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  1. B35 via Church

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    Neither do I & not in the slightest..... Not a fan of double-deckers being used for fixed route services... To end up seeing one of these things on some highly utilized route here in the city like the B6, B35, B46, the usual suspects, would be a huge deterrent for me to ever want to utilize 'em on any regular basis.... The "cool"/something new & different factor would dissipate after a ride or two, then that's it..... Claim to increase capacity? Heh, not along with being commensurate with current service levels being provided on these routes, that's for sure.....
  2. Intra-Broadway bus usage.... If I'm to forget about intra-broadway bus service, then I'm also going to forget about reviving the B40 - which would amount to nothing more than a short form of the (inquired) B47 running to WBP..... I want no part of either. Lastly, I don't know what "B76" you're talking about.....
  3. B35 via Church

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    His justifications for the changes is exactly why I'm not going to bother assessing any of those changes.... He's not trying to spur ridership growth on the buses. If the well is already poisoned, I'm not going to drink anything from it.
  4. How much B46 service would you suggest either [cutting] and/or [short turning at Eastern Pkwy.] to accomplish that? Because with the current amt. of SBS' & locals throughout the course of the day, that simply isn't happening.... Yep, that, and there's simply a greater demand for the B46 over the B47 along Broadway.... It's enough that you have some B46 (local) riders getting off at Dekalb to catch the 46 SBS.... Even if we ignore how unreliable the route is, nobody's going to want to put up w/ the meandrous nature of the B47 around the from the north, when they have a straight shot to it (and the addt'l 4 express) with the B46..... Intra-broadway bus usage isn't all that great & I don't see that improving much, if at all, if you have the B47 covering more of Broadway than the B46 does....
  5. B35 via Church

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    For whoever it was that suggested that Center blvd. out in Hunters point have some route diverted/extended to serve that area, forget it..... They have a shuttle bus (which is certainly news to me).... I was waiting for the 1pm trip on the B32 back towards WBP earlier... Before the B32 arrived, a whitish-grey minibus wrapped in a diagram of the immediate area w/ the hashtag #centerblvd on it pulled up at the Q67 stop.... I counted 18 people got off.... This is on a sunday afternoon.
  6. Ughk, let's not forget the taxi stands (plural)..... The effect the yellow cabs picking up at MSG have on the rest of its respective traffic, is much worse on the 8th av side than on the 7th av side.... The masses (pedestrians) on the 7th av side tend to cause traffic tie-ups, but gridlock (at least in my experiences) happens more on the 8th av side & the cabs are a large reason for it..... What's ironic about this post of yours here is that years ago on this forum, I used the passenger activity/riding habits of the B46 & the B47 here in East Flatbush to make a case that the inner-third of the B7 route is basically useless (that is, the portion b/w Church av & Flatbush av).... In turn (and I still believe this btw), I suggested that the B7 south of Church take over the B17 Paerdegat branch to supplement Remsen av riders b/c it's sorely needed.... While I haven't been paying any real close attention to the B7 lately, the B47 however, yeah, it does seem like there's an uptick - but I tend to always charge that due to that route's notorious inconsistency..... You can go 20+ mins. easily (even during peak times) without seeing another bus on Ralph av around here if you just miss one.... That's the thing I abhor about the B47 - it's consistent inconsistence ! Not to any great extent, but I'm also of the suspicion that people around here are avoiding the B46... Of course the route is still a heavy-hitter usage-wise compared to other routes in the rest of the city, but it does seem as if less people overall are taking SBS's compared to LTD service around here at least (that could be skewed by the frequency of SBS' vs the LTD's, IDK)... Local service, pfft, I'm more than convinced that people are fed up with it & given up on it..... Operations-wise, I didn't think the MTA could top the award-winning performance of the bastardization of the B44 route, but they've won the pulitzer for what they did w/ the B46..... They didn't need the bus lanes along Utica av. over here & they didn't need SBS either..... Destroyed is right.
  7. This is why we can't have anything nice, last worth a damn in this city......
  8. I've mentioned both of these in the past; having the M4 end where the M5 does (instead of the meandering it does to get to Penn from the north) & it eventually coming to a point where we're going to see more of those 135th st short turns.... I'm looking at the M4 schedule now & I had no idea there were that many total trips in both directions doing as such.... It's too long for its own good.... As far as Penn itself, they've been wanting to rid itself of terminating routes there for a minute now (M10, now soon to be M4)... The Q32 is the last dog left standing & I don't think it will be too long before they have it cutback somewhere in Manhattan.... The 53rd st. cutback suggestion for the Q32 though is just as *facepalm* worthy as the M98 cutback to Hunter coll...... Being honest however, the one thing that does irk me whenever I ride the Q32 from the Manhattan end, are the amt. of waiting riders asking if it goes to [insert some point well north of 59th st] - worse than that, they tend to be the only passenger{s} at a given stop at that moment too... It's time wasted & more often than not, it leads up to missing green lights/catching reds..... Having said all that, I can't concur with having M4's cut back to 42nd.... Both the M4 & the Q32 get a decent amt. of ridership throughout the day at Penn; it's like they're forcing people in the immediate area to take the 34/34a to get to points east of Penn....
  9. Not that young folks should be out here defacing subway trains (or anything else for the matter), but these pendejos are too old be doing this crap; creeping up with masks on to start tagging shit up.... What the hell kind of names is these anyway..... ANUS, EN EL BAÑO, and CALLATE... GRACIAS
  10. B35 via Church

    New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

    Question.... Coach USA route 31.... Did it really have low usage to/from Livingston Mall, to the point where they had to cut back trips to South Orange? I ask because the last couple times I 'fanned the NJT #70 - Coach USA #31 combo (Newark Penn to Livingston Mall on the 70 & back to Newark Penn on the 31), each time the 31 was SRO upon reaching Newark Penn, with about 20-30 ppl. or so leaving the mall; well before ever hitting S. Orange.... Of course, these were all Saturday trips..... So IDK......
  11. I don't need you or anyone else to try to sell regional rail to me, as I get its benefits.... However, the two of you (you & officiallyliam) need to chill with this conclusion of "regional rail would not replace the subway".... I'm also going to say this for the last time - I'm not thinking about any regional rail, when I come into a thread & end up reading something alluding to having subway riders use commuter rails.... That says more about the (declining state of the) subway system, than the ridiculous assumption of it needing to be replaced by anything....
  12. I'm doing no such thing though; you have me misconstrued, I assure you.... I'll partially blame myself for not being curt/vehement about where I'm at with this here (which I'll take the time to do right now).... I care more about the fact that the MTA now all of a sudden, wants to push subway riders onto the RR's, much moreso than any notion/idea of regional rail being proposed or otherwise brought up by you or anyone else on here..... The former to me is worrisome, the latter AFAIC is another discussion to be had for some other time.... Regional rail isn't on my radar when the MTA is proverbially waving the white flag with (further addressing) its subway usage.....
  13. Your overall argument isn't lost on me.... I just see that diatribe about constructs being worthless. Suggesting that riders utilize the commuter rails due to the subway system slowly regressing, sets a poor precedent.... Pragmatism shouldn't have to be spurred from desperation & I refuse to believe that this is some show of progression on their end.... A la, "passing the buck"... When the TA was touting record subway ridership, where was this talk (from the TA) of having some of that good ole record ridership be shifted to the RR's....
  14. B35 via Church

    Would NJ benefit from a massive transportation system

    You don't have to be well versed in transportation to know of NJ's (or any other state's) residential & geographical makeup.... ...and spare me the sarcasm.


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