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  1. Three years ago today, the 34th Street-Hudson Yards for the IRT Flushing (7)(7X) Line was opened for regular subway service for the public. Nearly three years later, the second entrance of the 3-year old station, located on 35th Street and Hudson Blvd was opened in the vicinity of the Hudson Yards developments on September 1st, 2018. This is the video tour of the second subway entrance for the station. It’s the same as the first entrance on 34th and Hudson, minus the agent booth. Please enjoy and subscribe to the Hub today. Two Subway Stations In Manhattan Returns To Service After Repairs and Renovations
  2. After 17 long years, the Cortlandt Street-World Trade Center Station on the Line is back in action! As we all know, the station got destroyed during the 9/11 attacks. The entire World Trade Center site had to be rebuilt before the destroyed station was touched. The WTC Oculus Transportation Hub was completed in 2016, connecting PATH, , , , , , , , & Lines at the Fulton Center, , & at Park Place, & at Chambers Street, at World Trade Center, and the & Lines at Cortlandt St. As of 9/8/2018, the Cortlandt Street-World Trade Center Station on the Line reopened for business at 12 noon. Inside the station is truly beautiful and breathtaking. The artwork, which I love, is from both the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Human Rights. In this video, you will experience first hand of the artwork of the re-commissioned station, the oculus both inside and out, the subway entrances/lines serving the oculus, the WTC tower, and the 9/11 memorial museum. Originally, this station was supposed to open in December 2018, but thanks to the resilient leadership of the MTA staff, this station completed work and opened 3 months earlier, just in time for Patriot Day. All stations and lines that link the oculus really contemplates the transportation mode in Lower Manhattan. Rebuilding this station really shows the resiliency and strength that we have as New Yorkers. We may get knocked down but we rise back up, stronger than before. So please enjoy this video tour, as we remember and honor those who lost their lives on that tragic day and the first responders who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 9/11, NEVER FORGET. Newest Blogpost: Two Subway Stations In Manhattan Returns To Service After Repairs and Renovations 9/11 Memorial Video from last year
  3. Hello and welcome back to Buses Evolution! In this installment. In this episode, we take a look at a tale of two New Flyer Xcelsior CNG newbies, the XN40 #677 and the XN60 #1027 on the Bx19 bus route @ West 145th St and Riverside Drive near Riverbank Park. Both bus models have a Cummins Westport ISL-G engine with a ZF EcoLife 6AP1200B transmission and are housed and maintained by both Jackie Gleason (Brooklyn) and West Farms (The Bronx) bus depots. These newbies are also replacing all Orion VII CNGs. The XN40s are 2016-2017 units with 138 buses (673-810) available and are operating on all local routes from both depots. The XN60s are 2018 units with 110 buses (1000-1109-on order). They operate on the Bx6* +SBS, Bx15, Bx19**, and Bx36** bus routes for West Farms and the B35 bus route in Brooklyn. * The Bx6 Local will achieve full articulation in January 2019. **The Bx19 and Bx36 are projected +SelectBus routes. Pick your bus: Which one do you prefer? Hello and welcome to the first-ever installment of Buses Evolution! In this installment, we take a look at unit #7662. As of March of this year, the first-ever 7662, the 2003 Orion VII CNG, that ruled the streets of Brooklyn, was retired. It was originally at NYCT's Jackie Gleason Depot, then it went over to MTA Bus Company's Spring Creek Depot to operate on the B100 & B103 Limited last year May. It was powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 50G EGR 8.5L (CNG fuel) with an Allison B400R5 WTEC III transmission. The new 7662, the 2018 New Flyer XD40 Xcelsior, is a +Select Bus Service+ unit currently assigned to Flatbush Depot's B46 +SBS. This unit and the other units (with some units being assigned to +SelectBus duty) are all a part of the 367 bus order can and will be seen in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. These buses feature Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, that was non-existent in older buses. This bus is powered by a Cummins L9 engine with an Allison B400R6 Gen V transmission. Taken back in 2015. Seen here is an 1998 Novabus RTS-06 #5009 On The M12 Bus Route @ West 57th Street and Broadway, heading towards West Village-Abingdon Square, as its southern terminus. On August 31st, 2014, as part of the agency’s bus service enhancement, the M12 was implemented to provide north-to-south service on Manhattan’s west side, via 11th and 12th Avenues. Service operates all day, except late nights between Midtown West (W. 58th St/Broadway-Columbus Circle) and Abington Square (8th Ave/Jane St), running every 30 minutes. Route is dispatched from the Michael J. Quill Depot.
  4. 110th St-Cathedral Parkway (IND Central Park West) back in full operation after being closed for nearly 5 months for renovation as part of the Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) program. N/B platform opened on September 2; S/B on September 4th. It features new entrances with LED info screen, artwork containing Fredrick Douglass, and new gateway entrances. The station is located in the neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, and Morningside Heights at the northwest corner of Central Park. I like the expanded artwork of the station, but I’m a little disappointed because they (The MTA) didn’t feature any USB ports on the side of the LCD info screens. Lastly, this tour can’t be complete without some subway action; R32, R46,R68/A, & R160 (A), (B), ©, and (D). Please enjoy the station tour. MTA New York City Subway (A), (C), (D), & Trains @ 14th Street-8th Avenue (R32, R46, R68, R160) MTA New York City Subway: Rush Hour Train Action @ Roosevelt Island (R46; R160) MTA New York City Subway: Rush Hour Train Action @ Parsons Boulevard/Hillside Avenue
  5. Seen here is the 2004 Orion V CNG #1668 On The N4 Bus Route heading towards Freeport LIRR Station in Long Island, via Merrick Blvd/Road, by Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE). NICE is operated by Transdev. The Long Island bus system was formerly operated by MTA’s Long Island Bus (Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority). As for the Orion V CNG’s, there are only about 10 units left and will be retired. Please enjoy this oldie but goodie. Also, please subscribe to the Hub for hot, fresh content.
  6. Hello! Welcome the Aircraft Hub Flight Report, a subsidiary brand of the Transportation Hub YouTube channel for all things aviation, flight reports, and plane spotting. This is the inaugural (first-ever) video of aircraft activity. Please enjoy. Recently, I took a summer vacation trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The flight from New York-LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Toronto Pearson (YYZ) and back was very smooth and comforting, especially the takeoff and landing. Arrival Flight 🛫 Airline: Air Canada Flight 701 Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 Departure: New York LaGuardia Airport Arrival: Toronto Pearson International Airport Canada Date: 22 August 2018 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 Departure time: 6:30 AM EST Scheduled (Takeoff 6:37AM EST) Arrival time: 8:03 AM Scheduled (Actually 7: 48 AM EST) Seat-20A Return Flight 🛬 Airline: Air Canada Flight 700 Aircraft: Airbus 320-200 Departure: Toronto Pearson International Airport Canada Arrival: New York LaGuardia Airport Date: 28 August 2018 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 Departure time: 6:30 AM EST Scheduled (Takeoff 6:45AM EST) Arrival time: 8:03 AM Scheduled (Actually 7:50 AM EST) Seat-20A Thumbnail Credit goes to: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
  7. Newest Blog Post: New York City Braces Itself For The Impending (L) Train Canarise Tunnel Shutdown Here is the commentary of the Train Canarsie Tunnel shutdown. It consists of longer and train cars, reopening of closed platform staircases, widening platforms, etc. It also includes subway alternates for the shutdown. Those lines are the (2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(A)(C)(E)(G)(J)(M)(Z). Lastly, the route previews of the projected temporary L1 & L2 +SBS routes. (Part I) In Part II of the train tunnel reconstruction, we'll discuss the implementation of the M14 +SBS, which will be launched on Sunday, January 6th, 2019. Plus, implementation of the other two interborough routes L3 and L4 +SBS, and late night L14 +SBS. Also, featuring 14th Street Busway, 13th Street two-way bike path, and traffic conditions over the Williamsburg Bridge.
  8. Major Bus Action that was taken this month. All information are in the video. Please enjoy. MTA New York City Bus: M14A & M14D 14th Street Local Crosstown Action @ East Village & Union Square MTA NYCT Bus-The Newbie!: 2018 2019 New Flyer XD60 Xcelsior Artic #6126 On The Q44 +SBS
  9. Service changes that has transpired from this past weekend. Please enjoy. Please follow the Transportation Hub on Instagram today. To Bowling Green cho's visit to Whitehall St via BMT Broadway
  10. Taken on 07/16/2018. Seen here are the 2004 Orion VII 2nd Gen Hybrid-Electric Buses #6501, #6537, & #6543 On The Q6 & Q111* Bus Routes. As of July 2018, some 2004 Orion VII 2nd Gen Hybrid-Electric units were transferred from NYCTA’s Fresh Pond depot to MTABC’s JFK and LGA depots. Please enjoy. *NOTE: Q111 is a Baisely Park route. Unit #6501 pops up on various Baisely Park routes from time to time.
  11. Please enjoy the following videos. All information is inside the video. Now available on Instagram. Please follow. Please read my latest blogpost: Transportation NYC 2017: Year In Review Train via 4 Av/West End 2015 In Transit Reboot Train to Utica Av Manhattan-bound Train via the Sea Beach Line
  12. Today, July 3rd, marks the 2nd year anniversary of the Utica Avenue/Malcom X Boulevard +SelectBusService. The B46 Limited, which operated between Kings Plaza and Williamsburg, with local stops south of Ave H and north of DeKalb Ave. In 2016, the B46LTD transitioned into the B46 +SBS, which now operates between Kings Plaza and DeKalb Ave. Local service operates along the entire route. +SBS makes stops limited stops south of Avenue H, only stopping at Av K-Flatlands Ave and Avenue N. As of May 23rd 2018, the delivery of the 2018 New Flyer XD40 Xcelsiors, equipped with Wi-Fi, USB Ports, and automated announcements with digital screens went underway and are currently in service on the B46 +SBS. More buses are being delivered at this time. The 2015 73XX units are currently being decommissioned from +SBS duty and are either serving local service for Flatbush Depot and/or are being sent to other depots. Engine: Cummins L9 Transmission: Allison B400R6 Gen V Original film date & location: 06/18/2018; at Malcolm X Blvd/Halsey St & Utica Ave/Av K-Flatlands Av. Please enjoy.
  13. After an 8-month rebuild, the 30th and 36th Avenue Stations on the BMT Astoria Line reopened for passenger service on June 22nd, 2018. These stations were rebuilt under the "Enhanced Station Initiative", a program which is giving a select number of stations a complete facelift. The upgraded stations include new finishes, such as wood and glass instead of the usual bare steel, new benches and trash receptacles, an upgraded fare control area with a "dashboard" which displays service information, new LED lighting, USB Charging Ports, and artwork. All the stations along the BMT Astoria Line were built in 1917 and will be receiving a ESI facelift. Next stations to get ESI are the 39th Ave and Broadway Stations. Those two stations closed July 2nd (Today) for the next 8 months. Please enjoy the tour. 30th Avenue 36th Avenue
  14. Ten years ago, on this day, back in 2008. The MTA & NYC DOT launched its inaugural (first ever) bus rapid transit route (known as +SelectBusService) as Phase I corridor. That route was the Bx12 Limited, which travels between Bay Plaza Shopping Mall in The Bronx and Inwood-Broadway/207th St, Manhattan, transitioned into the Bx12 +SBS. It was highly fun and interesting to see 2018 New Flyer XN60 "Xcelsior" CNG Artics 1001, 1007 & 1008 on the Bx12 +SBS route. Location was at Pelham Parkway and Eastchester Road. The MTA decided to run these new buses out on the Bx12 +Select Bus Service+ during rush hours. These buses were supposed to be for the Bx6 +Select Bus Service+, but because of various issues, they haven't made their debut on the line just yet. These buses will run on the Bx6 +SBS, Bx15, rush-hour Bx36* & Bx19* bus routes from West Farms Depot in the Bronx and in Fall 2018, on the B35* bus route from Jackie Gleason Depot in Brooklyn. *NOTE: Bx19, Bx36, & B35 routes are projected +SBS routes. Also featuring, my condolences to Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz. Always in our minds; forever in our hearts. Please enjoy the video and offer your heartfelt condolences to Lesandro "Jr" and his family during their time of grief. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  15. Seen here is the video of the Reflection Of The 2010 New York City Subway Service Cuts. It involves the discontinuation of the , subway lines, and Staten Island Ferry Baseball Stadium services. Also featuring, the restructuring of the , (now ), & Lines. Reflection Of The 2010 New York City Bus Service Cuts


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