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  1. Bx41 SBS extension to LaGuardia Airport.

    From what I've seen with the Bx41 reliability sucks on the current route. Unless smart measures are taken extending it would be a terrible idea.
  2. Select Bus Service Discussion

    So I guess the MTA thinks every high ridership route should be SBS. Wouldn't all door boarding coming in a couple years render this off-board stuff a bunch of nonsense?
  3. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I've noticed that usage at the Pelham Pkwy/Stillwell Av stop has increased notably over the past few months. I'm having a hard time pinning a source though.
  4. Select Bus Service Discussion

    What's the last minute? With the Bx12 I don't get my ticket until I can see the bus approaching the stop i'm getting on at. I have yet to miss a bus getting a ticket with the bus 1 minute or less away. On a side note, a third ticket machine should be added to the Fordham Plaza stop in both directions.
  5. Whatever mobile solution the MTA comes upon should NOT link to the desktop site whatsoever (users won't want the lag of waiting for pages to pop up and potentially be taken out of the app) and the schedules should be built into the app like they are for Transit and Moovit. When the summer pick revisions were in for the Bx12 this year I checked the Transit app before the PDF showed on the desktop site. Also since these apps use real-time tracking it's cool to see what kind of gaps are being created in real time by the delays. The app should focus solely on the transit end of things and not have all kinds of tourist trap lists since users can just put in their destination to get available routes.
  6. I think the best idea is to form a partnership with either the Transit or Citymapper apps where the app is promoted on the mobile and desktop homepage (and made available for one time searches) with prompts to download those apps inserted as well. TTC does this decently where an overlay of the Transit app is made available on the desktop homepage for prospective users to put in their location and check nearby routes. I would place such a thing right in the right hand corner where the TripPlanner currently resides.
  7. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If you're aware of the demographic that attends Yankees games regularly, you'll see that hardly anyone takes the Bx6 to go to Yankees games.
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Starting the game at 7PM like most games would have been perfectly fine. Plus, big games like playoff games are better off as night games to attract the primetime TV audience.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I hope whoever the idiots are that decided to start tomorrow's Yankees game at 4 pm let the MTA in on this. There's NO way service on the and during the 3-4 pm hour will handle all those stadium travelers plus the after-school crowd.
  10. Worst Commute of the Week

    Since checkmate is the only poster who hinted at a vote I guess the winner for the first week is Deucey.
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Most routes were just running terribly this afternoon based on the BusTime observations I made. Every route had at least one instance of bunching and the low headway routes commonly had at least one cluster of 3-4 buses right behind each other. The Bx12SBS was a pretty bad offender with buses clustering up around 7:30 am heading west and staying bunched pretty much all day after.
  12. Rally to bring back and improve B71

    Will you stop with this tired talking point? Spare buses are kept on hold during rush hour and the shortage in question relates to depots holding less spares then they would reasonably want to. No route is getting reduced service to make room for new routes unless said route is likely to have ridership affected by the new ones. There are other reasons why service is being cut on many routes but this shortage you keep harping on is off the mark.
  13. Bus Riders Explore New Ways To Pressure MTA for Better Service

    I believe that Shondrae was being sarcastic. As in the MTA would say 'oh well, leave earlier' as a response to being asked how service should be improved.
  14. Worst Commute of the Week

    This topic is here for highly active posters to vent a little and bring added life to this site. The idea is for posters who have experienced really bad commutes to post a story about it in this topic. Other posters will read these stories and vote on who experienced the worst commute each week. That poster with the worst commute gets the NYCTF equivalent of a Pokey award and each week (or month) depending on activity the slate is cleaned. Let's see where this goes and what the mods will do with this.
  15. Paris - Transit advice?

    As to question 5 crowding is a huge issue in Paris. Most metro lines run at 2 minute headways during rush hour and Lines 13 and 14 are among the most frequent subway lines on earth. The former sees 36 TPH during rush hour and the latter sees 38. The RER A is the most utilized commuter rail service outside of Japan with trains on that line (well set of lines listed under one route) carrying over 1 million per weekday and double decker trains run on 2 minute headways when all route patterns are combined. Bus routes tend to carry similar numbers to NYC so on the busiest ones you'll see overcrowding. The kind of headways you'll see in Paris would not be run if the services aren't being packed to the rafters so prepare for crowding. However, off-peak frequencies are also great on many routes and because of that crowding can be easily avoided if you're trying just to visit major attractions.


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