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  1. Why would it drive up costs ?
  2. I would like to see some Gillig running up there !
  3. doglover44

    Motorcoach Fans

    I love the older coaches from MTA for there Xpress services
  4. doglover44

    Motorcoach Fans

    Any fans of motorcoaches ?
  5. Not from around NYC but love the RTS,s hope they never die !
  6. doglover44

    Other Transit Fourms

    Are there any other forums that are big like this ?
  7. I would love to go to this looks so awesome
  8. doglover44

    New Express Bus - Ulmer Park Depot?

    I dont wanna say its ugly but it sure is different
  9. doglover44


    I read that the Proterra electric bus is in testing stage what will the final order be once testing is done ? and have the demos have any problems ?
  10. What are these gonna replace
  11. doglover44

    New Nova, New Nova...

    Nice pics love them
  12. doglover44

    Hello everyone

    Welcome im Jake
  13. doglover44

    RTS Retirement

    How many RTS are active and how many retired ?
  14. doglover44

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    Why is MTA just now trying double deckers ?


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