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  1. I saw one on Wednesday actually. I think they just reduced them down to 1-2 sets now.
  2. Well, they technically didn't pass a 30 day test because they "cheated" the test.
  3. According to the MTA, there will be a R42 farewell trip sometime in the new year. I don't know how ture this is because I saw it on Twitter, so don't quote me on this.
  4. Looks like the B42 and co. will resume stopping in the Rockaway Parkway bus terminal on Sunday at 10 AM.
  5. I passed by there eariler and they put up new signs by the new turnstiles outside the station. It says Enter for B6 to Bensonhurst B82 to Coney Island B82-SBS to Bensonhurst So, maybe it has, maybe it doesn't IDK yet
  6. It should still run, since it's running completely underground.
  7. So apparently the Bx39 is going to WF in January and the Bx15 will be fully out of KB. Can any drivers confirm this?
  8. 7114 has the Clever Device screens installed and working
  9. 6171 is on the L shuttle between Myrtle and Broadway Junction. Never seen an artic on the L shuttle ever, so it's a bit surprising
  10. Flatbush is short a few artics, from what I heard.
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