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  1. Your map simply makes it more conspicuous that Brooklyn's highway network f***ing sucks...
  2. Yeah, so are 99 point floating 9 percent of us on here are transit fans too.... Anyway, looks like you've missed the memo... We had a brief discussion about it in this very thread earlier on this week (check back like 4 or 5 pages).... To sum it up, basically someone went bitching on an MTA affiliated twitter page about a late bus (during the wee hours of the morning) & posted a screenshot of bustrek as proof..... Thanks to that, the MTA has barred any public viewing of what Bustrek had to offer....
  3. So this was that rumor that was out about him, huh.... Explains quite a bit, especially some of what he's been saying lately.... Can't say that I feel any type of way about it, either way...
  4. This has Byford written all over it..... tg - To Garage... fg - From Garage (if you've also seen that)
  5. Golden, isn't it..... They also assume us riders are vacuous dullards willing to adhere to literally anything they pitch..... Shit is highly insulting.... This has long been par for the course; they want the general public to believe that service cuts & budget trimmings are done with the riders' best interest in mind... Well, suffice it to say, I've never known of anyone to take a bus or train that no longer exists.
  6. Just what I came in here to say, upon reading the thread title.... Although with these talks about the individual borough redesigns, I get the sense that this time around, some of these revisions won't be reverted after summer's end..... I've noticed this too.... Shit's pretty much dead in Midtown.... <sarcasm>I wonder why....</sarcasm> If it means a restructuring to have *some* route running from the southern tip of Manhattan to (at least) Central Park South, I'd be rooting for it.... Never cared for the M55..... So can I..... The bastardizing of the thing to (around) Hunter Coll. is a tell tale sign... MTA tends to do things like this in baby steps (to me, it's more like rubbing it in riders' faces)... Not that coverage/usage south of Houston isn't isn't important, but personally I'm more worried about an area of Manhattan where local buses are far more patronized - Harlem & points north.... Sure, you have your M100's, M35's, Bx7's, etc (routes that never pan south of Harlem), but the north-south trunk routes (or however you want to dub them) that run through (so-called) Manhattan north have the headways that they do, because they run to & through Midtown... Or, "the real Manhattan", as some like to distinguish that part of the borough as.....
  7. * trying to remember what happened around November of 2017*
  8. Nassau residents would be some of the main ones taking advantage of it... MTA (insert some exorbitant amount of greater than signs) NICE
  9. Quite sure there's one at some rest stop somewhere.... You can have it ! (I prefer Blimpie's instead) This is one of those things that's sad & funny at the same time..... Or maybe it's funny because it's quite sad... Haha... Now that's GOAT status. Now if that same zeal & promptness can somehow be transferred & implemented when it comes to quelling & eradicating actual delays !
  10. Above Future ENY OP's pay grade huh?? Alright, chump... Explain... and prove.... in detail.... with specificity, how you come to the benchmark & conclusion that FP "needs" exactly 219 buses & Flatbush "needs" around 250.... Go on, Mr. C.E.NO.... Clock's ticking.....
  11. Quite sure the environmental angle isn't lost on anyone here... Not to insinuate that you believe the contrary, but to reinforce the point, he's (AEMoreira's) right though - There has long been a knock on public transportation, in that it only exists for those that aren't well off enough to afford "their own" (personal vehicle).... It is that very stigma that has to be shaken; the bus is even seen as more of a welfare wagon than the train is, and that's part of the reason why I'm more vocal when it comes to buses..... Unpopular opinion #3: Major cities (some more than others, obviously) are doing their part.... While you're not going to get too much of anybody opting to move there to primarily use public transit, it is the Suburbs that need to start promoting public transit.... I mean FFS, Bee line has buses running in one of the richest towns in the nation (Scarsdale) & those folks were/are actually pretty vocal about their BL-63 too.... That's one reason I tend to favor Bee Line & Westchester county in general..... As opposed to out here in Nassau county, pfft..... No reason like places like Syosset & OB (Oyster Bay) shouldn't have bus service (to give a NY Metro area example)....
  12. ouch... Should read "east" of Franny Lou... I mean, honestly... For the life of me (and this used to be done with LTD service proposals, before the advent of SBS...), I'll never understand what people don't get about recklessly extending bus routes (or otherwise conjuring up long, drawn out routes) & having them run LTD (or now, SBS) doesn't make the physical route any shorter & wouldn't reduce the susceptibility of delays, either.... Practicality man...... Practicality.
  13. My small commentary on the Flushing feeders.... Q12: For the love of god, please don't extend this thing to LIRR Great Neck... It's enough that it has to put up with Sanford, alone !! Q13: As much as I don't care for the thing, it's a necessary evil... I find this thing to be slower than the Q12 between Downtown Flushing & Bell/Northern.... Route has a tendency to die, north of commercial Bell Blvd, though.... Q15/a: The most underrated of all the Flushing feeders... All that hoopla out of the Whitestone folks (15a creation) for nothing.... I'd leave this puppy alone. Q26: Doesn't count.... Nah, seriously though, I would have this supplement the Q27 to QCC (via current Q26 route, north of Holly)..... A span expansion is also in order.... I just can't, with buses going Kissena > Holly (a la the Q27).... Q28: One of my favorite routes in the entire city to ride... AFAIC, easily the most reliable of the Flushing feeders.... "Q14"/Q16: The problem I've always had with the Q16 is its branching & just how ill-utilized it is, west of Franny Lou.... Not sure how I would divvy up service levels, but to eliminate that branching (and frugality), I would split the Q16 into two services... The "Q14" would share a common (the current) terminal w/ the Q16 in Flushing.... Both would have the same exact routing until Francis Lewis/26th, then:

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