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  1. They don't run them on the M14 anymore. I heard it's because they would die mid route, but I don't know exactly.
  2. They've been training for the past couple of weeks down in Coney Island with the 4700s. I always see them passing my job saying Training Bus.
  3. LGA has kept like 6 of them because there would not be enough buses for both the Q53 and the Q70 to be artic if they only used the 6200s
  4. The will be getting the R262s and the will get the 142 or 142As from the (4), so yes.
  5. They had the lowest bid, which is the way a lot of orders go nowadays.
  6. It's been there for the past 6 months and has SC stickers and it listed as a SC bus tho...
  7. Looks like Manhattanville pretty much. I haven't seen any KB buses on it.
  8. I saw it last night. Now it says: M1 GRAND ST M1 via 5th Avenue Via Broadway
  9. It's at Spring Creek. They've had it since the fall.
  10. I saw one on Wednesday actually. I think they just reduced them down to 1-2 sets now.
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