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B/D/M/N/Q/R Changes Today

Brighton Local

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Oyy.. What an afternoon. Started around 3:35pm

Coming home from work, get off the (B) at Brighton Beach. Waited for a (Q) to Ocean Pkwy, BUTT, an R40M (B) train wrong-railed relayed from Brighton Beach Layup Track A5, into Brighton Beach on the ConeY Island Bound Lcl Track, A1.


This is where the fun begins.....

Announcements at Brighton Beach :


" No Manhattan Bound (B)/(Q) trains from Brighton Beach, the (B) as in Bravo train that just entered Brighton beach, will run to Stillwell Av, then over the (N) line to Manhattan!", "In order to reach Manhattan , you must take the (B) running to Stillwell, then over the (N) LINE". "The (B) on 1 track will leave to Stillwell!"


Of course, nobody knows wat 1 track is, unless you know the TA lingo, like most of us lol. Of course I pointed a number people right to the (B) on 1 track.


There was a train stuck at 7th Av, which caused the "Round Robin" to take place.


I hopped on, first car, with T/O , talking..... I asked him if hes going express over the (N)ancy from Stillwell-59. He didnt know til we got in Stillwell, which then i head the Stillwell dispatcher tell the T/O,: "(B)ravo on 1 track at Stillwell, going express over the (N)ancy, going (N)ancy Express", C/R and T/O'S making announcements that the (B) was going express....


We went Sea Beach-4 AV Express. I exited at 36th St/4 Av, only to find ROUND 2 Off today:


Announcement @ 36th st--- "Ladies and Gentlemen, b/c of a stuck train at the Prospect Av Station, all 4 Av Lcl Trains will be running express between 36th St and Atlantic-Pacific.


(B)/(D)/(M)/(N)/(Q)/® via 4 AV EXp!


I took a Stillwell Bound (D) back to Ft Hamilton Pkwy, to find (D)'s and (M)'s piled right behind each other along the west end, some as far back as 55th St.


Took the (M) at New Utrecht-62nd, and grabbed the (N) back to Stillwell, then the (Q) back to Brighton ( which by then 6-6:15, was back to normal)


what an afternoon / evening....

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The trains were screwed on Monday also. We had a conductor on an express (R) train that didn't even know which stations he was stopping at. He was calling stations like if the train was Manhattan bound when he was obviously traveling Brooklyn bound.


The funny part about the whole thing was a lady on the platform had to tell him he was announcing the wrong stations and corrected him. He must have been stressed out and confused.

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