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  1. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    There's someone on my grandmother's block that's been going to those monthly board meetings (Brooklyn CB17) every month.... (He says) All they really say about public transit is that the trains & buses are packed... There's no push for anything, just blahzay/half-hearted complaints..... The discussions are more in depth when it comes to (the preservation & necessity of) the dollar cab services though....
  2. He must've gotten zapped with an electrical charge if this is his idea of being in charge..... If you're willing to assume responsibility, you don't push half of the fiscal responsibility on the city... Who's making these rules here... What part of the game is this....
  3. B35 via Church

    Commuters to LIRR: Trains are dirty

    They can even have signs in the cars themselves stating that very thing - with arrows pointing in every direction (basically meaning, go somewheres else & hack your insides out!)
  4. B35 via Church

    Commuters to LIRR: Trains are dirty

    should read; .....the middle of that particular LIRR rail car. (my sincerest apologies to the NYC subway... Lol.) The horrible drivers out here also.... Rivals NJ. Cleaners (of any sort) in this country get a raw deal..... You couldn't pay me enough to clean up someone else's excrement... someone else's love juices (lol).... someone else's, anything that's capable of being emitted..... IDC if you give me a hazmat suit or an astronaut's suit either! Forget who it was on here, but I kept trying to tell the guy that there are infact people driving from Nassau County to catch city express buses into "the city"..... Quite a bit of people catching the NE Queens "QM" buses up along LNP don't be all Queens residents.... First couple times I used to fan the QM1/a many moons ago, I found that rather surprising.... Of course, this was well before I got to a point where I used the LIRR with any regularity.... AFAIC, the LIRR is a suburban subway under FRA regulations.... They may as well implement recordings akin to the subway: "This.... is a Manhattan bound lerrr train... The next stop is... _____________ ..... Stand clear of the closing doors, bro"
  5. B35 via Church

    Commuters to LIRR: Trains are dirty

    Preaching to the choir.... I don't miss taking the LIRR for that, and several other reasons.... If the MTA were to give me a lifetime pass for the LIRR, I'd rip it up right in the face of the person that handed it to me & tell him to go f*** him/herself..... I'm that miffed.... Call this being O.D. or whatever. but f*** the LIRR.... I'm really almost at the point where I'm like eff Nassau County altogether (I'm hearing Suffolk county's actually gotten worse as far as safety; gang activity & what not... haven't fanned out there since & really have no desire to, regardless of the fact)..... Good salary or not, I can't wait to get out of this place (Mineola).... Not that I didn't before, but I see why my own mother opted to retire after working for Verizon/Nynex/ma bell/god knows however many other names over the course of 30+ years the phone company went by... She was alright with working Downtown Brooklyn, but after they sent her out to Lynbrook, she was miserable.... Never really saw her in that state in all my life.... She was only out here for about 2 years.... For me, this is going on almost 5.... I'll say it as many times as I have to.... Doing all this driving is not all that it's cracked up to be - but I'll take having to put up with a bad/worsening back, over putting up with the crap of the LIRR any further.... I even considered taking NICEbus at one point (I still have yet to step foot on a NICEbus.... the streak continues).... I can't stand Piney boy (pinepowerli), but he is dead on with his commentaries about the LIRR.....
  6. B35 via Church

    Commuters to LIRR: Trains are dirty

    You'd have to be a fool to deliberately put any of your belongings on the floor of an LIRR train..... I mean, I have seen some shit (well. literally.... and figuratively) on an LIRR car that would make the subway appear Mr. Clean pristine in comparison..... - The drunk chick doing her best balancing act in super heels (I call em) that ending up falling in SOMEONE ELSE's VOMIT..... Started crying after the fact; not because she was injured, but because no one would help her out/help her up..... - The one breaux (bro) that came out the bathroom with 2 of his other breaux.... ughk.... well let's just say from the waist down, a newspaper wasn't the only thing black, white, and red all over on that dude.... Needless to say, that ***ed up my whole day that day.... If you're gonna do some experimenting, do so in the privacy of your own.... Oh, forget it. - The chick that couldn't quite make it, and was like f*** it - squatted down, hiked up the skirt a little, big girl panties down, behold - the fountain of ooohhhhffffff (I had to switch cars, the stench was so bad)..... Not that it matters, but facially speaking, she could catch one - As alluded to above, the guy that #2'd on the walkway to look cool in front of his friends (I guess).... A fight actually broke out between another passenger & the friend of the dude that did the do (doo) on that train that day..... While I think shitting in public is obviously downright nasty, I don't care that much to want to fight somebody over it out of GP, if none of it touches me or my personal belonings.... An LIRR train is not my personal possession... Sorry, not sorry. - The chick that was shaving her cooc.... um, nether region, spread eagle, no phucks given (least I didn't notice a stench, but that's not the point).... Odd thing was, after she was done, she smiled at every single dude that she passed by as she got off the train (at NHP).... - Numerous couples expressing their lust, interpersonally (I think I mentioned one instance of it on here - and that was during the workweek, on my way to work that day)... Karma karma karma karma karma..... Sutra? - IDK who was really with who, or how it started, but from what it looked like, two separate sets of breaux's were spitting back & forth at each other (and I'm not talking about reciting rap lyrics either).... This led to a chick's broken nose (not sure how she fell, but she faceplanted somehow tryna break up the... spat ) & cheap beer being flung throughout the middle of that particular subway car.... Not that this matters either, but it's always the skunky, cheap stuff ! - Don't know how many times I've been on an LIRR train ever since I started working out here on "the island" where someone threw up, mid-ride..... I hate the smell of my own damn vomit - imagine someone else's..... - Couple semen stains, used condoms, used tampons, drug paraphernalia (needles), insulin vials, dried up blood.... Yep, seen ALL of that..... - The food of choice that's often left behind for whatever reason, are pizza's.... The individual slices sometimes still in the boxes, sometimes on the floor... On the seat, under the seat, on the floor, on the overhead rack, back over by the c/r's area, whatever..... ---------------------- I say all of that to say, nobody can't tell me anything about how clean the LIRR supposedly is & how it's cleaner than the filthy NYC subway, this that & the third..... This report does not surprise me in the absolute slightest & IMO, it's giving the LIRR more justice than it deserves in the cleanliness department....
  7. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I don't see what you're saying; The B17 & the B47 already runs in that general area of Brooklyn.... He's inquiring on filling that gap along Foster av between the B6 & the B8, in the vicinity of Canarsie Plaza.... For all intents & purposes, that is B17 & B47 territory.... Nobody's talking about moving the B47 to Canarsie Plaza... Matter fact, I'm not talking about moving anything.... lol... What I'm saying is - Instead of [filling that gap along Foster with some new route] & instead of [increasing current B6 & B8 service (as lara8710 brought up as a possibility for better service in that general area)], I would rather & instead, increase current B17 & B47 service.... In saying that, what I'm essentially conveying is that those folks in-particular are hardly making their way to B6's & B8's enough to warrant a service increase.... Brooklyn Terminal Market fell off as any real/significant "go to" destination.... No where near what it used to be.
  8. Good find.... (If that's a future implementation of an n24x), For all that, buses may as well stay on Hillside, running nonstop b/w Francis Lewis & Braddock, then run down Braddock to Jamaica, to where buses would take on its regular route... I wouldn't chance doing the CIP to the GCP (or vice versa) during the rush.....
  9. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    If anything, I'd increase B17 & B47 service in that general pocket of Brooklyn....
  10. It isn't (anything to go by).... The increase in the amount of homeless in the subway system & suburbanites that try to/want to make public transportation into their personal little boys/girls club (so to speak) are two completely different issues.... I'm not exactly justifying it, but homeless people are festering the subways for refuge.... Suburbanites in general OTOH want the amenities that the city offers & gives them, on their terms (while talking cash shit about "the city" at the same time).... Too good to live in the city, but have zero qualms about the benefits they get from it..... The proverbial having their cake & eating it too.... While I don't disagree with the subway being a melting pot of sorts, I'd say the railroads are festered with a separate set of "garbage" - some of which are part of that same melting pot we can describe the subway as being.....
  11. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Albeit that being one example, you just answered your own question.....
  12. B35 via Church

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    ^^ Now that's what I call a leap of faith.... Ouch
  13. Which is by design..... Keep those filthy, icky, city poverty-stricken slickers off "our" trains.... Funny how the salaries they earn (and I say earn, loosely) & the recreation (i.e., nightlife) that even enables the lot of these closed-minded vacuous f***in muppets to function in life & even reside in suburbia, isn't filthy, icky, etc. though..... Yeah, I've long been annoyed by the rail-centric rhetoric in this city also.....
  14. I keep saying it, but I have to get around one day & visit the Library of Congress in DC to check out whatever historical MTA bus/subway/RR maps, as well as other additional research on subject matter I'm inquisitive of about this agency..... Anyway, thanks for the effort (scanning almost 300 pages) & the drop as well. Rapid transit is anything but, in this city.
  15. B35 via Church

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    Not exactly a cakewalk for most people, but I can't see myself getting off a train at 157th, knowing it normally stops at 168th, it not stopping at 168th for whatever reason, then opting to wait for a bus that runs parallel to the very subway I got off of, to then take that bus - knowing I have the ability to easily walk that distance within 5-10 mins or so.... Basically, a "f*** it" mentality.. If it's not an SBS route, they won't go out of their way to advertise it. I still tend to chuckle at the fact that real estate agents and/or realtors advertise express buses better than the MTA does.... Much better, infact.


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