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Planned Moynihan Station


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Photos: Planned Moynihan Station



Moynihan Station

Status: On the drawing board

Completion date: Possibly 2018


Preliminary designs for the redesigned James A. Farley Post Office Building are set to be released soon. Preliminary plans show that the station in reality will be split into two structures. Moynihan East will sit where the existing Penn Station and Madison Square Garden are located, both of which will be razed and turned into an airy glass structure. The Farley will be redeveloped, with a glass skylight in its current courtyard, and turned into Moynihan West


While commuters will be able to access all the rail lines in either building, New Jersey Transit will have a home base in the west building and Amtrak and LIRR will have their main hub in the east.


The post office building will also house a new Madison Square Garden on the westernmost end near Ninth Avenue, but customers will be able to access the building on 8th Avenue.


Retail space will stretch throughout the complex, and it's unclear if two 90-story towers, which were part of the preliminary plan, will still be erected on the eastern plot.


"This complex would become the region's pre-eminent transportation center and a catalyst for the nation's largest transportation-oriented development district, providing New York with enormous new capacity for efficient transportation and compact, energy-efficient, high-density development," said a Regional Plan Association report about the project.


Photo Gallery: AM New York icon_offsite.png - September 16, 2007

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Nothing is impossible in New York. This project looks like it definitely can be done. New York has the best engineers, architects and designers in the whole world. Heck, all the worlds best engineers, architects and designers come to New York to show off their skills.

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