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  1. The BM2 does, most definitely. I've taken it home a few times on the overnight and it gets about half a bus full of people
  2. The 32s are still in service. They usually one at least one set during the day. My friend caught one yesterday around 2
  3. They're only allowing 20% of the fleet to return to service at the moment, which is about 64 cars (8 sets). I'm pretty sure they're not gonna pull the 32s so fast.
  4. Well, whe you have trains that run 24/7 and your yard has no wash, it's bound to happen
  5. They probably made the program because of the chance that it would have to happen again. Probably the same reason why the has one too
  6. I didn't even know there was a stop there. Did they add it for the overnight service or was that always there??
  7. Basically, all bus routes that run overnight between 1-5 AM are charging $2.75. That includes the 99s and the overnight express routes. The SIM1C will stay at $6.75.
  8. I've been riding the BM2 overnight and it doesn't stop at Prospect on the (R). I even had one driver take local streets after the Battery Tunnel and got on the highway where the B103 does.
  9. The new schedule design isn't bad, i guess. I like the predictive crowding feature tho, but it might be a little confusing to read the timetable as a whole https://www.nicebus.com/NICE/media/assets/n22-9-6-20-v1.pdf
  10. The ones I know off the top of my head B3\B6: Bensonhurts Harway Avenue vs. B82 SBS: Bensonhurts Bay 38th Street B36 Coney Island W 37th St vs B74 Sea Gate W 37th St (even though they never use it) I also hate how they abbrivate Rockaway Parkway Station on the B6, B60, B17, B42, and B82 all differently. Consistency, dammit
  11. I see someone has never ridden the B42. As someone who rides the line daily, i can tell u right now that eliminating that line would be the most dumbest thing I've ever seen MTA do. That bus gets decent loads of people at all times of the day. It's honestly fine the way it is, i just wish the OTP was better overall.
  12. The SBS scheme is officially dead. All new buses will come in the local scheme. The XE60s are the last buses to have the SBS scheme
  13. If I'm correct, the Yukon units are capped at 45. I rode one on the S89 into Jersey a while back and it capped out at like 45-46

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