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GRTC (Richmond, Virginia)

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I figure since I'm from Richmond, Virginia, I might as well contribute some local stuff. I have a love-hate relationship with GRTC (Greater Richmond Transit Company), which is in need of major expansion. Unfortunately, the counties surrounding Richmond that have a stake in its operations aren't exactly in favor of adding routes, with Chesterfield County residents being outright opposed to any sort of BRT or light rail. The only real advances GRTC has made is the creation of a transfer plaza in downtown Richmond to make transfers between lines much easier, and feasibility studies for a BRT line along Broad Street (the main thoroughfare, which once had streetcars and trolleys). Some people in the city want light rail, but it's probably not happening in our lifetimes.


Anyway, here's the results of some busfanning I've done:


#41 (#611) at 9th Street



#6 (#115) bypassing temporarily closed 9 St/Broad St stop:



#74 (#309) crossing Manchester Bridge:


#74 (#408) at 8 St/Broad St, signed to promote VCU baseball:




Also, even though it's no longer a GRTC line, I'll include the VCU Campus Connector while I'm at it. (Virginia Commonwealth University has two campuses that are connected by a small network of bus lines.)




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I remember when I used to live in Richmond and I used to love GRTC. It's good to see that they've gotten some new buses. 


Nice photos.


Thanks. Yeah, the fleet has been getting some much needed refreshing. Looks like most of the new buses are various New Flyer or Gillig CNG models (though I'm not sure what model the express buses are, I haven't posted any express bus photos yet).

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