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BMT Franklin in TRS2006 (includes some Brighton)

Ken S.

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I'm using pre-GOH equipment with the current routings, kinda. I have a "QJ" of R32s sitting near 7th Avenue and an R27 one sitting at Dekalb Avenue. I have one of each kind of B Division car available running on the (:D. An R30 is parked at Kings Highway. An R27 is in front of the R32 below and an R46 is at Kings Highway. Here are some screenshots.

R32s at Beverly Road.


R46s at Kings Highway


R46s on the Shuttle


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R32 (F) at Coney. Not meant to be accurate, since the R46 never ran on the Franklin Shuttle and I buried two stations on the Brighton to please the R46 NIMBYs. There will be 5 lines competing for space between W8 and CI now;

(B), (F), (Q), (S), and (Z).


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Ok, I've decided to send the (G) to Coney as well and added a shuttle train between the shop area and the platform. I'm thinking that the (F) will run express on the Culver portion that is added and that the (G) will make all local stops.

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