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Staten Islanders get no kick from 'boot'


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[float=left]post-5097-0-76669600-1346080512_thumb.jpg[/float]The city initiative to collect unpaid parking tickets is off to an impressive start. In under four days, 133 boots have been slapped on cars whose drivers owe more than $350 in parking and other tickets.


A man on the steps of 350 St. Mark's Place in St. George, the building that's home to the Parking Violations Bureau, said he was trying to work out a payment plan with the city to release his recently booted car.


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Yeah, I have been seeing more boots on cars lately; end up chuckling more often than not when I pass by a car with one on it... When did they start doing that back up again in NYC? I remember seein those things on cars quite a bit in the 80's - in the 90's, I aint see em - must be a relatively recent thing....... Regardless, serves car owners right; outstanding parking tickets aren't gonna just vanish....


Mighty funny how damn near everyone tries to pass off as being innocent whenever they end up w/ parking tickets....

(watchin that show "parking wars" is a good depiction of that.... paid actors or not, people do really come off like that)

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