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  1. I don't even wanna ask.... From a usage perspective, maybe.... From an operational perspective however, I'd want no part of it.... It's enough that it runs down to Church.
  2. Used to be a daily thing for me.... I would then xfer at Jamaica for a Ronkonkoma or a Huntington train to Mineola.... Although I don't miss the commute, I'd like to see how that third track project out there is coming along.... Anyway, did you board an express, or did your train stop at ENY & Nostrand?
  3. Sometime in the middle of July.... =================== Anyway, 1] XD40 #7611 on the move... first trip out of Brooklyn on the M99. 2] Lol..... wtf is up with this??? How are all four Bx99's in service right now in the Bronx already (screen shotted at 1:39am)..... ============
  4. I was going to take the B35 over to Rockaway, but I done got too comfortable... F**k it... Lol. Yep... and the next trips in each direction (waiting at the respective terminal) are also artics:
  5. I don't think you even know what's being argued against right now.... What are you saying isn't a lie? The argument isn't that there aren't #810's that pan off course.... I know they do that & yes, they shouldn't be doing that.... However, and apparently, you can't grasp the concept of putting it out there that buses never following the routing in Metuchen (yeah yeah, I know... whenever you take it ) sets a false ass precedent....
  6. Don't know about in charge per se, but I've seen Eastchester & College Point buses on the BxM7 during the few times I've been 'fanning the B99 to get to Manhattan....
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised. The so-called Cuomo wrap is the new kid on the block... SBS scheme, step aside
  8. As far as serving 57th st, you have the right idea as far as using 8th av. as a point of reference... I'd try my hand at reverting the M58 routing for the M31 & extending the EB M57 to serve Clinton Towers... The M31 serves way more of York than the M57 does West End av. & on top of that, West End moves far better traffic-wise..... To comment on point 2, if the street grid was more cohesive in that area, I would have given the thought of routing buses to take Broadway/Church Street, then take a cross street to get to the south end of BPC, then serve the south end of BPC. As far as for service to South Ferry, given the routing, I estimated about one hour between times when the B/O departs East Village towards South Ferry, and then from South Ferry towards East Village. I estimated that the route would not be reduced substantially if I terminated it at 1st Place instead, so I decided to serve South Ferry. With my proposed M22, I estimated about 15-20 minutes between South Ferry and City Hall, and the runtime between City Hall and the LES ranges from 10-16 minutes, and with the extension, it would be about another 10-12 minutes or so (maybe less during evening hours). The runtime I wouldn't worry about with an extended M22... I have it running b/w Liberty/S. End (current M9 terminal) & Baruch houses (Columbia/Houston) at about a 45 min. clip.... Something else I didn't mention was the taking buses off Worth st... I find that people that live over there in Chatham Towers tend to either walk along Worth to (wherever it is they're going), or take the SB M9/M103 to Park Row; I'm not really seeing that 1] patronization & 2] reliance on the M22... The current M22's taking of Worth to Lafayette, just so that the thing can serve all of Chambers st. is not "worth" it IMO.... This is exactly why I have BPC bound M22's taking Park Row... I pondered doing away with the current EB M22 routing b/w Pace U. & Pike/Madison (to have M22's use Park Row in both directions), but leaving that area east of Pace U. with just the M15 doesn't sit well with me.... I mentioned this a while back, but I'd ideally have M22's (both directions) paralleling the M15 b/w Pike & Fulton, then accessing the general area around City Hall from Fulton.... But of course, Fulton street's way too damn narrow & on top of that, the street grid isn't conducive to feasibly implicating such a thing.... One question I have for you though.... How do you have buses (M22's) getting to South Ferry from Park Row? I have it going Barclay > Church > Chambers on my map.... As you know, Broadway isn't bi-directional down there..... Routing-wise, it was always a coverage route.... Service-wise, I agree with you. As far as the Manhattan routing, that much I got.... While I'm not up to that part of the map yet, one thing I can tell you is that (and it's something I've said for quite a while on these parts) I would dead the M20 at 14th (from the north).... I have four ideas I have jotted down of what could/should be done with a 7th/8th av service, other than ending where (and the way) the M20 does on the northern end of the thing..... As for the southern portion, tbh, I'm not so sure if a Hudson/Washington coverage route is even worth it, and/or having anything utilizing Hudson (South of Abingdon Sq.).... One thing's for sure is that I wouldn't run B39's &/or M21's up in that area of the borough.... Including that with having M5's take on the (current/real) M8 west of Greenwich av & SB M6's running via 7th, I think you're overserving the West Village in general... Extending the B39 on the Brooklyn end OTOH makes more sense to me... It's far too reliant on xfers off other routes, instead of serving anyone in Brooklyn directly.... The question is & has always been, where in Brooklyn should it go... I haven't given that part of it too much thought, large in part, because the MTA decided to keep the B39 over the B51 (instead of either keeping both or doing away with both of 'em).... Once the B51 got eliminated, the continued existence of the B39 has been *whatever* to me..... The Washington Heights portion of the M101 not warranting existing service levels is one reason why I would do away with the M101 & branch the M100 over that part of the M101 route in question.... As such, there wouldn't be much of a need for any (scheduled) short turning at 161st.... When they came out with an M101 LTD, the M101 instantly/drastically became more attractive than the M100.... Over time though, the overwhelming popularity of the M101 along Amsterdam steadily waned, as too many buses would get caught up further down the line, negatively affecting service.... I'd say few people gave a shit that (some) trips were short turned at 96th to try to quell overall unreliability.... This was when you started seeing people gravitate towards M100's more/again, like before the M101 became a LTD..... There's no real need to have an Amsterdam route running past 116th (106th, being generous)..... For the sake of being petty, I would rebrand said part of the M101 as the M100a, instead of keeping the M101 nomenclature.... This is how much I think the M101 should be done away with.
  9. Yeah, and so have I - and I've been on buses that's stayed on the route. The b/o's that take that shortcut you're talking about, are anomalous.... Look, spare me your pictures.... You clearly said that buses never follow the Metuchen routing.... The narrative you're conveying with the #810 (to try to sympathize with the OP) here, is a flat out lie..... Period.
  10. Yuki is right.... All three of those routes' bus stops are separate from each other.
  11. Stop it, all those #810's aren't bypassing the RR station & staying on Amboy av..... How can the bus never follow the Metuchen routing, if you sometimes get off at the railroad station? It has to do that loop to get back to Amboy av.
  12. In Garfield, the route primarily runs along Midland av, with a couple of stops along Palisade av. & a couple of stops along Passaic st.... Where (in Garfield) are you trying to catch the #160 exactly? How long has whatever problem you've been having, been going on? I find it hard to believe that buses are bypassing the entire city.
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