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  1. B35 via Church

    MTA Snowmaggadon!

    I heard that the LIRR was actually knocked out of service between Jamaica & Atlantic terminal last night - However, the displays at JAM were stating that there were no service b/w Jamaica & Penn Station.... If that's true, I mean honestly, how do you make that type of gaffe.... The drive home wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, to be honest - all things considered (although there were a couple traffic lights that were knocked out in Herricks & Mineola)... Also saw more people than normal waiting for n24's on Jericho Tpke (wasn't really looking for them, but I'm not sure if I even passed by a n24 the entire time)... Something else I was told about, was that people were left stranded along Broadway waiting for B46's after 6, as local service was stopping dead at DeKalb (with the SBS').... IDK man, this city's going to hell in a hand-basket.
  2. B35 via Church

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    There is a declining ridership problem AND a fare evasion problem. The problem with his statement is that it's being put out there as if it's THE problem..... It absolves the MTA of inadequately providing its customers with the quality of service - to the point where there wouldn't be anywhere near as many people ditching MTA services (in any capacity) or farebeating as there are now..... When it comes down to analyzing & finding solutions to a problem{s}, seldom anybody ever wants to look inward.
  3. B35 via Church

    Riders Alliance "Bus Turnaround" Campaign

    #1 is the catch-22, and it's only going to get worse over time... Traffic increases as more & more people get fed up with public transportation, resulting in the resorting of utilizing other means of transportation to getting around in this city, which means more... Traffic. After the decision's been made to ditch public transit (whether it's one particular mode or regardless of mode), people generally do not revert back to patronizing it/them..... #2 is, in part, a symptom of #1... Vision '0' didn't exactly help matters either... #3 At least you have b/o's that attempt to enforce this rule.... Overall borough-wide & city-wide ridership may be decreasing, but the individual buses themselves aren't seeing much relief from the ongoing crushloading on these routes (some more than others) - which of course, boils down to the dwindling of quality of service.... Just last night walking along Church, I saw a B35 with someone's back to the front door as the bus was in motion..... When you have b/o's telling people to board through the back, board through the back, well..... ----- As for these advocacy groups, I'm inclined to agree with you.... I don't care for the publicity stunts either, but let's keep it a buck - A collective of picketers standing on the curb somewhere making rally cries about the rampant mismanagement festering within the MTA, isn't "sexy" enough to attract the general public....
  4. B35 via Church

    The MTA can't even properly fix the existing system.

    Honestly, I believe a lot of NY-ers that are hearing about/following this bit of news, are confusing Amazon's fulfillment centers with Amazon corporate HQ's..... Not to say there's no cause for concern, but If this was a fulfillment ctr. coming out to LIC, I'd worry about the vast majority of that 20k or whatever clogging up the subways.....
  5. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I've never negged anyone on here.... for that exact same reason. I see both sides of this.... I get into my lazy moments where I don't feel like posting squat, kicking back & perusing posts too.... At the same time though, whenever someone sees someone's forum handle without a single post to their name, doing more negging (which adds insult to injury, so to speak) than anything, I can see where that can get irritating... Especially over the course of a couple months or whatever.... Keeping it a buck, if dude did as much upvoting as he does negging posts, this wouldn't be an issue..... People in general, at minimum, want to be understood & negging posts w/o explanation, raises questions in people's minds.... This is why you don't hear shit from anybody when they're getting upvoted In laymen's, it isn't the fact that you're (generally) reacting to posts & not posting... I'm not even here to tell you that you should start posting more (not my place, not my prerogative, TBH)... What I am saying is that there has been an establishment of a reputation on here of specifically negging posts w/o saying anything.... Speaking of raising questions, what made Future's post neg-worthy (or thumbs-down worthy) anyway? It wasn't a preposterous question, nor was it so obvious that a caveman could do it... Lol.
  6. He's saying he wants the (pre-2010) x14 & the x18 old routes restored.... Quite frankly, I concur with that; the pre-2010 x13 & x14 patterns/routing should've been left alone.... I've also would have kept the x18 around..... There is no SIM14 & SIM18. Yeah, it's one thing to be tweaking schedules & changing routings.... It's another to be eliminating & adding entire routes after a redesign.... Pure incompetency.
  7. B35 via Church

    Aggressive raccoons have invaded MTA bus depots

    What wildlife center is there near Gleason? Anyway, Newtown Creek is perfect for raccoons....
  8. People are (increasingly) doing as much driving as they are for a reason.... It shouldn't have to come to truncating the off-peak expresses to Lower Manhattan.
  9. B35 via Church

    Aggressive raccoons have invaded MTA bus depots

    Hmpf, raccoons.... I see the family (not a family, the family... it's that common) of 'em at least twice a week when I leave for work in the morning (anywhere from 4:45-5am).... There have been a couple of times in this calendar year where (at least) one of them darted from under my car as I'm making my way towards the door.... It's gotten to the point now that every morning, I shine my LED light under the car, then stomp or clap, just to make sure one doesn't scurry across my foot again (claws didn't penetrate through my shoe, luckily for me).... Yes, those things carry rabies & if that EVER happens to me again, I'm off-ing these f***ing things on sight (protected species or not).... I don't want it to get to that point. This is the direct result of all this clear cutting that's going on in the tri-state area, ravaging the natural habitat of these wildlife animals....
  10. ...and mine is that it should have never happened to begin with.
  11. Lol.... I haven't been up on all the SI express bus changes lately either, but there was always a SIM2 since the inception of the redesign.... It's the route IMO that should have never been created (or at least, having it running along that much of Hylan down there; Craig to Huguenot).... Straight up wasteful AFAIC....
  12. Honestly.... I mean what collective of blue, white, gray, pink, or green collar workers is going to willingly advocate for more physical, mental (or both physical & mental) work? I would gladly take the salary I'm making now, working an 8 hour day over a 12 hour day & laziness aint got shit to do with it !!
  13. B35 via Church

    Winter 2019 Bus Changes

    I know this wasn't directed at me, but I've been aware of it - and with there being no subway going Bronx-Queens (like the goes Queens-Brooklyn), it makes sense.... I mean, if there was ever a bus route in this city that could operate as a quote-unquote super limited (or whatever you wish to dub it), it's the Q44 for that reason; regional coverage... But for that to happen, it would have to be de-coupled from the Q20 (as in, the Q20 being the local & the Q44 being the LTD [now SBS] along Main).... The MTA of course would never go for it since it'd require more resources (that & the apparent discontinued support for the LTD brand), but the notion is to run the Q20 local & LTD, with the Q44 running non-stop along Main st b/w QB & Flushing proper..... Just as there are a significant amt. of folks traveling Bronx-Jamaica, there are even more that are going Flushing-Jamaica as well (which is why the current Q44 is more attractive than the other LTD variants of the Jamaica-Flushing routes; Q17 LTD, Q25 LTD, and the Q65 LTD [which is actually faster than some people give it credit for, despite the indirect routing it has up from Jamaica to East Flushing, on over to downtown Flushing]).... In laymens, throughout most of the day, this hypothetical Q44 would only take on pax. [b/w Merrick Blvd & Briarwood ], the 2 stops in Flushing [Kissena/Main & {38th-39th}/Main], and everything in the Bronx it currently serves... As far as actual routing goes, the sole change would happen w/i Queens, north of downtown Flushing... It would run nonstop b/w [38th-39th/Main] & [Lafayette av] in the Bronx via the current Q50 routing.... This is going to be the unpopular opinion, but Union st & Parsons Blvd up there are overserved with overall service, but at the same time. shortchanged with the quality of Q20 service.... Sure, splitting the Q44 is the easiest solution on the surface, but the fact of the matter is that (as was stated) there's simply no real estate to end anymore bus routes on a full time basis in the heart of Flushing.... It's not so much that the Q44 route is too long, as much as it does too much along it (not necessarily the same thing)... One chink in the armor & like Lawrence st. said, buses can easily get delayed of up to 30 mins... Just last week to the day (in the afternoon), I was up in Flushing, and I had the luxury of seeing 3 Q44's back to back to back, just short of the library (NB/Bronx bound)... Standing there screwfaced, tryna cross the street; you'd have thought a new LRT service was implemented or something... Lol.... My personal favorite story/occurrence with the Q44, is the time that Jamaica buses arrived in close proximity (relatively bunched) at Flushing, as well as the Bronx bound buses - at 3:30 in the freakin morning....I was waiting for a Bronx bound bus, but first, a jampacked Q44 heading towards Jamaica arrived across the street first, then about 2 mins. later, a bus about a handful of people short of carrying air, came out of nowhere & eventually pulled right up behind the initial bus.... About 10 mins. after the Jamaica bound buses left, a crushloaded Bronx bound Q44 pulled up... Having felt like a damn good fantrip was about to be abruptly shot to shit, I said out loud, "oh f*** this, oh I am NOT getting on that shit", so I start proceeding towards the subway... Last desperate (lol) glance along Main st (before turning the corner & descending down to the subway) had me darting back towards the bus stop.... This second Bronx bound Q44 wasn't as empty as the second Jamaica bound bus, but nonetheless I still got on it... So to sum all this up, I wouldn't split the thing, nor would I really increase the reach of the route....
  14. B35 via Church

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    Some routes I tend to end up catching when I was never trying to - the 6u falls into this category, and I have never seen anyone in all the times I ended up on that variant get on or off in the Uniontown portion..... Never. Don't know what prior importance it had way back when, but AFAIC, they should have been gotten rid of that variant....
  15. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    DNA kit? I guess it's to determine if you are NOT the father.... ...without Maury being there.


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