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  1. The larger issue is that he's continuing to pose his plight on a forum full of people that he already concluded doesn't care & can't CAN'T care..... The dude is clearly trolling at this point & the sole posting of these f***ing links and ghosting afterwards is bordering on forum spam..... I have no idea of what route you're thinking of, but I'm 100% sure it's not the B23 that mirrored a subway service.
  2. Don't know which part of his post you're replying to, but in any case, the B23 never duplicated any subway, it wasn't seeing increases (before it got cut), & there was no one point on the B23 where riders emptied out mid-route & a whole new riderbase boarded the thing.....
  3. Of course it is; It's all about pocketing misusing a dollar (elsewhere) & the buses are always the primary source of siphonage.... I have a bit of a saying/premonition; some on here may know of it - "The future of bus service in this city will be comprised of super-routes & dinky shuttles" I would do more than split it..... I don't want to turn this into a proposal thread, so I'll keep it short & sweet... The M101 should be a branch of the M100 & nothing more. (the current M100, not the impending neutered M100)
  4. Who told you that they don't? I took one from Newark-Broad to Morristown just last week.
  5. Should read: "Whatever that ratio is, it is undeniably lower than that of the Bx15" Even though there are topographical issues, a 145th st crosstown would fall flat on its face; 145th itself is not the draw that 125th is (for example).... It should come as a shock to no one that there is a shit ton of people riding through the Hub on that route... It also takes riders away from the Bx4/a between [Westchester/Southern] & The Hub.... The Bx4/a terminal at The Hub is somewhat akin to the Q58 terminal in Flushing; it's a hassle to get to where most people are trying to get to within The Hub from that stop.... The Bx19 OTOH puts you off right in the middle of the action (so to speak) - and then some..... Nefarious motives aside, the thing is a long coverage route you can't really do anything with.... I have been on Bx19's from Riverbank that filled up at Amsterdam..... During summer months, buses can get filled up at the park itself. Yeah, the Bx19 has too many overlapping riderbases & are not as distinguishable like that of those 3 heavily utilized routes you mention.... Routes that run along a subway line, doesn't have to rely on the subway itself as a major ridership gen' (although additional patronage definitely helps )..... This is why I get irritated whenever you have people suggesting discontinuing bus routes that parallel subway lines (or, the portion of a route that does).....
  6. Oh, Rest assured, these are not mistakes, fam - this is all intentional.... They're just being underhanded with their motives. Save your strength. Dude still pokes his head around on this forum (albeit only in the shoutbox, VERY rarely, and to basically comment about some social or socio-political issue).... His handle on here is @RTS CNG Command I'm not going to bother surgically ripping apart a 9 year old map that features concepts that would've loomed impractical back then, let alone today.
  7. They're trying to force more people onto the subway, simple as that.... They're not expecting people to choose the bus-to-bus commute over the bus-to-subway commute. He's not saying (they're saying) turnover is low on the Bx19, he's saying it's less than that of the Bx15.... Both routes have high turnover. While the Bx19 garners more usage than the Bx15 & while more people ride longer distances on the Bx19, there aren't more people xferring off other buses to ride the Bx19, than are disembarking off the Bx19, over that of the Bx15..... That's just transfers.... Then you have to take a look at the amt. of people disembarking buses to the amt. of people boarding them along the route on any given trip, not counting xfers.... Whatever that ratio is, is it undeniably lower than that of the Bx15.
  8. In their defense, it would become redundant..... That very thing can be said for almost any local route in the whole dam borough !
  9. I don't care for the M101 being this untouchable of sorts (makes you think as to why they deliberately chose to truncate the M100 instead of the M101, as far as Amsterdam service goes).... Their ultimate aim with this M125 bit is to have intra-Manhattan riders all refrain from embarking on M60's & M101's & taking "the crosstown" instead..... That's not even wishful thinking, that's simply devoid of reality - especially given that all three routes will still have stops along 125th... Also, this notion that Bronxites (current Bx15 riders) will be pacified because the thing will still run to the Hub, rubs me the wrong way.... The MTA has a tendency to minimize the value of network coverage (do we even have to talk about what's being done with the Bronx expresses) & brush off the bastardization (or complete revocation) of it as something that won't affect too many riders..... The MTA needs to come to grips that there are more quote-unquote distance riders in the city than they like to let on & not everyone wants to cram onto a subway train for that purpose..... I agree with your assessment & all 3 of your bullet points..... To #1, my concern is that the M100 will be severely bastardized along Amsterdam av... I know you know this, but for anyone that doesn't know that's reading - Once upon a time, the M101 used to be king along Amsterdam av & the M100 used to be an afterthought along their mutual portions.... I can't pinpoint when it exactly happened (because the phenomenon was gradual), but it got to a point where the M100 was used more interchangeably with the M101 - to the point where you started seeing artics at random junctures on the M100... I remember the posts on RD & subchat; the M100 doesn't deserve artics, are you sure that wasn't an M101, something must have happened with the M101, stop the lies, yada yada yada..... I would even argue a paradigm shift took place; as in, the M100 being the more sought after route along Amsterdam (due to the woes plaguing the M101 further down the route; i.e. 3rd/Lex).... You'd have been lambasted (lol) on the online transit forums if you told someone you saw a bone empty (or close enough to it) SB M101 at some point along 125th say, 20 or so years ago... Now somebody tells me that, and it's like, meh, I'm not surprised - especially if it's a 96th st shorty..... So yeah, this service/network change will have the M101 being the more prominent route of choice again along Amsterdam.... I don't mean to laugh, but Bullet point #2 was the very first thing that came to mind upon reading y'alls posts in this discussion, before I posted last night.... Obviously I don't condone it, but the thieves aren't going to give up the free ride they're accustomed to on crushloaded M60's & will be miffed that they won't have a crushloaded Bx15 anymore to farebeat on.... Getting up in arms for the wrong reasons & shit... Lol... Anyway, sure, people will still utilize the M125 on the strength of "a bus is a bus", but there is no way in all of the free world that those buses are going to be as crushloaded 1] as & 2] at the rate that Bx15's currently are... To expect 100% turnover, again, is f***ing delusional..... Bullet point #3 is my stance in summary; there isn't a need for a quote-unquote *official* 125th st crosstown.... It's enough that you got rid of the M100 along 125th, but you didn't do enough (hell, they didn't do anything) to the M60 & the M101 to make the M125 as attractive as whatever grandiose vision they have for the thing anyway..... No consolation prize, but at least they didn't go full retard.
  10. The way I see it, as it pertains to the Bx15, it's less of an issue of service type (LTD's vs. locals) & more of an issue of how much of 125th the Bx15 serves.... IDK of the distant history of the route per se, but I've never cared for the Bx15 having/needing to run all the way to 12th specifically.... The main issue I have with splitting the Bx15 is that of decimating network coverage from Bronxites.... Don't sit up there & tell me that the Bx19 is to be left alone because it's straight, direct, makes lots of important connections, and transports a lot of people (as if we don't know this already) - but yet, sever direct coverage to/from Manhattan, as if the Bx15 doesn't make the same "important" connections to other routes in the Bronx, doesn't carry a lot of people, and doesn't have the same "direct" route structure.... It's a slap in the face & I would be ultimately livid if I was an actual daily Bx15 rider & what not.... I can see it already - more people bolting for the subway, the minute the (impending/truncated) Bx15 reaches the Hub.... Something else that we know is that, yes, 125th is a chaotic mess & something should be done about it (as far as the buses are concerned).... I'm not even the person saying *leave 125th as is* (that's part of the problem too, people neglecting change for the sake of change) - I'm the person saying, you have the resources, you have the time & expense to analyze the whole network & pump out a solution that can efficiently quell the situation along 125th as far as bus service goes, and this is what you come up with? Sever the Bx15, cut the M100 off at the knees, and leave the remnant to be representative of (maintaining) service west of Amsterdam & maintaining a meager amount of Bronx-Manhattan coverage as far east as the Hub? That's that 2 for the price of 1 shit (or 2 birds, 1 stone if you prefer) - the same reason the M101 apparently has this immunity; 2 for the price of 1 (one route taking 3rd/lex riders along 125th & taking Amsterdam riders along 125th)..... While I do have ideas/suggestions, I don't proclaim to have the smoking gun here either - but I refuse to believe that keeping the Bx15 in-house (as in, an intraborough route) for the sake of birthing a 125th st crosstown, is that silver bullet..... There has long been this sort of pressure (or w/e you wanna call it) to drum up a 125th st crosstown (much like a "West side route") & now it's going to come to fruition...... As far as the crux of your 2nd paragraph, in the grand scheme of things, right - Buses/bus service has long been a pinata/scapegoat for the cause of congestion (the bigger the vehicle, the more road space it takes up) - but at the same time, is one of the go to solutions whenever it comes to trying to get people up out of their cars... Imagine that I can't speak from an op's perspective, but for as long as their days are long, I'll continue to say that this agency is not in it for the riding public. I need to be one of these people at the planning table making decisions, not one of these people on my knees begging for mercy for the f*** s*** that's already set in stone (pardon the french)..... I'm on vacation right now, but to me, it's a matter of principle - Three minutes (or however little time they give you) to speak, under the guise that my opinion will make a difference, is a waste of my time, quite honestly.
  11. I don't agree with the suggestion/implication, but I don't see it as him missing the point though..... He was responding to your comment about how dismal the Bx15 LTD is in the Bronx as a result of the situation that plagues 125th..... His premise as to how Bronx pax. be provided better service, entails the revocation of an interborough Bx15 LTD & supplanting it with a Bx55 resurrection (to maintain intraborough LTD service), to have alternate Bx15 locals running into Manhattan..... Instead of splitting the thing, lessen the frequency of Bx15's running in/out of Manhattan.... - Lawrence St says: at least keep the coverage (Fordham ↔ 125th/12th), but do so at a lesser rate... - MTA says: f*** the coverage - deal with this 2-seat ride & shut up... The MTA's going to learn real quick that this M125 won't take people that are traveling within 125th off of M60's and M101's.... Neutering the M100 for the purpose of making the M125 more attractive, will loom irrelevant.... To put it another way, coming out with this M125 will magnify the redundancy along 125th - since there's going to be less unique pax. utilizing the thing (compared to anyone through-riding on the Bx15)....
  12. Logic would dictate that, but the thing I'd worry about with that is the Bx9. If they carve a new route from a Bx19 split in that fashion, I don't see them keeping the Bx9 running south of Fordham rd.... They would pretty much have to run a northern split of the Bx19 to Fordham Plz. at minimum (in terms of attracting people into using the thing) - which would leave the Bx9 ending at Botanical Gardens (with it being an artic route & all).... It would loom too wasteful to operate a service running between Southern/Westchester & Botanical Gardens.... That would be a poor trade-off because they won't supply the new route with the amount of service that's currently ran on the Bx9 - and for damn sure they won't supply it with the collective service of that of the Bx9 + the Bx19 along that shared part of Southern Blvd.....
  13. Regardless of it being the Webster av route, they will be quick to bring up the (existence of the) Bx41 SBS as an excuse to not reverting the Bx55.... As much as I miss the Bx55 & don't care for this M125 bit, the old Bx55 has no place in the network anymore.... You wouldn't get too many people taking Bx55's north of Fordham (if it were to be reverted) over the Bx41 SBS to Williamsbridge.... You know they're phasing out LTD service anyway, so you may as well prepare yourself for a Bx15 SBS - and they're not going to opt to run it concurrently with the Bx41 north of Fordham rd either.... Let the MTA tell it: "...the route is straight, direct, has high ridership, and connects to several important destinations and transfer points." Aside from their double standard, The Bx19 is another one of these routes that's in the running for an eventual SBS conversion.....
  14. As a passenger, to be perfectly honest, I don't really concern myself with the outward appearance of these buses in terms of cleanliness or whatever ad is displayed on them..... Inside the buses, yeah, I start smirking or feeling some type of way or whatever (as if to say, Oh great....) when I see garbage, or anything else loose & tangible smeared and/or scattered about the bus...... I'm just not seeing a lot of that on these buses anymore.... Not that grime isn't any concern, but my general disposition regarding that, is that it comes with the territory due to aging & what not... Kind of like when you see those black spots on subway train platforms.... While it would be nice, I don't go in expecting the things to be pristine (I wouldn't embark on public transit if that's the case)..... Hell, when I used to take the LIRR coming home & waited for the B12 (when it made its first pickup on the WB side/direction of ENY av, on that little island there), I would see the conga line of buses making their way to one of the lots, with water still dripping from them.... I found that to be pretty impressive, all things considered with this agency.... On the flipside, you have some filthy ass people riding these buses without a care in the world of how clean they are & if that attitude continues to be pervasive, then you're going to get what you get.... People in general do not take pride in public transportation in this city; whether that's evidenced by farebeating, filthiness, exuding a flippant attitude towards MTA personnel, etc.....
  15. How is it that I get to Nungessers 8 minutes late on the #22 yesterday & still just miss the #88? I don't know which is worse.... I took the 2:05 PM #22 trip from Hoboken.... Was moving fairly well - that is, until we were stuck in traffic, pretty much from the time we hit the 50's (street) on up... The lack of #22's & #89's compared to the amount of minibuses is ridiculous.... Anyway, looked at my watch around the 70's & knew that the trip as planned (time-wise) was shot to shit..... So I get off at the last stop & commence crossing the street (assuming that #88 is long gone), until I noticed a bus (there were 4 on layover) powered on - it was the #88... I could've ran faster for it I guess, but the fact I had one of those "hunger headaches" didn't help matters.... Got to the gas station (Blvd East side) and was on the wrong end of the light... So I'm watching that #88 pull off, as eastbound traffic whizzes by... So I double back & head to the BK for a quick bite to eat.... Hour long wait (well, 51 mins. exactly) for the next bus later and I'm off to JSQ..... I'm actually more pissed at the #83 driver I had after that #88 ride to JSQ.... Supposed to pull off at 5:30, and dude's having a good ole nap; we didn't leave JSQ until 5:41....

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