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  1. Flatbush is short a few artics, from what I heard.
  2. Yea, MTA Bus has different radios and fareboxes than NYCT, so they have to change it.
  3. Those went to Yukon today. Quill does have 8117 tho
  4. You clearly never ridden it, cause that route gets decent ridership now compared to a few years ago. They even added evening and weekend service, which means that people must be using it then.
  5. 6215 is in service, untrackable, on the M15 SBS.
  6. To be honest, if you're taking the or the LIRR to get to LGA from Manhattan, chances are you're not gonna want to ride to pretty much the end of the line to get the Airtrain when you can just take the Q70, which can take you to the airport in 10- 15 minutes. I feel like people would only take the Airtrain if they're coming from from like Bayside or Whitestone.
  7. All the Rockaway Park trips start/end at 168.
  8. By the time these cars come into service, the should using six cars trains.
  9. Something funny happened to me on the this morning. My train pulled into Jay Street (it was a R179) and we're sitting there for about 5 minutes. The C/R kept trying to close the doors and they kept reopening. Eventually, the train is OOS. Right when I was about to get on the to Manhattan, they say the train is back in service. I just found it lowkey funny.
  10. I would send the B67 there during the day, if there was capacity for it.
  11. 7685 probably came in last after the rest of the order did, so it's probably gonna last until the Spring (that's when all the remaining Orion VIIs are supposed to be retired by)

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