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  1. I mentioned on here before that Commuter service should be increased within the city with fares competitive with the subway. The cost of running a few more TPH in the Bronx and Queens is far lower than the subway upgrades necessary to bring the Lex and QBL where they need to be. You're also likely to garner decent usage on these commuter lines as well since the rail portion of trips would be short and people can connect to the same local buses they're already using to get to the subway.
  2. JubaionBx12+SBS

    April 1, 2018 Bus Service Changes

    Who ever said the MTA wants to win back bus riders? Most of their moves suggest they're okay with losing even more riders as they complain about the decrease.
  3. JubaionBx12+SBS

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What schedule is the Bx12 +SBS running on today? Today didn't seem so bad at least compared to typical Bx12 +SBS standards. I'm not going to be happy when the kiddos are back to school and Bx12 local service has been cut once again.
  4. JubaionBx12+SBS

    Why is 5 the Bx Express instead of 2?

    Don't let the low rankings of Dyre Av stations fool you. The vast majority of those boardings are Southbound during the AM Rush when only 7 TPH are running on the Dyre. The from Dyre fills up very quickly. Most cars have 75-80 passengers on them entering East 180th (AM Rush only) which is way too much considering the crowding the will end up seeing further along the route. If only there were someway to run more than 7 TPH from Dyre Av in the morning the wouldn't be so bad. It's sad that folks who ride the the in mid-afternoon to head to Manhattan get more frequent service than a peak traveler.
  5. JubaionBx12+SBS

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Has the Bx41 SBS seen any action with 5468 and 5476 yet? Also, what will it take for the masses to learn that the Bx5 runs to Bay Plaza on weekends? It seems like a well kept secret given the ridership patterns from Bay Plaza to Pelham Bay.
  6. JubaionBx12+SBS

    MTA Records Largest Single-Year Ridership Decline in 15 Years

    The priorities of the MTA at this point should be to 1. Stop the bleeding. - Take the routes seeing ridership losses of 10% or greater (most of which are in Manhattan and Brooklyn) and make any necessary improvements to them on a route by route basis. I would not recommend SBS anywhere but I would definitely go for increased short turns, better frequencies and in the odd case a restructuring of the route. 2. Avoid future bleeding. - Look at routes that are not losing big but still get tons of complaints (your Bx36, B82 and others of similar vein) and follow step 1 with those. I would recommend a split in the case of the Bx36 but that can be discussed another time. These routes are where your future bleeding will occur if left unaddressed 3. Maximize potential ridership - Take a serious look at travel patterns in 2018 and reorganize the network as a whole around them. This is where we dive into the weeds of feeder routes and coverage routes and actually make sure that these routes satisfy the demand of our lower density neighborhoods and thus we’re maximizing ridership overall. The problem is that extensive origin and destination data is necessary (even for other modes) is necessary to determine good ideas for improvements here. All three should be done simultaneously but since I only trust the MTA to address one at a time they should start with #1 first.
  7. JubaionBx12+SBS

    MTA Records Largest Single-Year Ridership Decline in 15 Years

    My rebuttal to checkmate was founded more in the logic that the frequency of service becomes the main criteria to evaluate routes in an ideal world where the vast majority of routes are reliable. Routes with low frequencies (while needed) just wouldn't appeal enough to get an A if all routes are graded on the same scale and pass the reliability test. Checkmate seems to think any route that is useful and reliable should get an A while not considering that a 3 minute headway can be rated equivalently to a 15 minute headway and one of those is much worse on paper than the other. A route's report card grade to me is not some evaluation on it's existence more than a reflection of what the average joe would think about that route if he used it. The average joe wouldn't be giving A's to the Bx29 and F's to the multitude of low headway routes that have them in any world where the service made sense.
  8. JubaionBx12+SBS

    MTA Records Largest Single-Year Ridership Decline in 15 Years

    The methodology of those report cards is definitely suspect. The Bx29 gets an A but I doubt the average rider would prefer it over say the M101 which definitely deserves an F. When I look at routes like the Bx29 and Q35 I would say they are better at delivering the advertised service to riders than an M101. The problem is that the advertised service on the Bx29's of the world is paltry and barely filling the role of a coverage route. The problem with the bus network is self evident..... High ridership, low headway routes are being run into the ground and those are the workhorses of the bus network . Traffic is a pathetic excuse because any route useful enough to generate strong ridership will have to use corridors with heavy vehicular traffic yet the service still should be somewhat reliable. The fact that service is unreliable on nearly every low headway route in the city says it all. In an ideal world the high ridership routes should be getting A's and the coverage routes getting F's. Given it's the MTA we're dealing with it's the other way around.
  9. JubaionBx12+SBS

    MTA Records Largest Single-Year Ridership Decline in 15 Years

    Wake me up when actual initiative is taken to solve the issues with NYC buses. A bunch of ideas are on the table yet MTA management seems clueless as to what to do.
  10. JubaionBx12+SBS

    April 2018 Schedule Changes

    When I opined in the changes being poor overall it’s because there’s way too much cutting going on with routes that frankly do well enough not to justify them. Let’s look at some of the routes targeted for cuts (B46 local, Bx12 local, B41 LTD, Bx1 LTD, Bx2, Bx19). These routes are heavy hitters in terms of ridership and serve some of the busiest corridors in the city. I would argue there’s underservice going on in most of these cases yet somehow there’s slack to cut buses based on traffic counts. The only reason could be that buses are being spaced poorly along the route with bunching allowing some trips to carry air. If there’s a spacing problem then cuts are the last thing that should be occuring since you get less buses to relieve the sardine cans and you increase the chances that long 20+ minute gaps develop in the service (which is the main issues these routes have now). There seems to be this idea that the bus system can remain attractive while the busiest routes get run into the ground with bunching and gradual service cuts. I’ve mentioned this in other threads but if you can’t get 50k per weekday on the M15 or on Utica you’re doing something wrong and it’s likely the same something that sees the rest of the system ailing. The good changes come with the Bx40/42 am rush increase (which is highly necessary) and some rush additions to Queens feeder routes. I’m ready to start making predictions on high ridership routes bound to see cuts in the fall.
  11. JubaionBx12+SBS

    April 2018 Schedule Changes

    Pretty poor changes overall despite a couple of good ones. http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/180122_1030_Transit.pdf
  12. JubaionBx12+SBS

    Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    1. I see some of the frequencies placed in the profile are off. The M14D is listed at 20 BPH for rush hour when the schedule shows 24. The Bx12 SBS has 15 BPH listed when you’ll see 17. And that’s just what I’m able to confirm based off memory. 2. I can see based on the disparity between peak service and evening service on a lot of these routes that the MTA is incredibly stingy with off peak service. That alone is a problem as far as retaining ridership as commuters move beyond traditional peak commutes.There aren’t many routes where the MTA gets midday and evening service right which is sad since seats are to be had on these buses (for the most part). 3. I never liked tracking ridership per mile because it tends to understate the intensity at which the real heavy hitters get utilized. It’s just common sense that some miles are busier than others on local bus routes so when you look at the busiest 2- 3 mile segment of a Bx12, M15, B46 level route there is far more passenger activity there than is reflected by say 6,000 riders per mile (which is about where these routes are at). The Manhattan crosstowns are mostly 2-3 miles long in their entirety plus you get turnover at the subway connections. 4. I wonder if there’s a stat that can be used to determine which routes are filling up the vehicles to crushload status most and least often throughout the day. I would be curious to see whether the routes that would lead such a stat are mid ridership routes being underserved or routes that have such high passenger activity that a couple of extra buses would hardly make a difference.
  13. I’ve come to the conclusion that if cross Bronx travel along the Pelham Parkway/Fordham Road corridor is to improve in any major way a more reliable option has to be established than the Bx12 bus route. Given how crowded the buses get and they account for a little shy of 50,000 per weekday I’m of the belief that you could get close to six figures if a less delay prone transit mode is added along the route. This topic is to get that discussion started on what that route should look like (subway, light rail, real BRT) and how feasible it would be to implement the improvements.
  14. JubaionBx12+SBS

    Local officials urge MTA to add rush-hour buses to S79 route

    The S79 has good headways during rush hour but otherwise headways aren't so good and I would not even think about artics there. I'll let the folks with experience in Staten Island speak to what the crowding situation is like and what should be done on that end.


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