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  1. Quite an imagination you have there, sir.
  2. At least one of the 1300's (there's 1300, 1301 and 1304 confirmed to be in storage as I haven't noticed more 1300's yet) was previously a 4700. If you look closely, 1304 in the second picture still has it's MJQ sticker, and the "1" on 1304 came from a modified 4 sticker. Just straight ratchetness...
  3. What depot is it from? It LOOKS like 5309 but I'm not too sure yet.
  4. So with your logic, should park cars in the street be penalized for parking because they're blocking the taxi driver's view of you?
  5. True, but still, you catch my drift.. (I hope). We all have a different outlook on this issue and that's mine.
  6. Indeed it does, but how does one get to that train from everywhere else in the Bronx?Bx1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 33, 35, 36..... That's what makes all of these routes useful.
  7. The buses (except the Bx15) use different bridges. The Bx15 and other local routes that go from the Bronx to Manhattan, they do not go south of 125th Street (and 125th is far from the heart of the city, which is served by express buses). Most express bus riders want to head to the core of Manhattan. With Queens and Brooklyn, the local buses wouldn't have much of a choice but to operate in the core of Manhattan in a similar route as the express buses. Now with Queens, they have the Q32 (which runs underneath the line) and goes to Penn Station. I don't really see many people using more Queens-Manhattan routes seeing that they only have access to 59th Street (which the also serves underneath) or 125th Street with the bridges available. The Q32, Q60 and Q101 are fairly empty so an extra bus route or two would be pointless. The M60 mainly carries because of LGA Airport of course.
  8. The problem with that is, if more local buses went from Queens/Brooklyn, they'd all end up using the same bridges to get to the same places as the express bus would. That would defeat one of the major purposes of an express bus. Many people would ask "Why am I paying $5.50 to go where every $2.25 bus is going?". There's also an accessibility issue with most train stations. Disabled passengers are most prevalent on Bronx buses (not so much on the subway) because most subway stations lack the accessibility they need. There's no accessible stations from Pelham Bay to 125th Street on the train for example... Which crowds the Bx4 bus which operates beneath the elevated portion of the .
  9. Because people ride these buses maybe? I don't know. Well think about it... Do you want to take the from Pelham Bay Park to Grand Central, the to Times Square, the to Inwood... Or just take a Bx12 bus? Buses connect neighborhoods in places where trains cannot in NYC. How do you expect to get to Manhattan (above 155th Street) via train? A lot of the Bronx is alongside Manhattan, unlike Queens/Brooklyn. There are several bridges between the Bronx and Manhattan. The most northern train that goes into the Bronx from Manhattan is the (155th Street). The is extremely hard to get to for most Bronxites (due to it being so far out west) as well. A lot of the Bronx is alongside Manhattan. Queens and Brooklyn aren't as easily accessible to Manhattan, which is why there's a subway system. I think that's pretty easy to tell on map... Just saying.
  10. Do not expect me to visit NYCTF too often.

  11. I've never been so disappointed with the transit fan community in my entire life. People are actually going to kick and scream over a bus TRANSFER? Last time I've checked, the MTA has purchased these vehicles.. Not us. Don't like it, ride another bus. Take a cab. Take the train. WALK! At the end of the day, the point of transportation is to help you get from point A to point B faster. If you're so worried about WHAT'S getting you to point B each time, your destination(s) must not be that important.. I'm just saying!
  12. Well THAT escalated quickly! Anyways 'R32 3838', they're both buses. Bus (noun): A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, especially one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare.
  13. Oh shut your stuck-up trap already, Riverdale is IN THE DAMN BRONX... BRONX, NEW YORK. What goes there? BRONX BUSES. Bx1. Bx7. Bx9. Bx10. BxM routes... What does these buses have in common? They all go to Riverdale, AND they are all BRONX routes... What does that tell you? You're in the boogie down with your pretentious a$$.
  14. Damn, great shots, honestly I've seen people with DSLR's taking night photos that aren't even half as good as these... Thanks for the credit too bro!
  15. Nice photos Jeffrey.. I think you should apply to the USPS with the way you mailbox. Just kidding. :cool:
  16. Ummmm........... That's like, so rare. :eek:
  17. Penn Station, 'nuff said. There's actually a lot of programs for these people that they are not aware of. There's quite a few programs to help them get back on their own 2 feet and to feed them, but some are either uninformed or have no will power to enroll themselves into the programs. Also, there's many other places they can go to, why ON the train, at rush hour? Too many homeless people are taking the easier way out by begging for money instead of signing up for programs. Then again, too many people take the easy way out, which is why we're screwed as a nation.
  18. Hahaha yeah I was pulling crap from my... Thanks, do you have any idea what the Queens Surface font really is? Also the stripes weren't too consistent back in the days.. Replacement panels and such.. This was actually 9910 photoshopped, which also has a discolored stripe. I was only bothered since some people blocked me, and I've also lost some friends, over a bus photo.
  19. :tup: Thanks a lot, if only I knew what Queens Surface used as a font... Haha!
  20. Thanks guys! I wish I had used the camera more, prior to the MTA Bus Company takeover. By the way, the QBx1 photo was a complete photoshop. Looks like I'm not too bad at it! EDIT: I find it funny how many people are talking behind my back over this photo... Hilarious!
  21. Go away Dirty Pond LOL!

  22. 567 on the QBx1 This is my only shot I have taken before MTA Bus Company has taken over the private bus companies of Queens. This is 567 on the QBx1. EDIT: It's actually the only whitebacked Queens Surface bus I've seen. My guess is it was in the middle of being taken over by MTA Bus Company, judging by the time I caught this bus. The rest of these shots are from the bus roadeo on the last time I've made it to one. Enjoy! 100 621 1059 1502 3006 3758 3865 5227 8466 10001
  23. Your profile looks nice and clear.

  24. People like you make me sick, get a life. PLEASE get a life. Get a freaking life. This is SBS, a freaking express, limited, whatever you call it. You missed the bus, stop wasting time for being a sore loser you filthy piece of fecal matter. You missed a M15, too bad, wait for another. The bus runs like water. So what if he was at a red light. Don't like it? Take your moronic sorry a$$ to a damn taxi and leave transit alone. You are one of the millions of idiots who wonders why the buses and trains are late/delayed, and it's because of people like you who think the bus and train should wait for every last person to come running from the turnstile or running down from the block. Are you blind, stupid, or ****ed, you blind stupid ****? :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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