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  1. (X)cellent (N)ew 40s...

    Love the last picture
  2. Very nice love the verity of coaches
  3. New Year, New Buses

    Very nice pics
  4. Trainning Bus

    What buses are you or did you train on ?
  5. Proterra buses are here?

    Why dont they replace the whole fleet with these ?
  6. Vintage Month

    Love the vintage vehicles What are the years ?
  7. Proterra buses are here?

    How many of these are they getting ?
  8. Fall - Part 1

    Love the Grey RTS !
  9. Follow The Path (Buses)

    Love night Shots
  10. Grand at the Avenue...

    Very nice Glad to see RTS's are still alive ?
  11. Bus Operator (OA) Exam No. 3101 is out

    Sounds like Being a MTA driver is hard to get into
  12. Coach Brands

    Thanks I think its so cool that MTA runs both transit and motorcoaches !
  13. Why is one just plain white ?
  14. Love the Trolleys ! What brand are they ? We have SKODAS here in Dayton
  15. New to the forum...

    Hi Welcome im Jake


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