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R40Ms on the A, R44 #5240 with a Very Bad Logo

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I saw a full train of R40Ms on the (A) today, Far Rockaway branch heading to Far Rock and terminating there at around 1820-1830. Also in a train of R42s I spotted either an R40M mismatched to an R42. I was thinking 4460-4665 unless they're still in Concourse or it was a married set of R40Ms in the middle of the 8 other cars of the train which were R42s. I couldn't see any numbers because my train and the two I spotted were bypassing each other quickly.


Also I saw R44 #5240 on the stretch from Broad Channel to JFK I believe. On at least one side this car had the worst looking logos I've ever seen on a subway car. These are two rectangular stickers on top of the logo circle plates, each saying (MTA) New York City Subway with New York City on top and Subway on the bottom like usual but the font, logo, and stickers are so big they don't even fit inside the circles. Sloppiest thing I've ever seen. Should've just left the big M there if anything, even if it was very worn off.


And my train ran local from Canal Street to 59 Street because of an injured, maybe fallen on tracks passenger.

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