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Should Vintage NYCT Bus should have clear schedule and also ran during Summer


Should Vintage Bus run during Summer Vacation?  

  1. 1. Should Vintage Bus run during Summer Vacation?

    • Yes, it is good idea.
    • No, it's bad idea.
    • Maybe/Not sure.

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I know with this horrible week with rain/snow, Vintage Buses are not running.

We almost give up yesterday noon because we felt raindrop, but it was just little and it went away.

I know on clear day, it could be on M8, M14A/D, M20, M23, M34, M42, M57, M79, Q32.


Should Vintage NYCT Buses should run during Summer on weekday weekday rush hour.


Also for next December idea, here is my idea.


Set the time what bus route would use Vintage Bus.

(I still remember when I read onlin about San Fransico Muni has location where was test run of Double-Decker bus is departing what time.


If Vintage Buses on following time had set schedule, it will be much easier to catch it.


It's very hard to tell what time is rush hour for buses.

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Yuki just a tip for your English. You dont need to add "summer vaction' when descrbing about the buses running during June-September. I agree with running on that time too providing the buses are safe to operate.


You say 'summer vaction' to mean you are on vaction from school or college/university.


However there a reason these buses are 'retired' so just run them only on special occasions like the summers and the Christmas/new years Holidays.;)

I admit i am not the best speller or typist either but hoping Yuki does not get as bad as me lol.

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