I have perfect vision. Clever enough as far as I'm concerned. A word about markets - I was in LA a little over a month ago. Almost exactly the same ad campaign is going on there on LACMTA stops. I was also in Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans...not so much lol. Looks like Oatly knows which parts of the country are drinking their stuff.
  12. The legal standard the people suing are trying to meet is almost impossible to prove (and totally inapplicable here), so once this appeal gets sorted, it should be back on. They're stalling, but they're not winning.
  13. Another endless whine. Please stick to buses, where the rhetoric is only tired, as opposed to bikes, where the rhetoric is dangerous: "Last week, the Queens Chronicle reported a traffic fatality at 91st Avenue and a bike rider injured at 1 a.m., both on Woodhaven Boulevard, when motorists do not expect to see cyclists on the road" What the hell sort of lazy excuse-making is that? Drivers only have to pay attention at certain hours, and if a cyclist is out at night, they shouldn't have surprised the driver? "so why should we believe the DOT that more protected lanes and further encouragement of cycling will make cycling safer?" It is widely understood by every transit planning official in the world that cycling safety increases as a critical mass of cyclists develops, and that separating cyclist traffic from car traffic is part of that safety. Consider nearly any northern European city where this experiment has been taken seriously, or even places like London which have improved their infrastructure in similar ways. It is a good thing you're not making planning decisions when you demonstrate this kind of resistance to statistical reality or accepted evidence. I have my many qualms with the DOT too, but this is not something they've made up themselves.
  14. It looks like it says that in your link. "All vehicles are restricted from making left turns off of 14th Street (except MTA buses at signed locations)."
  15. Manhattan division only has them on the back. I've seen them still on a few SI/BK expresses as well, the smaller size.
  16. Happy hunting: 4272 is on the M1 in full SBS livery.
  17. Stupidest thing I've seen this week. Way to alienate people who would, generally speaking, be on your side. Not to mention that the person who makes these videos must be illiterate, a third-grade dropout, or both. Let's read this one over: "The MTA has claimed it can't afford to add elevators. FACT: The MTA owes $35 billion to the banks. That's why we shut down the MTA's PR stunt." I'm sorry, what?
  18. I despise those wraps so much. Makes it painful to look out the window since your eyes can't focus.
  19. Larry Schwartz proves himself, for the thirteenth time this week, a scum bag.
  20. Is that M18 setup correct? It was 8th Street, like the M3, before it was Harlem as the last stop? Totally forgot about that...throwback.
  21. Black paint is a great way to make a bus very, very hot. Black bulkheads heat up enough that we saw the introduction of whitebacks with the old scheme. Now, blue-and-blue like the 1970s...that I could get behind!
  22. Lmao these cheap bastards. As if buses didn't look terrible enough already. Somebody should see the trash buses SI sent to MV for an assessment of buses without a repaint in years. And of course with the ridiculous Cuomo scheme that requires multiple different colors and a full wrap per bus. I give up.
  23. What a moron Cuomo is. His pride and joy program, which we knew was a waste, proves to be a waste. Kind of silly the MTA is ending this when it saves not a ton of money and will be such lousy optics (peel off all those dumb stickers?), but so it goes.
  24. Which is still crazy to me, since it comes right off when the ads get removed. Some of the NGs have vinyl stripes by the looks of it, but some are getting real paint.
  25. M5 out of MQ, which already has the M55, is not impossible to imagine. Keep in mind the former-M5-now-M55 route ran artics from roughly 42nd and 5th to SF during the summer in 2014/2015 if I remember right as part of the supplemental 1 train service. It's been done before and could be done again. With the current stub end of the M5 not far from Quill, it even makes sense in terms of deadheads.

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