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  1. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    That's actually an old hustle.... I hope that it doesn't become prevalent again.
  2. B35 via Church

    Staten Island Bus Proposal Thread 2012-2013

    I then ask him, what would happen to the S55 & the S56... His response: I'll say this much... it's clever & noble what he's trying to do (In bits & pieces, I actually agree with this plan), but I don't care for the total execution.... It reminds me of the Flemington shuttle & the Easton-Phillipsburg routes (890/1) down in NJ.... You can't get away with one-size-fits-alling bus service like that in the South Shore.....
  3. B35 via Church

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    Actually, no..... All I did was copy & paste the stats for the NYCT routes & for the MTABus routes all on one sheet & did some (custom) sorting. So going through with re-ranking everything (meaning, with all the local routes on one spreadsheet).... Taking the (weekday) top 10 MTABus routes you already posted, I can tell you where they rank overall (out of 229): Q10 (18th), Q52/53 (24th), Q65 (26th), Q25 (28th), Q23 (36th), Q60 (46th), B103 (47th), Q66 (48th), Q111 (64th), Q6 (74th)
  4. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh, the lot of these complainers'll succumb to new pattern.... Whatever influx of people talking about doing the S53/S79 to the to Atlantic av for access to the differing trunk lines, is all talk.... All that transferring day-in & day-out will get real old, real damn fast & on top of that, having to maneuver around current Brooklyn commuters already xferring b/w modes (or otherwise utilizing Atlantic-Barclays... which includes event days & game days btw) will wear thin on your patience & sanity... .....which isn't worth the $117 bucks in savings, or whatever else ole dude babieboyblueballs is bloviating about.
  5. B35 via Church

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    Thanks to the power of Excel..... Weekday locals Brooklyn: Top 10 are the same NYCT routes you posted... Bronx: Top 10 are the same NYCT routes you posted... Manhattan: (No MTABus routes) Queens: Q58 > Q44 > Q27 > Q10 > Q46 > Q52/53 > Q65 > Q25 > Q17 > Q23 Staten Island: (No MTABus routes) Weekend locals Brooklyn: B46 > B6 > B35 > B44 > B41 > B82 > B15 > B8 > B38 > B1 Bronx: Bx12 > Bx1/2 > Bx19 > Bx36 > Bx9 > Bx15 > Bx41 > Bx40/42 > Bx6 > Bx39 Manhattan: M15 > M14 > M101 > M60 > M86 > M100 > M7 > M104 > M3 > M4 Queens: Q58 > Q44 > Q52/53 > Q10 > Q27 > Q25 > Q60 > Q17 > Q65 > Q66 Staten Island: S79 > S53 > S48 > S44 > S78 > S74 > S46 > S62 > S61 > S40
  6. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I mean, let's face it - There are a bunch of current express bus riders out in SI that are the furthest thing from satisfied with their current commutes (and/or with the MTA period, for the matter)..... So it's only natural for those same people to be the first ones to lash out when any type of change to their current commute would be made worse..... It's throwing salt on the wound, so to speak..... Not a peep from much of any of these commuters that would benefit from anything involving this redesign, though.
  7. B35 via Church

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, but what did you do when you got hit with the purse?
  8. B35 via Church

    tickets / pass on Metro North - good across lines?

    I know c/r's tend to be a PITA (or look at you like you have three heads) when SB pax board at 125th, but the MTA/MNRR concealing NB NH trains stopping at 125th I haven't noticed... How are they going about doing that exactly? As far as the junkies & other undesirables that loiter at/around 125th on the Lex.... I refuse to use that station, not due to any fear of in worries that I might contract something.... The atmosphere about the area is just f***in YUCK to me..... Doesn't help that that old pathmark facilitates the breeding grounds for the utter filth about the immediate area.... No thanks, I'm good.... At the same time though, I don't bother using the MNRR from 125th to GCT either -as quite frankly, I don't want to be bothered with the hassle (as if riding the RR within Manhattan is a crime or something).... Now that we got the over along 2nd av, what I've been doing as of late (whenever I'm around 125th) is catch the M15 & just take it to 96th & then ride the Q out to Church av from there...
  9. ...and when that happens, the only "remorse" I'll have is for the passengers and the t/o & c/r that'd end up being inconvenienced by it all. Absolutely Zero tolerance for tomfoolery such as this "skylarking" crap (swear they got a name for everything nowadays).....
  10. B35 via Church

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    Combination of CostCo & (for whatever the reason), a sudden influx of Astoria PJ's riders taking it to the (F).... Still can't figure the latter out, but in any case, it's good for the route overall. What's happening on the route (really since it's been brought back), compared to when it existed before 2010, is that more people are using it north of the Prospect (expwy.) now.... To a similar extent, the B103 is also benefiting from more bus usage in Gowanus, Boerum Hill, etc..... I mean, look at how that immediate section of Brooklyn has transformed - Hell, once upon a time, much of nobody made reference to "Gowanus" the neighborhood... With the way it's (the B37) used, I don't think there's a real need to run it past Barclay's, to be honest.... It's good where it is. School only, as in school trippers? Not sure what you're trying to say here......
  11. Well it goes to show you how absent-minded this agency is, when it comes down to the riding public & its needs..... None of this should be a surprise to anyone - not even the transients that's been here for a couple of years YEARS now.... I'd laugh, if I weren't flat-out annoyed with this crap....
  12. Same (with the truncations)... Don't see it getting any better either; Midtown isn't a midpoint for Manhattan's bus routes , like Midtown is for the subway..... Oh well, more business for the cabs....
  13. B35 via Church

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    The Q37's difference in ridership b/w 2016 & 2017 defies mathematics !
  14. For what you're saying with this, I would run those buses in/out of Rye & have the BL-13 ending at MNRR Port Chester (instead of that running to Playland).... Turning it away from White Plains, your route's going to need all the usage it's going to get (for the same reasons they opted to cut the BL-12 back from JVM & Mt Kisco).... May as well "borrow" that ridership (of ppl. traveling b/w Rye & Port Chester)..... TzX has no business going to HPN... It's going to have to be the Airlink.
  15. B35 via Church

    2038 Subway Map

    His lack of a defense to his proposals thus far, tells the story for me.... If he doesn't want to engage in any serious discourse with those of us that DO want to discuss his proposals, then quite frankly, I won't bother either..... See someone like Wally that have long caught a shitload of flack on here in defending his proposals, but Ephraim is this pillar of the community that transit enthusiasts should be exemplary of (while being treated with kid gloves nonetheless) - while barely defending anything thus far..... Now I'm not saying that he should be disrespectfully torn to shreds on here, but coddling this dude isn't exactly the answer either.... Case in point.... OIG brought up that he finds the (2)/(5) part of the dude's proposal interesting.... R68 more or less follows suit in the proceeding reply.... Good natured comments to that part of the proposal.... Instead of any type of acknowledgment and/or further expounding his thought process behind it, we get nothing.....


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