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  1. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    Well, from what I've noticed over the years, the M3 is utilized more within Washington Hgts., but the M101 is used for longer distances (this includes getting to Harlem)... Those folks up there are more apt to taking the M101 to get to 125th over the M3.... Don't remember what year it was or whatever, but I remember an argument b/w a handful of folks or so that had broke out on RD, regarding the turnaround & layover scenarios of both the M3 & M101... I remember one dude saying that it terminated at 193th (which is true), but the turnaround scenario had buses running up to Dyckman to turnaround, which he felt made no sense (which made no sense, because it wasn't true).... It was arguments like that that made me want to go out fanning routes from end to end... The bus maps can only do so much (and of course, this was before the era of bustime).... The Manhattan map didn't always show the M101's descension along St. Nicholas to get to 190th, to get back to Amsterdam - it just showed a straight line (much like that of the M3; paralleling the M3) & had it looking like it ended in some arbitrary spot before the part of Ft. George av. that starts to curl.... To your question though, M3's are supposed to use that cutout, yes... Some b/o's still don't, despite the measures that have been made to stop that illegal u-turning where Ft. George av. meets Audubon..... If other motorists still engage in that practice, I wouldn't know....
  2. New NYC Transit president Andy Byford takes subway to work

    I'm not going to get much into what the man looks like, how he dresses, or the fake outrage behind not saying anything when you have nothing nice to say to someone..... This forum, much like any other forum, has a certain amount of teasing & insult hurling (no matter how subtle or hostile) that goes on - especially when some disagreement arises..... Look, I have no more faith in Byford than I did for Lhota, Prendergast, Walder, or any of these figureheads some of us in this community tend to give high praises to.... Yeah, I get it - alright, you don't want these eggheads (oh, look, an insult... ) to fall flat on their faces, but at the same time, the overpraising of these people on the front end & the letdown after they've done much of nothing on the back end, has been the norm.... Quite sure the latter of those 3 (Walder) won't be sending us NY-ers any postcards from overseas..... It's not even a wait & see approach with me with Byford..... There won't be any heroes or saviors to fix this mess NYC commuters have to put up with (some more than others), so I'm not holding my breath.... I'm expecting status quo.... Same old shit will continue to linger fester within this agency & much of nothing will get done on any grandiose scale when it comes to the rails & the buses..... FWIW, At least it keeps discussion forums like this active.
  3. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    I'm more surprised that the M100 has slightly more service than the M101 during most of the weekday (guess I should pay more attention to the posted headways.... Lol).... I see you've been getting some nice piece of data from Stephen Bauman there on Subchat; if that per trip data includes short turn trips, then what you just brought up there doesn't surprise me at all.... Those M101 short turns don't do so hot.....
  4. Manhattan Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Yes, I noticed you dubbed your idea the M99..... I quoted your post b/c Checkmate used your proposal to make a point regarding my proposal (which I left numbered as the M98).....
  5. Manhattan Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I wouldn't run the things to Inwood at all; those folks in-particular generally don't take the M100 or the Bx7 past 168th..... I also have no interest in running M98's there to have anything done to the BxM1..... Having BxM1's skip Inwood is an entirely separate issue. If too many BPH to 168th would become a problem, then I would much rather cut some trips short at 125th (w/ the M103) than to have trips either [panning south towards 168th] or [panning north towards 220th, or any part of Inwood in general] after coming off HRD.... I don't want to create a Q52/Q53 situation w/ this M98 where it doesn't justifiably present itself.....
  6. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    As with all fads, the same thing that ended up happening with LTD service back in the early part of the 2000's will eventually happen with SBS; it'll be looked at as nothing more than a bus that makes less stops than the local buses.... The MTA has used SBS (which we all know is a de facto BRT) to cut even more local bus service than they did w/ the introduction of LTD service.... In the longrun, I seriously believe that the bus network will end up consisting of a lesser amt. of routes traveling longer distances with less service making less "station" (as they're called w/ SBS) stops... Those on here that want artics to become the norm just might get their wish.... SBS'll end up becoming the norm/standard, instead of local buses having stops every 2-3 blocks or whatever.... As transit enthusiasts/aficionados, we can all dream, but as I see it, real BRT & especially LRT city-wide won't happen here; it is what it is.... If or when the subway system goes to pot, I expect people to leave this city in droves.... I don't know what the ratio of cabs to city buses are, but I expect it to skyrocket in generations to come.... Let's see how many jaywalkers there'll be when those self driving cars become the new "in" thing...... As to the other point.... I've never been the one to follow trends (matter fact, I tend to be the exact opposite), so that whole, having (not wanting, but having) to live in the trendiest neighborhoods, living paycheck to paycheck, pissing money away, eating out at these 4-5 star restaurants every night, going to the trendiest bars/clubs every weekend, aint for me.... It's the urban spin of "keeping up with the jones' ".... I have never been interested in trying to impress anyone & the last thing I am is impressionable; for me, it pays to be a stubborn recluse.... Don't know about you, but I find the idea of having less than 4 figures in my savings & checking accounts to be appalling & quite depressing..... If that makes me an elitist, then I'm an elitist.... If I die a miser, I'll have no qualms - but no landlord's suckering me to shell out 4-5k a month to live in some overrated neighborhood in somebody's oversized closet & I'm not going to bother inquiring for people that wanna "go half" with me, just to say that I live in (insert trendy neighborhood here)..... Anyone else that doesn't side with that line of thinking can have at it - but I don't want to see these same people ready & waiting at some traffic light off some frontage road I just might happen to be at, with poland-spring-water-bottle-with-squeegee-equipped-in-hand, aggressively spewing that shit on my front window & vigorously wiping it off & calling it "cleaning" & expecting a f***in "tip" for it when they get up there in age.... I don't care what you have between your legs either.... The action I will be then taking is the commencing of turning on my wipers - and when that light turns green, I'm proceeding accordingly with the rest of moving traffic.... If you end up getting hit, Que sera.... sera. Hoboken to me is an incomplete Park Slope (is the neighborhood that comes to mind right now)... There is this palpable void that it has, that I can't quite express with words.... Unlike Park Slope, it's not a place to raise a family, it's more for single 20 somethings/early 30 somethings with good paying jobs that wanna get away from the city, but still wanna BE in the city (if that makes sense).... The ex wanted to live there 1] due to the hype, 2] so she can be closer to family (Washington Hgts), 3] somewhere that had "at least train service" and 4] she's a bit of a foodie & isn't much of a cook (which is what I would sometimes tease her about; a dominican mami that can't cook), so being relatively close to a variety of restaurants is something she holds in a certain regard..... I want no part of living in the gold coast; for all that, I may as well stay here in the middle of Brooklyn, that'll end up getting gentrified like everywhere else these days anyway..... In reality, she has this hatred of Brooklyn (like a lot of Bronxites tend to for whatever reason) & wanted me to move up to the Bronx, so we can go live in one of those apartments she was looking at along Sedgwick, not too far from Camden... I meant, River Park Towers.... "Morris" Park I might have considered, "Morris" Heights? I would have to be in a lifelong drug induced stupor... Now I'm not at all proclaiming that E. Flatbush is the greatest, but I think it's stupid for DINK couples with good salaries to go move in that part of the Bronx.... Just because you were raised around there & you can take a 10 min ride or so over the bridge to go see mi madre & mi abuela.... So much for compromise huh? Another thing, I want my own house, she (as you can tell by that list of places I mentioned in the last post) likes living in these fool's gold high-rise apartment complexes..... Maybe the breakup was a bullet well dodged.... Weehawken, while aesthetic & offers better riverside views (if you're into that sort of thing) than Hoboken, has too weird a vibe to it for me to want to live there..... Also, the layout of the town is very odd; feels like 3, possibly even 4, separate towns in one..... The part on the south end of the helix has crap bus service (where all the office bldgs are at), while the part on the north end of the helix (blvd east to be specific) IMO gets too much bus service....
  7. How did you discover NYC Transit Forums?

    I remember when you first came on the scene.... Nobody couldn't say SHIT about an express bus without you putting your two cents into it IDK if you ever posted on subchat, but regardless, you just might have just single-handedly killed off the vociferousness of the express bus haters around these parts (which is something I was getting sick of myself).... Got real old, real fast.... The whole "luxury" crap.... You used to post on SI Live, didn't you?
  8. How did you discover NYC Transit Forums?

    Old head here... Harry used to be a member of this one board called Straphangers/Rider Diaries (now defunct) along with me & a couple others on here..... Straphangers as a transit advocacy group or whatever still exists, headed by Gene Russianoff, if you've seen that name floating around in the newspaper or other online articles..... Anyway, I believe Harry was a member of RD before I was (after a year or so of lurking, I signed up there around 2004/05)..... But although he didn't post much, I always found him to be a chill dude.... Long story short (well, somewhat), things came to a head on Straps back in the mid-to-late 00's (trolls/trolling, spammers, the cliquish nature of members there bullying others & the favoritism the mods played with certain members in getting away with shit [of the mods that still frequented the place !!], things like that) & people simply stopped frequenting the forum cold turkey, or frequented the place at a much lesser rate.... There were other forums (of course, Subchat being one of them), but that place, places like bustalk, railroad.net, and other transit forums that were around at the time, simply never appealed to me.... .....Then out of the BLUE, Harry came out with NYCTF.... I don't exactly remember who initially told me about the forum (it wasn't Harry himself), but after getting temp. banned for cursing all of a sudden (some troll that was saying some stupid shit; about the SF Giants being a more successful franchise than the NY Yankees, something to that effect), that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me wanting to be a consistent "contributing member" on Straphangers/Rider Diaries anymore.... I was going to seriously start up a blog, detailing all the fantrips I would go on, as well as breaking down/talking about the intricacies of bus routes (much like I still do here), but out of sheer laziness, I kept going back & forth between randomly posting at Straps & here @ NYCTF (as far as transit forums go).... As you can see on the banner, this forum is 10 years old; I signed up in 2007 when it was created, but didn't really start actively posting/being a consistent contributing member up until like late 2008/early 2009.... During that hiatus, I spent more time on non-transit forums (boxden, kirupa, canibus-central, btnhboard, couple random fly-by-night/here today, gone tomorrow, rap freestyle {"ki-style"} battle boards, couple booty boards like web underground & BGOL) than I did lurking/posting at straps..... Also engaged in (image) "sig battles" on various forums back when my paint shop pro (never cared for photoshop) game was on point..... Aww man, this is all taking it back...... So yeah, ever since then, this place, in terms of online transit communities go, has taken up years of my existence on this planet.... Lol. Thanks a lot, Harry ...........
  9. January 7, 2018 Bus Service Changes

    To be perfectly honest, I never thought they would've have bothered with the extension to Flushing.... The only change to the route I thought they would've eventually ended up doing, was the extension to the projects.... I still think the Flushing extension & the span expansion is their way of addressing the overcrowding on the Q66......
  10. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    Old folks are moving out & old money is dying out in some Brooklyn neighborhoods..... Hell, it's going on over there in Kensington/Ditmas Park/Victorian Flatbush... Same deal with parts of Midwood & Madison... There is definitely an ongoing transformation in this borough & in the next decade or so, I'm looking to GTF out of here.... The fabric of this city has been torn & it's to the point where if you're a native NY'er, you're treated like some sort of an outsider by all these transients, transplants, gentrifiers, etc...... While I never predicted the extent of it to happen as quickly as it has, I have said since high school that NYC is going to be the victim of its own demise..... Go on a longstanding, large-scale forum like city-data (NYC section) & you're met with a bunch of housing lottery threads these days... It's a microcosm of a larger issue plaguing a lot of folks in this city.... Displacement, fueled by f***** greed...... The Puerto Ricans saw the writing on the wall before a lot of other NY-ers did.... Now a lot of the ones that were here in the early part of the 90's & years before, are scattered in parts of Pennsylvania, upstate NY, and out in Orlando (what's up Q43LTD !)...... People tend to want their own space (which is another issue... these new apartments being propped up aren't much more than oversized closets, but landlords expect an arm & a leg for them... I wish I would) & shouldn't have to live like pack-rats with strangers or friends to make-do.... If you ask me, this is all by design - extending the college dorm way of living, well into that of people's 30's & beyond.... I will never do the "roommate" thing & I think a lot of millennials have been brainwashed to have that be the norm..... I have heard of yuppies making the same yearly salary as I do (low 90's) and better, shacking up with buddies out there in the LES & Chelsea.... Hell, my most recent ex (who had went & ran off to Bayonne [with her.. now ex-dude ], following behind her friends & their BF's]) is now shacked up with COWORKERS in Hoboken.... After we broke up, she went back w/ family in Washington Hgts. for a couple mos, then found some cornball & moved in with him (don't know where he lived), then they moved to Bayonne (Harbor Pointe), they then moved to Bloomfield (Troy Towers), and now she livv......ing sing....gul in Hoboken w/ coworkers (The Sovereign @ the Shipyard).... #JerseyGirl all over her IG , tryna to get back w/ me on the low, talking about about some happy birthday, how's my family, yada yada yada... 10 bucks says they're on some Sex and the city type shit..... She always wanted to live in Hoboken when we were together, well now there she is - Sardine-ing on that one-two-six (speaking of buses) through the Lincoln every day with the same people she spends 10+ hours a day in the office with - and I love every second of it ! But yeah, we both know the MTA will do squat when it comes to the buses, short of outright cutting service (or "combining" trips) on these routes as ridership continues to diminish..... You would think with as many yuppies moving to this city, that they would be more apt to taking the express bus, but when the great 24/7 NYC subway is shoved into the faces of newcomers to this city, you get what you're gonna get... Going by what some of you have brought up in the subway section of the forum, the platforms at GCT are at dangerous levels of crowding, thanks to the apparent ghosting of trains all of a sudden... Yes, it's incomplete, but so much for SAS being a cure-all for the east side (so far)...... Between high school & college, I knew of several people that lived in the Glenwood houses - Each & every one of them claimed Canarsie. 11234, yes, that zip code covers a couple of neighborhoods (Flatlands, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, Marine Park IINM),.... Unbeknownst to me, know what else 11234 encompasses? Floyd Bennett Field.... That Aviator sports complex out there has that same zip code.... Until I saw a commercial for that sporting arena some years ago, I never knew what zip code that toys r us, that golf course, that seafood place, and the rest of those other establishments out there past Kings Plaza had.....
  11. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    As a Brooklynite, if someone mentions that they live in Flatlands, I automatically assume they live along Flatlands av..... That's because nobody ever really mentions that they live in Flatlands (the neighborhood).... Just like New Cassel & Westbury out in Nassau - for as big & as populous as New Cassel is, how in the f*** don't NObody live in New Cassel & Evvvverrybody live in Westbury out there; come on now But the whole Flatlands dilemma you bring up, is a combination of [prestige] & quite frankly, [how loosely defined it, as a neighborhood, is].... Much of nobody takes pride in living in Flatlands, because you have as many that are unsure that that they live there to begin with ! That's actually quite sad - given that you have people that take more pride in living in some of the shitholes across this country that they do......
  12. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    I still think it's fishy after all this time that the B41's been servicing the area, now some of those folks out there all of a sudden want B41's..... Flatlands patrons I can understand wanting more B41 service (especially after the cut in service (and waned reliability) of the B46 local, thanks to SBS.... On top of one of the least reliable routes in this borough; the B47), but Bergen Beach/Georgetown, nah, AFAIC, something's up..... Lol @ that summary of the B3.... There are plenty people taking buses along Av. U from the Brighton that are riding past Kings Plaza (and vice versa) & that has been one facet of the route's ridership pattern for the longest & still is to this day.... Yes, the B100 will get you to the Brighton faster, but the B100 still isn't the norm for the majority of folks on that end of the borough.... The B100 should be far more utilized than what it currently is - and the ridership spikes (as Checkmate pointed out) seems to be slowly moving the needle in that direction.... I'd argue that the MTA wants these external transit alternatives (cabs, bikes, dollar vans, etc) to flourish; means less service they have to provide & less resources that has to be expended.... Things are going to get ugly around here if they ever resort to doing their "analysis" which'd have them start "tinkering" with B41 service - and not for the better either..... This agency doesn't care about the riding public.
  13. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    Developers (especially) tend to lump Crown Heights & Prospect Heights together; completely ignoring the fact that they're two totally different neighborhoods.... While there is an unofficial segmentation of Crown Heights (the "jewish part" & the "black part", dubbed by locals), the northern part of Crown Heights doesn't encompass Prospect Heights (it's like calling Marble Hill, South Riverdale)..... What's gotten gentrified is the northern part of Crown Heights, not Prospect Heights, so for him (NY1635) to claim that the B41 saw losses for that reason is based on a false premise. - Lol, hell, If you took the to 167th, you could have walked to High Bridge (even with the hilliness of the area); it's right there.... I was referring to a typical Bx35 trip from end to end though.... - The Bx26 & Bx28 doesn't circumnavigate Co-op anymore, so those two are out.... The Q50 tends to crawl at times, but it's not as bad (or consistently) as the Bx23 though (I suppose you could argue that it's actually worse for a LTD route to crawl to a level of that of being somewhat comparable to the Bx23 up there).... The Bx30, to me, moves at a better pace than the Bx23 & the Q50.... The Bx38 moves at an average/tolerable pace to me, not too too slow, but not as quick as it probably should be either..... - Quite sure you aren't the only one that forgets about the Ft. Washington av portion... LOL..... But yeah, although the hospital is one cause of the influx of traffic, another cause believe it or not, is to evade the areas around [178th - 181st] & around [168th], along both St. Nich' & along Broadway.... ...and I'd like to compare that number with the amount of riders that shirked the B3 for the B100 instead.... I don't ever remember that many people ever waiting at those stops along Fillmore, east of Utica, for instance.... Bergen Beach folks have clamored for IRT service over the years.....
  14. I've been screaming that for years about having B71's run to Prospect Park subway instead; never cared for having a bus route along Eastern Pkwy - not with the B71 & not with any B14 extension either.... Whatever importance the B71 once had running to Crown Heights (before it got eliminated) had then been since long gone.... I find it kind of comical to have it running to the Children's Museum myself To the other point..... CB6 isn't pushing for express bus service in Red Hook in particular (that I know of anyway), nor have they ever came out with a specific route/routing proposal for an express bus (which is something I'd also like to see; what specific streets would they run express service along)..... Apparently they also want midtown direct service, on top of lower Manhattan service (which is akin to the BM's)....
  15. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    To sum it up, increased congestion along more of Flatbush av over the years.... Flatbush av, north of Grand Army was what it was (and still is), with bridge traffic & traffic from Livingston st being major contributors, but Flatbush south of Empire has gotten much slower/more congested than when the B41 carried almost 40k riders/day..... Prospect Heights patrons hardly took the B41 for it to be anywhere close to being of any significance to all the ridership the route has lost over the years..... Gentrification isn't much of a reason it has lost so much ridership either; but the part of the B41 that isn't as utilized now due to gentrification is in Lefferts Gardens... Empire Bl. NB used to see way more people seeking NB B41's than they do now..... Now, it's (also) all about the (B)(Q) for folks in that general area too.... Fact of the matter is, the B41 is no longer many people's primary choice for getting to/from downtown - especially for riders residing south of Lefferts Gardens.... It used to be a route that had a lot of "distance riders".... Now, it's at the bottom of the totem pole in that regard, losing out to (even more people south of the Junction getting off for the 2/5 [as opposed to more of those folks staying on the bus the whole way, back then], more people overall taking dollar vans in general, & more people taking the B103 to/from downtown [the portion b/w the Junction & Downtown Brooklyn used to be rather shunned]..... Of course.... Growing up, I remember B41's (per bus) easily being more crushloaded than B35's around here.... According to a dollar van driver I used to know (back when dollar vans used to stop in front of kings plaza [Flatbush side !!], the very reason for the dollar van service along Utica wasn't due to anything involving the B46, it was due to the over-saturation of the Flatbush av market (paraphrasing)..... I never looked at it like that, but it made sense...... Now that the B41's lost so much ridership, how many Utica av dollar vans do you see now? Have the MTA have more of those short turns on the B103 to the Junction during the rush running the full distance to downtown instead, that's going to spell even more trouble for the B41.... 4th av (oddly enough) isn't as congested as it used to be during the 90's; I remember 4th av being as bad as Canal street from Flatbush av on up to the Prospect Expwy (at minimum)..... Has there been any currently existing route that's lost as much ridership than the B41 over the course of a decade.... I don't think so. Well Bergen Beach patrons have always held the B3 in high regard & have had a knack of shunning the B41.... Ironically, the B3 is going down the tubes as well; less people are taking it to get to the Brighton & more people have considered the B41 to the IRT..... Took Bergen Beach folks long enough to "discover" the B41.... The ratio of total Kings Plaza trips to Bergen Beach trips used to be higher than whatever it is now - so although service to/from Bergen Beach isn't the greatest, I find it funny whenever I hear about Bergen Beach being underserved w/ the B41..... Now all of a sudden they want more B41 service.


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