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  1. April 2018 Schedule Changes

    Pretty poor changes overall despite a couple of good ones. http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/180122_1030_Transit.pdf
  2. Bus Route Profiles Released By NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

    1. I see some of the frequencies placed in the profile are off. The M14D is listed at 20 BPH for rush hour when the schedule shows 24. The Bx12 SBS has 15 BPH listed when you’ll see 17. And that’s just what I’m able to confirm based off memory. 2. I can see based on the disparity between peak service and evening service on a lot of these routes that the MTA is incredibly stingy with off peak service. That alone is a problem as far as retaining ridership as commuters move beyond traditional peak commutes.There aren’t many routes where the MTA gets midday and evening service right which is sad since seats are to be had on these buses (for the most part). 3. I never liked tracking ridership per mile because it tends to understate the intensity at which the real heavy hitters get utilized. It’s just common sense that some miles are busier than others on local bus routes so when you look at the busiest 2- 3 mile segment of a Bx12, M15, B46 level route there is far more passenger activity there than is reflected by say 6,000 riders per mile (which is about where these routes are at). The Manhattan crosstowns are mostly 2-3 miles long in their entirety plus you get turnover at the subway connections. 4. I wonder if there’s a stat that can be used to determine which routes are filling up the vehicles to crushload status most and least often throughout the day. I would be curious to see whether the routes that would lead such a stat are mid ridership routes being underserved or routes that have such high passenger activity that a couple of extra buses would hardly make a difference.
  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that if cross Bronx travel along the Pelham Parkway/Fordham Road corridor is to improve in any major way a more reliable option has to be established than the Bx12 bus route. Given how crowded the buses get and they account for a little shy of 50,000 per weekday I’m of the belief that you could get close to six figures if a less delay prone transit mode is added along the route. This topic is to get that discussion started on what that route should look like (subway, light rail, real BRT) and how feasible it would be to implement the improvements.
  4. Local officials urge MTA to add rush-hour buses to S79 route

    The S79 has good headways during rush hour but otherwise headways aren't so good and I would not even think about artics there. I'll let the folks with experience in Staten Island speak to what the crowding situation is like and what should be done on that end.
  5. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It was terrible on Thursday. I saw LOCAL buses sardine packed in both directions and an SBS bus went off-route somehow as it made a left from WPR to pick up passengers heading east. For some reason something happens in the afternoon where buses go from running decently in the Morning to total crap. I think the B/O's get lazy and take long layovers on the Midday trips.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    For local routes the B39, for express routes it's the QM3.
  7. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I mainly use the Bx12 SBS and during off peak hours the route is impressively quick. I've been on it where the bus made it from Bartow/Edson to Inwood in half an hour (this was in the morning on a Saturday). During rush hour when you get traffic all hell breaks loose as far as spacing is concerned. The headways are pretty good but could be better in response to overcrowding (3 minute headways during the AM rush and 4 mins during the PM rush is what the MTA should shoot for). The main thing that I and others post about when it comes to the Bx12 SBS is overcrowding resulting from high ridership and it's not just during rush hour. Given the huge crowding off-board payment is a big time saver (try having 30-40 people line up at nearly every stop to pay at the front). While SBS is an improvement for the routes it is run on, I feel it's a half-assed one that could have been shelved for more comprehensive ideas like systemwide all-door boarding, stop consolidation and countdown clock rollouts. The latter should be at every Bx12 +SBS stop yesterday but who am I kidding.
  8. FTFY. What kind of gaps are we talking about on the Q46? Combined headway during the AM Rush is 2 minutes so I want to see how the MTA is managing to screw that up. I am still struggling to find out when Bx12 SBS buses DON'T see overcrowding. Scheduled frequencies are the main issue here and I guess next we can talk about whatever ignorant dispatching is done in the event of some traffic (which these days is every afternoon). When things like frequencies and dispatching are central issues in ridership decline it's not a crisis, it's a big self inflicted wound.
  9. I like how the word 'crisis' is used to paint most of the circumstances behind the worsening bus service as beyond the MTA's control. It's less of a crisis and more that the MTA's efforts at maligning buses have worked a little too well for some folks liking.
  10. MTA ridership dropping as New Yorkers find other ways to travel

    I hope upper management heads are not surprised by these findings. If they are then some folks have got to go.
  11. MTA adds service to six lines amid ridership decline

    It's nice to see the MTA addressing service in the evening. I've yet to ride a to the Bronx in the evening that wasn't crowded. Other than that some extra service better be put in place on weekends. 12 minute headways on the any of the QBL lines is unacceptable. If possible I would run 6-7 minute headways on the weekend .
  12. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What has the 55-56xx D60HF's still not in the process of being replaced?
  13. DOT's Bus Lane Trickery

    I don't think he has any idea what a service road is. Service roads allow for through traffic on major thoroughfares to avoid interfering with residential traffic in the neighborhoods being passed. If we go with this idea of putting bus lanes in the service roads then folks coming onto the corridor from residential side streets lose entry and parking is lost to folks in the corresponding neighborhoods. Said traffic would then be forced onto the main road and major intersecting streets which he is already complaining about being a problem.
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Most lines have been and generally are unreliable. Even our best lines are delayed close to one fifth of the time which is beyond unacceptable for a major subway system.
  15. Select Bus Service Discussion

    That is why the MTA likes articulated buses my friend.


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