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B61 buses will come more often...

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... but not often enough for Red Hookers.

The MTA will add more rush-hour buses to the flaky B61 route — and Red Hook straphangers say don’t stop there.


On the heels of a searing report indicating that the packed bus comes erratically when it comes at all, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed on Monday to add one extra bus per hour during the evening rush beginning in April.


The extra wheels will decrease waiting times from 10 minutes to 9 minutes between 3:30 pm and 7 pm to alleviate crowding, a spokesman for the agency said.

B61 buses will come more often — but not often enough for Red Hookers

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^^ More artics generally = less service.... no thanks.




As far as the B61 goes, I find this ironic that now folks in Red hook are clamoring for more service.... these were the same folks that were up in arms when the (orig.) B61 was split & the B77 was discontinued for this rendition of the B61....


Aside from all that... I'm not sure how much of a difference that extra minute would make, but in general, that route does need more rush hour service (at least).... during the PM rush, those buses are constantly leaving SRO at the 1st stop over there by fulton st.... Heading towards downtown during the AM rush, they should have short turns starting from where the old B77 started at....


as far as the posters in that SC thread.... I personally wouldn't bring back the B75...

The current 61 full route is fine, the MTA (from jump) is simply being frugal w/ its service...

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