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  1. My personal favorite (question) was the one about social distancing when more people start taking buses again.... Most of the buses I've been taking since this thing popped off have been SRO.... So in terms of social distancing, what the hell would improve in that regard, when more people start riding buses!?!?? The 2 questions about bus stops were pretty good too... I have been definitely seeing more homeless people staking out at bus shelters & for the stops that don't have shelters, they aren't anymore cleaner (as if the MTA is out there disinfecting the actual poles & cleaning up the trash blowing around, or situated at the stops themselves - DSNY be damned!) Can't make this stuff up.
  2. ....Yet a working professional like @QM1to6Ave has to show ID. SMFH.
  3. Anyway, just for shits & giggles, I'll answer that survey: (hopefully the spoiler tag works)
  4. ......... ......... I don't see the problem here.... You're acting like the dude copied & pasted it off a website or something......
  5. Lol..... If that were the case, you'd have asked if they're proposing the thing run through the Navy Yard, but alright....
  6. That's exactly the point of that... It's simple advertising. ...and what would that have to do with the QT1 being 24/7 & having to be detoured? This just sounds like you're backtracking.
  7. The QT1 isn't proposed to go through the Navy Yard..... Jamaica Center (bus terminal) is just another day in the neighborhood for those folks.... Hell, even I'm used to the madness & I'm a Brooklynite.... Anyway, what I'm saying is that the isn't that much faster than the enough to where a SE Queens patron would bother taking the QT7 to the .... A bus ride to Jamaica Ctr. would be faster than anything running along Linden Blvd, etc..... Being that they're introducing these subway dash routes, there's just no way a ride on that QT7 would rival the QT40 if it's just about getting to a(ny) subway.... Any experimental belief contrary to that, the MTA's going to lose out on..... If it's about making the QT7 more attractive for SE Queens folks, it's going to have to serve more of Brooklyn & not just Gateway Mall.... Short of Brooklyn, Rockaway Blvd won't nearly be enough.... That's the map I've been using all along (I've even extracted it & saved it as a .png file on the desktop) as a reference.... I can't be bothered with the remix map.....
  8. The proposed QT47 terminal is where the current Q10 short turns end.... There's a hotel, a homeless shelter, and some kind of food catering service over there... That stop actually gets decent usage & it's not primarily DSNY workers.... For what you're saying at the end there, well the question I'd have for any SE Queens patron willing/preferring to do that (outside of specifically getting to somewhere in Brooklyn on the ) is, for what purpose..... Rockaway Blvd isn't exactly empty (which is actually a problem I have with that station; the platform is too narrow), the isn't that much faster than the if it's about getting to Lower Manhattan, sure as hell can't be about safety, the reliability of the (vs. that of the or the /)? IDK.... Which is why I'd ask for what reason would they want to make that sacrifice.... Even if you have people that are sick of having to deal with Jamaica as a pipeline, I don't see any significant amt. of people currently taking buses to Jamaica (that aren't specifically trying to get to some establishment in Jamaica) swinging way out to Ozone Park for the subway.... I hate to put it like this, but this is where sucking it up beats the alternative they'd try to push (if infact that's part of what's trying to be accomplished with the QT7)....
  9. Not that I see any of it happening, but theoretically, the areas that should be targeted for express bus service aren't the areas that already have LIRR service..... And good luck having buses serve GCT and Wall Street - MTA express buses/network can't even do that efficiently! Yeah, I bet.... You could've skipped the local bus commentary; I already knew where you stand on them.....
  10. You've been making several posts on here about the subway needing to being 24/7 again.... We get it... Much of nobody here disagrees with that. Bringing up what happened to this poor guy though, is not a reason to have round-the-clock service on the subway.... F*ck Sh*t happens on the subways also. Enough already. Thank you. Yeah, safe to say what's going on in the Rockaways during the overnight hours, aren't simply occurring by happenstance..... Somebody (or some group) with enough pull is saying something behind the scenes.....
  11. There were enough times I've gotten fed up waiting for the bus & hoofed it over the bridge from the Hub... This doesn't include other times I chose to do so, because the damn thing (Bx19) was crushloaded (more often than not, I'd beat it to Lenox also)..... Too bad bus lanes along 149th won't help how sluggish the thing is along 145th,, but I suppose beggars can't be choosy......
  12. That's good, because perfection won't be necessary for the state of New York to not have you forever be its Governor.
  13. Don't even dignify that stupid shit with a response, fam.....
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