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  1. B35 via Church

    How fast do expresses actually travel?

    50? Hell, I can't remember the last time I took the subway where the train went over 30 (and I'm being rather generous with that)... Either way, it's embarrassing how slow/slowed our trains are & have gotten..... I've abandoned the quote-unquote expressholicism mindset many moons ago - to the point where I gun for locals over expresses because of it.... Yeah, the locals make more stops, but they tend to move at a better rate..... Not many more things frustrating in that regard than standing waiting on a platform, an express & a local arrive concurrently, you board the express train, you get to the point where you're at the last (local) stop before you get to the next express stop, you look to your right, and that got damn local train serves said local stop, eventually blowing past your express - as you're on said express train stalled b/w stations for god knows what reason.....
  2. I'll say this much.... While I don't see them exactly swapping the Bx36's & the Bx40/42's western end terminals, I don't see the (future) Bx36 SBS' going to Washington Heights either..... The setup'll likely be to have the Bx36 locals running to Washington Hgts. & the Bx36 SBS' truncated to ending somewhere within The Bronx.... Whether that's at the: Current short turn terminal (the last stop in the Bronx before it turns off for the bridge), or at.... River Park Towers (to have the Bx40/42 truncated somewhere else to support such a move) ....remains to be seen.
  3. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Cool... I'll probably check it over the weekend; not putting up with the Southern State & Belt on the drive home to stop off just for that... SMH, construction.... Speaking of which, are they done with (whatever it is they've been working on for years now) along Flatlands over there by the Breukelen Houses?
  4. B35 via Church

    (R) & (B)

    You just made R&B more relevant than its been in the past... 20 years.
  5. B35 via Church

    MTA Not Going Your Way

    You call it the lowest common denominator approach, I call it a desperate, last ditch effort at a solution.... Either way it's dubbed, their changes/solutions doesn't/isn't/hasn't spurred ridership growth & it's not going to either - matter of fact, it's accomplishing the exact opposite.... The winner{s} that woke up & thought that removing bus stops (which is also what I believe these individual borough bus redesigns will entail) will remedy the situation that's plaguing bus service in this city, are in over their heads & are going to be in for a rude awakening.... Of course, this is assuming that sabotage isn't the goal here (which I'd like to believe that it isn't, but who knows anymore).... As far as the commuter goes, well the MTA is concerned with the avg. commuting time on the bus (when it comes to the bus) & not total trip time, because 1] they believe that the masses are all taking buses to subways & 2] (which is worse IMO) that the subway is this reliable, fast, problem-free mode of travel that'll make up for any & all problems/issues/snags along the way involving your commute that doesn't involve the subway.... The NYC subway is not Mariano in the 9th (inning) anymore; far from it.... People are just as fed up with the subway as they are with the bus.... ....hence the myriad of people" leaving the system" for alternative travel.
  6. B35 via Church

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    When bus lanes aren't quite doing the job - Oh, let's turn this street 1-way... ....as if you don't have a crap ton of motorists already trying to find "shortcuts" to getting around, since traffic is what it is in this city in general.... What nobody ever tells you is that said "shortcuts" can have you taking longer to get to your destination (especially around that part of Crown Heights, forget about it) as there are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of other motorists that have thought up & are engaging in the same shit.... Last thing we need to be doing is making 2-way streets 1-way; regardless of for how short or long a stretch..... Nobody's advocating for buses sitting in traffic & said traffic does not remotely warrant the permanent, 24/7, altering of the traffic pattern along Utica Av.... Schnauze.... Cállate..... Shut up with this already.
  7. B35 via Church

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Between bustalk, subchat, and RD back in the day, I remember several people claiming that the B17 shot across ENY (av) & up Troy (instead of turning off to fill that service gap b/w the (then) B47 & the B46.... The B44 SBS was routed onto Rogers to make the route from end to end more DIRECT.... Turning Utica av into a 1-way street NB to run the SB buses on Schenectady would make the B46/SBS more INDIRECT - Regardless of the fact that buses would serve Utica av subway at the Schenectady entrance.... Using the argument that there are other routes that run on 1-way streets through Crown Heights is absolutely & completely irrelevant; it does squat to support the foolish re-routing of the B46 onto Schenectady.... People have been complaining about the lack of local bus service on the B46, and you want to make people's commutes that much more worse by prolonging them, heading in that direction.... Go to bed.
  8. B35 via Church

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I wouldn't bother running the B42 over to Seaview Estates (current B17 terminal) at any rate.... Running the B42 over there would still leave most of Seaview Village with a walk to 108th anyway... If you live closer to Seaview av, great, but if you live further away from Seaview, then why commence panning south for a longer B42 ride (from somewhere along Seaview) when they're the same people already panning westward to Rockaway Pkwy. for the same B42 anyway? I'd leave all B42 service ending at the Bayview houses, at Schenck (Canarsie Pier is more or less a convenient turnaround).... Save for erratic service (as with a lot of routes nowadays), one of the main points of contention folks have had with the B17 is the backtrack (speaking of backtracking) [for coverage reasons] NB buses take to get to Utica subway.... Most still stay on the bus, but you do have some that get off at Utica & xfer over for a NB B46... The irony.
  9. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Ah, so a compromise for the shutdown then.... At least they didn't go the cheap route & run some B42's during the rush hr. up there.... Thanks.
  10. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What's this I'm hearing a new bus route running from Canarsie Pier to Utica av subway? Is this true or just BS.... Of all the places to hear about this at, I was standing in line at popeye's last night & the 4 dudes that were behind me were talking about a "bus running from down by the pier over on up to Utica..." "yeah yeah, the 3 and the 4" (stated verbatim).... I hope this isn't some attempt to merge the B17 & the B42 as part of that Brooklyn redesign or whatever, because that sounds like trouble....
  11. B35 via Church

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The first post of yours I actually don't have a problem with... Pun unintended, but sometimes you gotta talk with your feet.... I did just that with my old morning commute & are no longer taking public transportation to do so.... If you're tired of walking 1+ miles or whatever every day, there has to be something you can think of to make life easier... Invest in a bike, or have someone (relative, close friend) drop you off at the train station, something... There's more people than you might think that are doing the latter of the two (for more reasons than just quelling the amt. of daily walking).... side note: that's a pretty impressive walking speed....
  12. Yeah, but you don't pull this ******* garbage at the expense of riders - they didn't learn from shit & they're only "fine tuning" it because the right people are raising a stink about it.... The more I read about this redesign & how real commuters (you know, the ones the MTA are supposed to have in mind) have been affected, the angrier I get - and I have not once resided in Richmond County a day in a my life..... They may not have known the extent of the ensuing chaos that ended up emerging, but they knew exactly what they were aiming to do with this plan.... If you could, I'd like to read up on what supposed mistakes they learned from too, because I don't buy it for a second.... The whole thing comes across as canned BS..... They don't know how to effectively serve their riders/riderbases as it is (before & after this SI redesign), so to tell me you've learned from something when it's not on your hard drive to begin with, is fallacious.... Thanks.
  13. B35 via Church

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I don't necessarily have a problem with trying to make travel b/w Ridgewood/Bushwick & Downtown faster, but it's not a crosstown IMO.... Short of skipping 50 million stops, I want to see how they're going to pull this Brooklyn Crosstown SBS route off (as in, the routing), because the B26, 38, 52, and 54 corridors are all slow as shit.... I have to read up more about the B6 SBS, as I don't know what it fully entails.... The B82 one I personally don't see as necessary... The B35 one I believe is going to cause more problems than it's going to solve.... The B41 one, well they can try their hand at it, but it'll likely be moot (too little, too late - and that's being optimistic) - People have gave up on the route in droves, especially north of the Junction.... SBS-ing the route won't bring those people back.... What's the other one, the B15? They're going to have to do an absolute number to (a lot to) the route for it to be remotely worthwhile.... Straightening the thing would do it some good, but then there the broadest street (lol) in all of Brooklyn called New Lots av that you gotta worry about.... If you notice/know, the B15 has a lot of quote-unquote intermediate ridership....
  14. B35 via Church

    Select Bus Service Planning

    I'm interested in how they're going to butcher some of these routes to make SBS "work", because propping up bus lanes & adding TVM's isn't going to do the trick for routes like the Bx9, Bx36, and Q58... Personally, the Brooklyn ones disgusts me the most (save for the one dubbed the Brooklyn Crosstown... I'm sorry, but something running from Downtown towards the vicinity of Bushwick/Ridgewood (that general area) to me, does not constitute a Brooklyn Crosstown... Even that old [supposed] Bay Ridge-JFK proposal would be more of a supposed Brooklyn x-town than that).... But be there as it may, I'm more intrigued with the Queens & Bronx ones & how those are going to be made to... "work".... The two Manhattan proposals are ho-hum AFAIC; it's a no brainer to want to SBS the crosstowns... I'd like to see SBS on the M8 though
  15. B35 via Church


    Unfortunately.... Oh I get what SBS is supposed to be & that it's going nowhere & what not.... I was asking about artics on the route (esp. all of a sudden).... So what you're basically telling me is that artics on the route is a future ploy for SBS & not this crap about increasing ridership.... Things like that is why you have as many ppl. that are so skeptical of this agency. You're conveying matters from the industry side of things, which is much appreciated (believe me) & taken into consideration.... However, while I'd like to believe that the service will evolve (there's no question that SBS will expand city-wide), when I see local service being bastardized upon the introduction of this service-type to quite a bit of routes, AFAIC, it amounts to a net devolving of bus service.... This is somewhat rhetorical, but why does the MTA have to make local service worse, to have SBS portrayed in a light that it's the best thing since sliced bread (so to speak)? If it was as good as advertised, there'd be zero need for the shenanigans.... That to me, if anything, is irritating - going hell & high water in overselling SBS


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