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Pelham Bay 'welcome' needs fixing


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Pelham Bay 'welcome' needs fixing



Tuesday, August 26th 2008



He for News

Neighbors and business owners near the

Pelham Bay Park Station on the No. 6 line

say the area is decrepit and needs fixing.

[/float]Some Bronx neighbors want to turn what they say is the "ugliest piece of city-owned land" into a gateway to their community, and a local politician says it may happen soon.


The Pelham Bay Park elevated subway station at the end of the No. 6 line is that entry to the community of Pelham Bay, a family neighborhood with some of the borough's highest property values and growing development, as well as Pelham Bay Park.


But community leaders say the station and the surrounding Amendola Plaza are not representative of the homes and businesses behind them and the park, Orchard Beach and City Island nearby.


The paint on the adobe-style structure is peeling. The sidewalk is cracked, with grass sprouting from the cracks, and it is strewn with garbage. And homeless people from Pelham Bay Park are known to visit at night, according to local business owners.


"We feel it's the entrance to our community and it looks awful," said Anita Valenti, vice president of the Pelham Bay Civic and Taxpayers Association.


"It is the most decrepit, worn-down, trampled-down piece of property the city owns," said association president Ed Romeo. "It smells like a urinal. It's dirty. The concrete is busted up on Amendola Plaza."


The Metropolitan Transit Authority, Department of Transportation and Parks Department share responsibility for and ownership of the land.


Ken Kearns, district manager of Community Board 10, said he has been trying for two years to get the plaza on the list of the 800 "green streets" to get rehabs as part of Mayor Bloomberg's PlanNYC.


The plaza could get a wrought-iron fence, a sign, plants and a fountain.


Kearns said he has also requested improved lighting and a bathroom from the DOT, the removal of an abandoned taxi dispatch stand as well as MTA cars that park on the plaza, and visits to the station by the Department of Homeless Services.


Possible good news came recently when a spokesman for City Councilman James Vacca (D-East Bronx) said that money from a different beautification project, which has fallen through, could go to the Pelham Bay Park station.


"Pelham Bay has been clamoring for a long time and they should," said Brett Nolan Collazzi, Vacca's spokesman, of the station fixes. "It is the gateway to Pelham Bay."


Mary Raffa, 46, who owns Sophie's Diner at 3250 Westchester Ave., whose windows look out on the station, called it an "eyesore," and said she believes the intersection has a lot of potential.


"I just love this area. It's the end of all things. Everyone gets off here," she said. "You've got the park. You got the beach, City Island. It should be an attraction."

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I get on the 6 from Pelham Bay Park everyday and everything in the article is true. The PBP station is crappy, though not as bad as many others. There is a lot of peeling paint all over the station and the entrance is kinda worn down and smelly. I try not to get hit with falling water when I get to the station. The mezzanine is the only decent part of the station but that could be fixed up to be nicer too.


There is a lot of potential to make the Pelham Bay Park station better and I hope that the money will be spent to fix it up. Maybe if there's extra money left, they can use it to fix up Buhre Av and Middletown Rd and everything all of the stations on the (6) down to Parkchester while they are at it.

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I agree with the article. Pelham Bay Park station just looks plain bad. And is a good neighborhood from what I see when I go there alot. And I think something like to (6) line deserves to terminate at a nice station.

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The area around Pelham Bay is very nice and safe, I never seen any kind of crime, or heard of any around there. The station can use alot of work though, not very good first impression to a nice community.

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