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  1. In this podcast, we’ll be taking a trip back memory lane, talking about the 2010 MTA Transit service cuts and how it crippled the city. The service cuts include the discontinuation of two subway routes, the reroute of one and the shortening of another. The buses weren’t spared either. Routes were either discontinued overall, lose off-peak, weekend, and/or overnight service. There were route shortenings and reroutes as well. Services on chosen routes would end their night service early and/or begin morning service later. There will be a PDF File of the document and brochure of the 2010 service cuts in the pinned comment section below as well a 07/01/2010 piece I wrote for the voices of the people and lastly, a letter that I wrote back in 2010 when I was in my early teens, also in the pinned comment section. Please enjoy.
  2. On this date, 15 years ago, the IRT Subway Line and IRT Broadway (1)/(9) Skip-Stop service was discontinued. The train makes all stops to this very day. Please join the Hub in remembering the subway line and the (1)/(9) skip-stop service, which was highly inefficient. Please enjoy this podcast remembrance special. Former New York City Transit President Andy Byford To Lead TfL (Transport for London); Will Byford's Projects That He Implemented In NYCT Ever Looked At?
  3. This service change was taken back on 02/10/2018. Trains ran via the West End Line between Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center and Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station due to track work between Atlantic-Barclays and Prospect Park. Shuttle service ran between Prospect Park and Coney Island (not shown in this video). Action was filmed at Canal St, Atlantic-Barclays, 9th Ave (Brooklyn), and 50th St (Brooklyn). Please enjoy. NOTE: All, (if not most of) the R160s from the CI Yard has been sent to the Jamaica Yard for Queens Blvd CBTC, in exchange, CI gets all (and/or most) of the R46s. Petition To Rename 110th Street (Lenox Avenue)  train station in Manhattan to 11Oth_Garrett Goble MTA, NJT, Amtrak, Port Authority, & All Regional Transit Agencies Pays Tribute To All Employees With A Horn Salute #HerosMovingHeros
  4. This is a compilation of the Nassau Inter-County Express, or NICE Bus. Scenery was taken place at the Green Acres Shopping Center (N1 and ARBOC Elmont FLEXI), Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer (N4), and Hillside Avenue/178th Street (N1, N6, N6x, N22, N22x, N24, & N26 routes). The buses in this video were the 2004 Orion V CNG, 2008-2011 Orion VII NG CNG, 2012 Orion VII EPA10 CNG, 2015-2016 New Flyer XN40 Xcelsior CNG, and 2016 New Flyer XN60 Xcelsior CNG. Please enjoy.
  5. This is a very special podcast. Today, we honor and remember 36 year-old MTA Motorman Garrett Goble. He was the employee who used his time to transport essential New Yorkers to where they need to be during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. He passed away from the deadly arson attack that happened at 3:18 am on 03/27/2020 at Central Park North-110th Street when he was evacuating the passengers that was on his train. We will remember and honor this noble man. I hope and pray that the person(s) who committed this horrific act gets caught. There's a person of interest in this case. Part II coming soon. Please enjoy. Latest Blogpost: MTA Makes Essential Service Changes Offering Free Bus Rides + MTA Subway Conductor Passed Away Due To COVID-19 Complications; Hero MTA Motorman Dies In Subway Fire Saving Others
  6. Urgent track repairs along the and Lines between Jay Street-MetroTech and Utica Ave/Malcolm X Boulevard in Brooklyn this past weekend had the trains operating along the line to/from World Trade Center (internal route; evenings/weekends from 1988-1999 for the Line) and trains terminating and originating on the train tracks at Jay Street-MetroTech. The trains lay-up at the lower level Bergen Street station on the Line (not shown in this video). This is a commentary/podcast based on the future of the IRT A Division, the R262s. These futuristic cars will have open gangway cars, just like the R211Ts, which will commence in May 2021.
  7. This is the full tour of the 181st Street-Fort Washington Avenue Subway Station on the Line, which is located in Washington Heights, Hudson Heights in Upper Manhattan. The elevators at this station (during the filming of this video at the time) is currently under construction till July 2020. Please enjoy. MTA Cleans Up System To Stop Coronavirus Spread; Water Main Break Near The (L) Line In Brooklyn
  8. This is a New York City Subway Station Tour in honor of Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant (Mamba), his daughter Gianna (Mambacita), and seven others who passed away in that unexpected helicopter crash back on 01/26/2020. Here is a tour of Bryant Park and Bryant Park Subway Station located at 42 Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, home of the IND Sixth Avenue Line and the IRT Flushing Line. Please enjoy. Mamba Out; But Not Forgotten. Please note that it was extremely crowded when I did this tour during the PM Rush and was holding down the camera to avoid looks from certain people. Lastly, no music will be played due to this moment of silence.
  9. This is the full tour of the newly renovated Nostrand Avenue Long Island Rail Road Station Stop in the gentrified neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. Please enjoy. Subway Cars Tagged With Graffiti; Brazen Bikers Bring Motorbike Onto The Subway; Rise In Crime Brings All Police Force Underground
  10. On February 12th, 2020, the MTA and the New York Transit Museum ran the 1969 St. Louis Car Company R42 along the Subway line. The trip started from Euclid Ave to Far Rockaway, then up to Inwood-207th St, and lastly back down to Euclid Avenue. These cars are the second to last cars standing from the 1960s and the first ones to come with air conditioning. Glad to see these cars running for the very last time in existence after 50 years of phenomenal service to NYCT. Please enjoy this R42 farewell ceremonial video. Latest Blogposts St. Louis Car Company's R42s Takes Its Final Stroll Along The (A) Line MTA To Reopen Nostrand Avenue Entrance To Bedford Avenue; Police Officers In The Subway System (Good Or Bad); Nostrand Avenue LIRR Station Completed (REPOST)
  11. This is the complete tour of the 191st Street Subway station on the IRT Broadway-7th Avenue Line in Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan. Please enjoy. NEW BLOGPOST: MTA To Reopen Nostrand Avenue Entrance To Bedford Avenue; Police Officers In The Subway System (Good Or Bad); Nostrand Avenue LIRR Station Completed
  12. This is a railfan window view of the R42 Train from Broad St, Manhattan to Jamaica Center, Queens. This ran express from Marcy Avenue to Broadway Junction, due to regular PM peak express and track work Myrtle Ave to Broadway Junction. Taken on 01/10/2020. Full information at 0:06. Please enjoy.
  13. Welcome to the first subway station tour of 2020. The 111th Street station (BMT Jamaica Line) was closed January 14, 2019 for six months of structural repairs. Unlike the repairs done at 121st Street and 104th Street, which were done one platform at a time, both platforms were closed simultaneously to cut the work from 12 months to 6 months. As a result, the station reopened on June 11, 2019. This station formerly had another entrance/exit at the east (railroad north) end. The staircase to 113th Street was removed, but the elevated station house beneath the tracks and single staircase to each platform remain boarded up and intact. The station house is now used for storage and offices. I decided to take action and make up for lost time and what better way than to film the 111th St line stop, also featuring an R143 and an R160 on layup, as well as an R160 (to Jamaica Center) and a temporary out of retirement R42 (to Broad St)*. Please enjoy. * The R42s are temporarily out of retirement due to the R179s having door malfunction problems, which ultimately got pulled out of service.
  14. New Blogpost: R179s & 7 Line Awkwafina There's a new voice of the 7 Line, and here name is Awkwafina. Awkwafina, real name Nora Lum. Lum, a Queens native actress and rapper, has her brand new show appear on Comedy Central named Awkwafina is Nora From Queens. Her show will premiere on Wednesday 1/22/2020 at 10:30PM/9:30C. In order to get pumped up for the show, the MTA recorded Lum's voice doing the train announcements along the IRT Flushing Line. The announcements started this past Wednesday and will be available until 1/22/2020. Seen here are the trains running along the IRT Seventh Avenue Line. Stops were made at Times Square-42nd Street and 125th St/Lenox Avenue. Taken back in 2016 & 2017.
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