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Swift (Transit) Justice for the Broadway Line

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Since the (W) train is coming back this fall (September 23-December 20), I will show the MTA , with their sneaky ways, trying to trying to run (N) Broadway Express and (Q) to Midtown-57 St/7 Ave and/or Times Square-42 Street. Without the (W) line,the Broadway has lost all stability for the past 6 years. The MTA can't tell the difference a ground on floor from their heads. They run some (N) Broadway Express and (Q) to Midtown-57 St/7 Ave and/or Times Square-42 Street because they know that need BOTH (N)(Q) for Broadway Express service from 6am-11pm, as well as (W) service. The photos down below were taken the day when (N) train service were suspended between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square, where I caught a (N) Broadway Express program on the train, as well as some videos. Enjoy. 







R160 (R) Train for ®arely becuase they run R160s on the (R) whenever they please









EXCLUSIVE!: R160B (F) Train. (I had the video for this but I forgot to take my camera off mute)












Enjoy. Please Like Me on FB and Subscribe to My Channel :)  ;)  :P  :D  :lol:

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Yeah and during Midday Weekday hours they normally stop Q service to Queens and make it run to 57 St. Then run to Queens AM and PM rush hours.

That's only if there is work being done on the Astoria El.

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