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A bus going to barretto point park


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Thats bus runs under by West Farms Depot. Not Kingsbridge Depot. OKAY!!!



Well ya know that that shuttle bus was for free. Yesterday I went to the Barretto point park and I heard a lot of complains from the passengers about the bus should of been free,passengers arguing with the bus drivers and I kinda agree that the shuttle bus to the Barretto Point Park should be free. I sucks that we still gotta pay even though it is a shuttle bus. Eventhough the driver that they wish it was free but they going by what the company said.But it is the company's policy. Well is not worth losing your over some crazy stuff. But if it keeps happened as far as i heard that they will be no shuttle bus running to Barretto point park. If that the case the (mta)bus company should let the Bx13 extended to Barretto point park, and back to washington heights running by the Bx6 line, and it could be either run under by west farms depot or lets Bx13 split with Kingsbridge Depot and West Farms Depot.

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