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  1. The main thing that sticks out to me about this isn't even having buses run in Soundview - it's the fact that you'd have buses taking Bruckner Blvd. from Bronx River to the RFK bridge approach.... That is going to be an overall ridership deterrent... The portion between Castle Hill (the neighborhood) & Parkchester OTOH I don't have too much of a problem with - although I do think the E. Tremont av. portion of the route would be a dead draw, usage-wise.... I would narrow that one-way loop thing you have going on there by running it down WPR, instead of swinging over to Rosedale.... Quite honestly, if I were to try to make the BxM6 more useful by serving that general pocket of the Bronx you're focusing on, I would not choose Soundview (the neighborhood) - I would choose Clason Pt. instead.... The total number of stops of your route I don't see as being an issue.... You say this is a revised version... Not sure what your original version entailed, but this rendition of the thing is simply too meandrous/indirect in Manhattan & there's too much wasted mileage in Queens.... Manhattan routing comes off as being rather random; no clear target riderbase, like you're grasping at straws..... On the Queens end, to have it backtracking from LIRR Woodside to (get back on) the BQE, to then take it down to the LIE, for the end goal of accessing the upper roadway of the Queensborough bridge, is again, wasteful.... You aren't going to get much of anyone to pay a local fare for something like this, let alone an added buck 25....
  2. Meh, while I get his point, he's being ridiculous with the whole MTA is "straight up going to get people killed" rhetoric.... At the end of the day, it is still public transportation... We're talking about an appx. 40' x 8.5' hunk of metal... This is a matter of the MTA protecting its workers, "straight up".... This goes back to the whole entitlement discussion that myself, @WestFarms36, and @EastFlatbushLarry is having in that "we only do backdoor now" thread.... Nobody is forcing this guy & anyone else with that mindset to take "the most crowded bus going to LGA".... Those last 3 words hurts his case, because the Q70 is not the ONLY bus that goes to LGA, for starters..... Regardless, that 1/3rd of the bus is not going to drastically improve the vitality of any Q70 rider to the tune that's being implicatively conveyed.... If that's going to be his attitude on the matter, then he shouldn't be embarking on a public bus, regardless - since the potential of being very proximate to other human beings is rather high.....
  3. Maybe a little more maturity should've been exuded, but this more or less sums up my sentiments on this matter.... Like I stated earlier, this isn't something I even wanted to give life to (all things considered)...
  4. It's funny, I've gotten called cynical over time so much, it's to the point where I've embraced it..... When I point out how overly sensitive & narcissistic a lot of people are nowadays though, I'm public enemy #1.... What part of the game is that? I mean, folks have allllllll the answers for every damn body else, except but the person in the mirror.... Aye aye captain, but shit, this is a boat I'm glad I missed - and never needed a cool catchphrase called social distancing (which people still aren't really practicing, but whatever) to respect people & their boundaries..... Oh, and you can't reciprocate any "critiques" their way either - that is, unless you want to be dealt that victim card, a nervous breakdown happening in front of you (which is my personal favorite.. lol), erratically screaming at you, threats of the police being called on you, or some other goofball, gerber cry baby shit..... Social media is the biggest social experiment we've got going & AFAIC, it's shining a gargantuan light on people's true nature....
  5. Before the creation of the new site, all the info for all the shuttles used to be listed under the bullet..... When they came out with the new site, they had separate bullets for each shuttle, but at some point, I stopped seeing the SF bullet.... Don't know what's going on, but that's something that the MTA shouldn't be overlooking.
  6. Long time ago (around the time this board opened), I had wanted to start my own blog, pertaining to basically anything (NYC) bus route related.... Back when people started creating fantasy bus maps, one of my ultimate projects was to make a 5-borough bus map... I think you can still find the blank bus maps for all 5 boroughs on here (well, if the links aren't dead, which they probably are).... Long story short, procrastination eventually turned into an overall loss of interest.... While I'm not sure if you plan on adding anymore content to it, looks like you have a cool little start-up site here though....
  7. ....or not even bother with mass transit altogether. When I finally got my license, I was always told that driving is a privilege and not a right (and that you're only as good as the driver in front you) - but no one ever says that no one is entitled to public transportation - especially the way THEY want it.... You're not entitled to a job, you're not entitled to live where you want to live (like a certain pine sniffing former member on here tends to believe), and you're not entitled to a significant other.... Nobody wants to work for shit & expects the world to be handed to them on a silver platter & fed to them with a silver spoon on top of it ! I couldn't drive for a living, for a myriad of reasons.... I've kicked family members out of my ride for being nitpicky, so strangers aren't going to have much of a chance in hell critiquing & muttering slick shit about how I drive (and what I listen to when I drive).... I'm not going to sit there & tout that "this is my car" shit, but rest assured, you're getting the f*** up out my shit..... It's like nobody respects boundaries anymore.
  8. Figured there'd be something on the books for that.... I mean, it goes without saying that arriving late somewhere due to circumstances beyond your control & intentionally commencing a trip by spotting yourself 'x' amount of minutes to end up not being early, being two very different things... I'm personally not a stickler for a bus leaving a terminal on the dot, but there are plenty of people that are....
  9. I don't even care to give anything like that life right now, to be honest.... ...which is why I (and others on here) was checking ole boy last week in the Random thoughts thread about an MTA shutdown. Shutting down mass transit = instant panic button.
  10. IDK, but what's starting to anger me (the more I think about this) is that this reeks to me of a crime of opportunity... I really don't want to start hearing outcries from the general public of "shut the subway down" or any monday morning quarterbacking thought process surrounding "the subway system should've been closed anyway".....
  11. Hobbyism taken too far.... Anyway, I was reading through this thread (and other articles, other than the one copy/pasted), wanting to find out when, where, and how this fire even started, and if anyone was injured & what not (and to what extent).... Eventually came upon those pictures of those charred subway cars & subway vandalism (in this case, particularly, arson) immediately came to mind.... Unfortunately, you have the poor guy that ended up losing his life trying to save others apparently, with several others suffering serious injuries.... ...and for those that DGAF about it, I'd say there is a direct correlation of [that nonchalantness] and [the acts of disrespect & lack of human decency being directed at these front line workers]... You see people just doing their jobs (especially inside stores & what not) getting yelled at and/or cursed out, unprovoked, like it's permissible & never really understood it - not just from a buyer/seller perspective, but from a manager/managee level as well.... Always saw the whole thing as corny, to be honest.... But to sum this up, regardless of what they make salary-wise, blue collar work has long been stigmatized in society & I for one have always abhorred it....
  12. In his defense, that's something I'd want to forget about !
  13. True, but nothing you're conveying here would amount to any improving of runtimes & limiting of congestion... Matter fact, your solution is the antithesis to it.... You're talking about adding more buses (or as you put it, extensive service) along Kissena with this loop line (for short trip riders within Flushing), to have the Q17, Q25, and Q27 make less stops along Kissena.... Your solution ignores how many cumulative BPH that's already being operated along those 3 routes.... It also doesn't take into consideration how congested Kissena already is.... While your reasoning for all this sounds noble, adding more buses along Kissena (while doing nothing to the service levels of the Q17, Q25, and Q27) is not the answer here.... While the matter does revolve around poor allocation, it has less to do with local vs. LTD & more to do with total/overall BPH being supplied along Kissena.... For what you're trying to address, I would divert the Q27 off Holly (to have it run with the Q26 instead), split the Q17, nerf the Q25 at Flushing (from Jamaica), and combine the [HHE/164th - Downtown Flushing portion of the Q17] with the [Downtown Flushing - College Point portion of the Q25] and supply THAT route with extensive service.
  14. Agreed, and I'd go about it with an M4/M5 terminal swap. I just can't be bothered with the 8th av lines period, but especially the ; whether it's here in Brooklyn or up in Manhattan (especially along CPW & points north)....
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