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  1. doglover44

    Elmhurst and Greenpoint (March 2018)

    Whats the casino bus ?
  2. doglover44

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    What new buses is MTA Getting ?
  3. doglover44


    Very interesting didn't know any of this !
  4. doglover44

    Little trip to Philadelphia

    What is Bolt Bus ?
  5. doglover44

    President's Day Weekend on the MBTA

    How old are there trolleys ?
  6. doglover44

    GRTC (Richmond, Virginia)

    Its cool to see Richmond is a Gillig Fleet
  7. doglover44

    Florida (Bus)

    I bet a all Gillig fleet
  8. doglover44

    Florida (Bus)

    How big is Lynx fleet ?
  9. doglover44

    Washington D.C. (8-24-17)

    Thanks for sharing DC transit photos I went on a senior class trip to DC back in 2008 but dont remember what they were running then.
  10. doglover44

    Baltimore Link

    Thanks for sharing these pics !
  11. doglover44


    I dont see why Gilligs wouldn't be able to survive NYC streets other big cites have them and run just fine.
  12. doglover44


    Why doesn't MTA go with Gillig ? Always wondered that.
  13. doglover44

    Freestyle Fanning...

    Whats freestyle fanning ?
  14. doglover44

    (X)cellent (N)ew 40s...

    Love the last picture
  15. Very nice love the verity of coaches


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