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  1. ......... Perfect.... So you admit to doing it. Congratulations, you played yourself....
  2. ....Except you're "bothering" those of us on this forum that are trying to have healthy discussions.... We're not the problem, don't try to flip this on us..... Again, it was an a**hole move to comment on a guy's subway destination sign forum signature in the Bus - Random Thoughts thread.
  3. Take your own advice.... You aint "just talking" either..... Nobody's moved by your obtuse act; you know wtf you're doing & you know there's more than one way to troll on a forum... Mods need to be more heavy handed when it comes to this BS.... Why you're still allowed to post on here is beyond me.
  4. Which is trolling. It's a d*ck move to comment on the guy's forum sig', in the middle of a discussion involving a bus crash..... But of course, you knew that.
  5. That's why I like riding the #73x, #78, and the #79... The #78's highway stretch IMO is underrated.
  6. The short turning of buses at Roslyn was a deterrent for a sizable portion of n20 riders seeking service east of Great Neck back then.... They would've been much more useful if they went to Greenvale (Glen Cove rd); either Wheatley Plaza or LIRR Greenvale (to be specific) would've sufficed.... So yeah, although again, they could still have some locals running b/w Flushing & LIRR Great Neck, I would have most locals running b/w Flushing & Greenvale.... However, where we differ a little, is that I would have service running b/w Flushing & Hicksville operating as n20x's (serving stops in a fashion basically what you describe n20x's should/would do) outside of rush hours as well.... You don't necessarily need to connect folks east of Greenvale to LIRR Great Neck; I find that those riders, if not for disembarking b/w Greenvale & Manhasset, are seeking Queens.... If you were to shift the n21 to Glen Cove rd. like @Mtatransit states, well there's your direct (local) service to LIRR Great Neck from Greenvale right there.... They got trigger happy with coming out with this n20G/H crap because they had too many n20's running local between Flushing & Hicksville.... So to combat that/bring up as an alternative for, what I'm saying, in laymens: n20 local service between Flushing & Greenvale (via LIRR Great Neck) n20 short-turn local service b/w Flushing & LIRR Great Neck n20x service b/w Flushing & Hicksville (serving all stops in Queens, bypassing all stops b/w City Line & Lakeville rd, making a select amt. of stops b/w Lakeville rd & Glen Cove rd, then serving all stops east of Greenvale, toward Hicksville)... That's the reason I believe they created the n22L (reducing duplication along OCR).... I believe they created the n22x to chip chip chip away at the amount of trips running (locally) between Jamaica & Hicksville - including (their) justification for short turning buses at Mineola from Jamaica.... With the n15, demand for OCR is basically non-existent (even for that Country Glen shopping center, or w/e it's called)... People take those n15's from RFM for no other reason that it's "just another n15" that's going to Hempstead & points south; they just put up with it..... Worse than that, after picking up (SB) / dropping off (NB) at the county offices after the fact, they transport nobody along the Garden City side of Washington st; which comprises most of that street itself... People on the Hempstead side of Washington st. do use the thing though, I will say that much.... But I would still do away with that branch of the n15, as the closer you get to Hempstead, the closer Clinton st. gets to Washington st..... So it wouldn't decimate anyone seeking n15's in Hempstead along Washington st., since Clinton is basically right there.... I can't agree with the downtown circulator (or w/e you wanna call it) concept though.... No different than the genius (I forget dude's name on here) some odd years ago that suggested and/or co-signed terminating all the routes that serve Downtown Brooklyn around Atlantic Terminal & having a circulator transport people into the "heart" of Downtown... It's a counter-productively lazy form of route planning AFAIC... I was livid when they discontinued the N95... That route used to be crushloaded. Oh, I agree that there's demand for those business parks - thing is, you don't necessarily have to bring people to those business parks via Manetto Hill to just to keep the n79 around.... I guess what I'm ultimately getting at, is that you don't need two routes along OCR, east of Hicksville.... See, the N79 used to be my favorite LIB route & I used to fan it like crazy - so this is how I can unhesitatingly mention that it used to consistently pick up a decent amt. of pax. along Manetto Hill rd & along Jericho Tpke. in South Huntington as well.... It is crazy how both of those respective usage's evaporated.... Anyway, being that you brought up the old N94, I would be more inclined to using parts of that route to construct a Hicksville - Syosset route, instead of doing it through the current n79.... People like to bring up the lack of bus service in Oyster Bay, but I believe there's far more a palpable latent demand for bus service to/from Syosset.... I would use current n79 resources to creating a route of sorts (Hicksville - Syosset).... Furthermore, one of the reasons I would run n78's to rt. 110 is to connect people to the S1 - much like for how most people use the n70 out there.... Of course, if LIRR Farmingdale was situated at rt. 110, it would be less of a issue.... The maps do you no justice; makes it seem like LIRR Farmingdale from commercial rt. 110 is walkable - but it's anything but.... You're probably right with NICE going too far if they were to decrease the amount of n20's (if they were to do away with this n20G/H shit) to LIRR Great Neck - but at the same time, I still think there's too much n20 service diverting there overall..... To help mitigate it, with the way NICE operates the n58 now, I would break its operations up - [The n58 trips that run straight to USMMC, I would combine with the n21] & [The n58 trips that run to USMMC via Kings Point loop, I would turn into a loop route that wouldn't serve USMMC - terminating only at LIRR Great Neck].... Instead, NICE interlines the n21 with the n20G & they interline some of those n58 trips that go straight to USMMC with the n25.....
  7. Let's clean this thread up some (my posts included) & get this thread back to where we can have some healthy discussion, amidst this goofiness with these 2 sock accounts
  8. My sentiment is somewhere in-between what you two are saying.... While I would do away with this whole n20G/H bit also, I wouldn't go crazy having an n20x variant skipping stops in Queens.... At the same time, while there aren't many stops b/w Glen Cove rd. & Hicksville, I would side with having n20x's or whatever making less stops b/w Middle Neck rd. & the Clock Tower (Roslyn)..... On top of it, you really didn't need the lion's share of trips off the pre-split n20 diverting to serve LIRR Great Neck either.... If you (referring to NICE bus, not you two) wanna have a couple short turns running b/w Flushing & Great Neck, cool.... My issue though is that too many of the pre-split n20 trips did that diversion to LIRR Great Neck... I want to agree with the n22x comment, but I would take a wait & see approach with lifting the temporary discontinuation of the thing.... With the weekend n27, to be perfectly honest, if push came to shove, I'd have to side with NICEbus on that move.... After RFM, at minimum, those buses were more or less an unofficial shuttle to Northern Blvd... With the way the n27 meanders, it racks up a nice chunk of mileage b/w those two points to not be picking up or dropping off much of (sometimes literally) nobody..... If I were to restore weekend service on the n27, at best, it would run hourly & the span would be refined to afternoon hours only; say b/w noon-6pm.... Something along those lines....
  9. If I were to justify splitting the two routes (I'm emphasizing it because it's a big "if", AFAIC), as far as their respective eastern portions are concerned: the portion of the n22 b/w RFM & Hicksville would be a standalone route the portion of the n24 b/w RFM & Hicksville would be combined with the n15's portion b/w HTC & RFM (Clinton av spur) ...and as far as their respective western split portions are concerned: the portion of the n22 b/w RFM & Jamaica would be a standalone route the portion of the n24 b/w Mineola & Jamaica would be a standalone route I can see NICE wanting to no longer have both the n22 & n24 running along OCR b/w Mineola & RFM, but IMO they're choosing the wrong route split to retain doing so.... The demand is simply greater for the n22 over the n24 from RFM, due west - but they opt to stymie the EB n22 at Mineola instead.... As for those part-time/peak n15's that also run along OCR from County Seat Dr. towards RFM, there's a more efficient way to have those riders emanating from points south of the county offices have direct access to the county offices.... Having [both the n40/41 & n15 run b/w HTC & OCR] is even more wasteful than having [n22's & n24's running along OCR b/w LIRR Mineola & RFM]..... Divert a few peak hour n40/41 trips via County Seat & call it a day.... The n15 would run solely b/w HTC & Long Beach, regardless.... With the exception of reverting the N79 to go about handling an eastern split of the n24, I concur with everything you said here.... The Manetto Hill portion is spent... I would just have the n78 (with improved headways of course) panning along OCR east of Hicksville & I would extend it to Smith/rt. 110 on top of it..... If it's even worth it at this point, if they're that dead set on retaining the connection, I would relegate the n79 to a weekend only point-to-point shuttle between LIRR Hicksville & Whitman Mall (via Woodbury rd)....
  10. So, trying to turn a (bad) troll into a contributing member.... Got it. Couple others have tried before you & quite frankly, failed.... Look at the nature of dude's responses in this thread after having been asked similar questions.... Tells you all you need to know.... Dude aint here for the discussion.
  11. What are we doing here? This is futile; we're trying to siphon ration from a character that titled a thread "The V train is lost" FFS......
  12. This. See below. ...and they're giving him more credit than he deserves by doing so.... @Future ENY OP is spot on here. Can't expect much coherency from a dude that can't muster the correct spelling of a subway station he chose for a forum handle....
  13. They've consolidated it into the #64H & it'll be a matter of time before they do away with the #64J.....
  14. Zero issue with the B83 serving Spring Creek (the mall or the neighborhood)..... Should have been serving the mall in-particular.
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