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  1. I'm not going around signing any ole petition someone conjures up, it is what it is.... While there weren't any disqualifying factors as to why I didn't bother with this particular one, Checkmate has a point.... If you're aiming or targeting a petition at or against me, you better believe I'm going to look for any reason to nullify it - regardless (I'd go as far as to say especially) of how many signatures are on there..... For a ridiculous plan of this nature, you don't even need to embellish anything in the slightest... The totality of what this plan is suggestive of, is that egregious.
  2. I was going to say... Because I have seen buses that were signed up as Q65 - Goethals av, not 25's.... I don't even know where Goethals av is, off-top (first thing I think of when I see the word Goethals, is Staten Island... Loll...), but I never bothered to think those were trippers on the Q65.....
  3. IDK what you're thinking of, but there isn't any pedestrian bridge at 61st st & Laurel Hill.... To answer your question though, it's the former.
  4. Nothing like being stuck between one avenue block for 5+ minutes... I flat out refuse.... Nope. It is second nature for me to walk whenever I'm trying to get from one side of Manhattan to the other.... From the M8 on up to the M31/57, I don't ever consider taking any of those shits if I actually need to get somewhere....
  5. Yep... Both of these reasons is exactly why I'm unsure of which routes even have 'em anymore....
  6. I wouldn't doubt them being on the S42; everyone's too busy jumping on 3c's, 3d's, and S40's.....
  7. I'm quite sure it is. By itself? Not in the slightest.... The Q54 needs to be split, but I wouldn't have both splits have that much overlap.... While Brooklyn riders tend to not use it past Woodhaven, you could get away with the Brooklyn split running no further east than having it connect with the .... Combining the Brooklyn portion with the Rego Park leg of the Q38 would also suffice...... IDK, Ideally, something going from WBP via Met > FP > Myrtle, to Woodhaven I would favor, over having each split of the Q54 overlap b/w Woodhaven & Fresh Pond.... There is a sizable amt. of Middle Village riders that take Q54's to the & I'm quite sure Glendale riders would appreciate a] a quicker trek to/from the & 2] quite frankly, more service / some HELP..... The Q55 is a good route, but my god, it is not uncommon to have bunches of threes (or even fours) - and then nothing for like a half hour plus..... I don't care for the the fact they opted to have a 58th st route over a 48th st route in industrial Maspeth.... The QT77 (as Cait Sith would say) needs to be thrown away.... Combining the western portion of the Q67 with the Q39 portion b/w Rust & Eliot, to run it along the Eliot leg of the Q38 to QB, is just plain stupid to me...... Being that they created a 69th st route, I would've still kept the Q18 around (with the exception that it would operate along 65th pl. <> Hamilton pl. between Woodside & Grand, en route to its current terminal in Maspeth), over shifting it to run down 58th, en route to Ridgewood.... Worst case scenario, I would have the QT80 (as proposed) run down to Laurel Hill & then turn off Laurel Hill to end over at 60th st.... Buses would turnaround at 61st to access the other side of Laurel Hill that's divided by the BQE... The QT75 I don't necessarily have a problem with (I would have it cover a little bit more of Northern though, as to attract more residents to it)... But on top of it, I still think it would be dope/useful to have a 48th st route (from Northern / from the mall) serve Sunnyside & industrial Maspeth, before having it connect to the .... That's just it - I don't necessarily disagree with your point, but I'm pretty positive this route was concocted with the mindset of getting a jump/headstart on the market that that BQX aims to cater to... If I had it like that, I'd throw money at a bus route transporting folks between Astoria/LIC & Downtown Brooklyn too....
  8. Kind of miss doing those trip reports I used to do.... Lol..... Nothing like waiting for a bus for 43 minutes in the snow (of course it was for the dam S54.. my luck with that bus sucks).... If anyone passed by Jericho Tpke & ElDorado dr. (same side as the McDonalds) & saw about 50 snowballs by the bus stop, that was me that made 'em.... Police in the Mickey D's parking lot, I'm sure were watching me, but as long as I wasn't approached & nothing was said to me, well no harm, no foul...... Anyway, the real reason for the the post here, is to ask - Which routes does SCT operate minibuses on? Or is it a random thing? Did some (long overdue) SCT fanning yesterday... Did the S66 (from Patchogue) to Riverhead > S62 to Smith Haven > S63 back to Patchogue > 7a to LIRR Ronkonkoma > S59 back to Smith Haven > S58 to Huntington Sq. mall > S54 to Whitman Mall > S29 to LIRR Babylon.... Ended up just missing the S41 as Huntington Sq. (thanks to the slick road conditions along Middle Country, but at least the S58 driver got us there in one piece; we skidded twice), so I had to improvise...... Snow started coming down when I was on the 7a, around a quarter to 2pm..... The 7b and the S59 I took, were minibuses..... Also saw them throughout the day on the S20, S57, 6a (the two 6b's I saw were the 35 footers though), and the 1a.....
  9. This is something over the years I've wanted to compile for myself, but never got around to it..... Maybe some of you wondered about this very thing; not sure if this is somehow opening up pandora's box, but how many (or better yet, which) routes in the city even have school tripper(s) ?
  10. IDK, the more I think about this route, the more I wouldn't have something like this diverting to terminate at the projects specifically (I'd have it serve more of Astoria, well north of 30th).... But my point is that the stop selection doesn't do much to attract near as many riders on the Queens end north of the to have this route flourish..... Basically, I think they're underestimating how many Astorians would use this route. Kosciuszko bridge traffic would bolster my point.... That's fine, but there's simply more of an opportunity for more patronage along Broadway, compared to 69th....
  11. Funny - That was my exact response to New Flyer's original premise, regarding those aforementioned Queens routes that run out of Brooklyn depots..... Q24 seldom ever comes when I want it; I prefer the Q56 anyway, so there's no love lost on that note..... I don't have a real use for the Q54, and my experiences with the Q59 is in direct contrast with yours - it takes a millenia for it to arrive when I need it, and when I finally embark on it, I can take several naps before getting to WBP from QCM or Rego Park... It's to the point where in my last couple times taking it, I've gotten impatient & just got the hell off it at Graham for the B43 & take that to Empire/Brooklyn.... Taking a grand tour (walking) around KCH to get home is a pretty good walk I've gotten accustomed to... LOL!
  12. And on top of that, every single EB bus still is a sardine can before it ever leaves Ridgewood.... What do you notice just about more of along Myrtle av east of Ridgewood on the weekends? Hint: It sure as hell isn't waiting passengers ! The M34 SBS period is a PITA.... Feel sorry for those Waterside folks; they have to deal with one of, if not the most unreliable SBS routes in the city....
  13. People are abandoning the buses now as it is - Have this plan be carried out as is, it won't do squat to stop the bleeding - it'll hemorrhage it. It did, but I wasn't exactly sure what you meant when you said similar to the old Q21 LTD...... Alright, so you mean to tell me that you'd get rid of the Q52, to run the Q52 during rush hours, to leave Lindenwood with just the Q41 during rush hours? I get the logic behind the QT83, but I still think it should run via Lindenwood to end at 157th/Cross Bay... I would not run a bus along 84th st in Howard Beach like the QT88 does.... I don't see those folks using it, no more than their use of the Q21/41 (which is quite abominable in its own right).....
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