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  1. It's not the deterrent for a potential rider to not board a bus that's SRO that one might think.... I don't blame the MTA for not having its b/o's be bothered with that... (For its actual intended purpose), it's a waste of time.... People will (and do) attempt to cram onto those MCI's anyway.... I was done when I was on a #319 one time, where dude was sitting in the walkway.... Whenever someone had to use the bathroom, he had to get up out the way (bumping into the row of seating I & some other dude was sitting in).... Highly annoying. Ironically & personally, when I see NJT's w/ the standing room only signage, I assume that there's NO standing room on the bus.... In other words, I prepare to get flagged.
  2. None of this crap involving the injection of more artics into the system is about addressing overcrowding capacity... What I've long been sick of, is the bullshit disposition that these changes year in & year out are being made to increase customer satisfaction.... The MTA does not care about you, Mr./Ms./Mrs./Miss NYC public transit commuter.... Embarrassingly enough, you can't tell me about "customer demand" when you don't know (or care to know) the riderbases for each & every route you operate, either..... Ever notice in the "alternatives" sections of these changes, the mere inaction of "Do Nothing" is almost always present - and on top of it, is the most expounded upon alternative to some initial proposal/upcoming change (if it isn't the ONLY alternative listed, mind you)? They are trying to reduce manpower & resources & they are doing it as gradually as they can (much like with anything else).... That's all this shit is & that's all that it's been about....
  3. It makes even less sense that it isn't even being done for the sake of seriously wanting to right any wrongdoing either..... You know this is all a dog & pony show when express bus riders are being targeted for farebeating.
  4. What's never considered is that (so-called) cost neutrality represents the top of the proverbial totem pole.... It's put out there (not necessarily by you, but by the MTA & whoever else puts stock in it) as if it's the ultimate aim, when it is not.... If (or should I say, when) some service alteration of some sort ends up resulting in a fiscal savings, that's when the real success is achieved... Fact of the matter is that there's just so many cuts (whether on the physical routes themselves or service levels) that the buses have underwent over the years, that you hardly see much of anyone in the bus section posting ideas anymore; esp. the outlandish ones..... For me, it's to the point I don't even want to discuss the ridership figures that just came out.... If, analogously speaking, trying to fix the bus network is like trying to piece together a jigsaw puzzle, then I'd say trying to fix the subway network is akin to untangling tangled wires.... All boils down to how "untangled" some believe the subway system to be over others on here, I suppose.... In any case, I've never said it (up until this point anyway), but ever since I started perusing transit forums (the first being RD/Straps), I have always gotten the sense that those that make subway proposals do so, for no other reason, except for the sake of experiencing a new & different service pattern - not for any benefit for any commuter whatsoever... I've gotten used to dodging subway bullets.... If I see a post with a plethora of them, to be quite frank, I gloss right over it.... Whether fairly or unfairly, it's dismissed as some proposal discussion I want zero part of..... Anyway, this bit reminds me of the to/from 179th.... IIRC, it's only what, 3 trains each way or w/e..... Much of how many of any masses are (not) planning their commutes around that, is right; esp. for the PM rush....
  5. In all honesty, I don't even feel like discussing these stats..... Kinda like being on unemployment & watching the balance in your bank account heading south faster than birds (or a New Yorker) for the winter.....
  6. Yeah, travel about a mile east & it gets significantly worse.... See it everyday. Most those cops never leave the facility enough to even see the buses themselves, let alone who's boarding them in what manner....
  7. Yes you can take the #832 to Asbury for the #317.... As for the other question, IDK what you're even asking with that; reducing the normal fare to a discounted one....
  8. Guess I'm in a minority then, because I don't like anything about those oatmilk ads - from the product being advertised, to the lackadaisical attempt at witticism, down to the font...
  9. SMFH.... Can't even go about performing covert operations right.
  10. I'll say this much.... Central NJ in & of itself as a ridership gen for Huguenot av, aint it. It's difficult to even give an answer to the question you pose, since I wouldn't concoct a route like your "S75".... But to keep conversation flowing I guess, if you're dead set on having a route run the length of Huguenot av (considering other ideas you've portrayed here), I would simply append the SI service area portion of your "S75" to your quote-unquote daytime S78 (I'm not getting into that whole night time network thing again) & have it be called a day....
  11. What else is new.... This is the same community that shot down a city bus route running through "their" streets.... Why would they approve of something far more macro, such as propping up a new RR station (in light of the new arena that's to be built out there) to actually revitalize that dead ass town.... Proud of living in a small town, yet still want proximity to "the city" - without having city folks being anywhere near 'em, that quantifies as & would result in ruination.... This is the type of shit you get from some of these suburbanites..... What's funny about this particular situation is that a good majority (I'd go as far as to say most) of people that would utilize that station & head to that soon to be built arena, are LAWN GUYLANDERS themselves.... Opting to file a lawsuit over this..... Swear we can't f***in have nothing......
  12. Heard about this on the radio earlier this week.... Have no problems with it whatsoever... I would even look into getting rid of LIRR Bellerose itself. On the same side of the coin, LIRR Belmont is a PITA, operationally & communally (in terns of usability)... They can do away with that station too, for all I care.
  13. The point of all this being about revenue collection is obvious..... Nobody wants to hear/read any cries of how broke the MTA is, when they grossly mismanage funds..... Those with metrocard problems should not be pigeonholed as criminals of theft of services.... It's sucker shit, no matter how it's sliced.... To have to resort to carrying back-up cards (giving the MTA even more money) to lessen the chances of possessing a faulty card{s) is ludicrous.....
  14. No need to double down on this.... A route running from Bricktown to Hylan/Richmond (even if you ignore said routing in Rossville) having significant north-south portions on Arthur Kill rd. and on Richmond av. is not pretty straight-forward.... So much so that it renders your concern about the indirectness of a route like the S52 null & void (or highly hypocritical)...... Alright, your plan isn't final, but you still wanted opinions on what you've showcased here, no? Anyway, your S89 I have less of a problem with, compared to your S75.... The demand is just not there to have a bus route acting as a point to point route in Central NJ for Woodbridge Mall & Metropark (business parks and/or the RR station itself)... I mean, you can do what you want with your proposals, but I'm commenting, considering what I know about these areas in question.....

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