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IND Calrow-Creekside Line

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This is my Trainz route called the Calrow-Creekside Line. A fictional subway line built in the fictional state of Coversack. The line run the (:D and (D) train and it host the (L) Airport Express between Ransil Road and S. Carson. The line also runs a short shuttle from Astoria Tunnel to Miller Island.


Here are the stations, (* Are Express Stations)

S. Carson Transit Center* (Formerly Vancan Terrace)

Tunnel Road*

Chelsea Hill Road

Newman Springs Road

Ransil Road

((L) Branches Off The Line)

Pier 18*

South Street

Eastern Avenue

North Hill Road/CR 520*

CR 537/North Avenue-Colts Neck*

Tornado Blvd

New Jersey Avenue

CO-OP City Blvd (Formerly Morgan Avenue)

Astoria Tunnel* (Transfer To Miller Island Shuttle (S))

Miller Island (Shuttles (S))

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Some Pictures....

South Carson Transit Center (:D(D)(L)


Chelsea Hill Road (D)


(L) Branching Off The Calrow Mainline


R46 Sitting on the Airport Line Stub


Pier 18 (Note the long platforms!!) (:D(D)


South Street (D)


R160 At Colts Neck Interlocking (North Hill Road (;)(D))


CR 537/North Avenue-Colts Neck (:D(D) (Note: The Middle Tracks are for lay-up.)


R30 (D) North Avenue-Colts Neck


R46 and R32 (B) Train at North Avenue-Colts Neck


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