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Photography Requests

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So after major thinking on this, I've decided to start this for NYC Transit Forums since no one has done this before. I'm going to start taking photos requests from people on here (Whether its the NYC Subway, Buses, parks, scenery, streets, etc). Here's the guidelines


Person MAY ONLY Have 3 Requests Per Month (Meaning each person can only requests 3 things or sections to be photographed per month)


IT Must be legal places/locations


It has to be within the 4 boroughs (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens) with the exception of Spring Valley). That would change soon though


So basically I'm doing this is to build my portfolio and photography collection up and this time, I want to hear from the people on what they want. And plus I thought this will be a good way to contribute to the forums in a way.


Just let me what you guys want to be photographed with the guidelines above and you should be set.


NOTE: Some request may take longer than others for various reasons so please be patient if thats the case


With that said Enjoy

(D) aniel  :wub:

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