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A Suggestion

UlmerPark B6

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I am talking about all of them...


There is a line between commercial pursuits, such as freight and ferry and say private/recreational pursuits..

Should there be a forum dedicated to the the ferry system around New York? I am sure people have good pictures of the Staten Island Ferry, New York Water Taxi, Circle Line and NY Waterway and many good things (on topic) to say about those lines.

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I would love to do something on that... It has Bus, Train and I am waiting for Plane and Marine sections...


Sure this forum will get a benefit since NYC has like 6 airports (3 Major, 3 Minor) around it... ;)!


And Marine, S.I. Ferry, Water Taxi, Circle Line, NY Waterway and the NYC DUCK convertible, :D!


There is an aviation forum already, IIRC.

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Okay, but in New Channels some people say Hell, it ain't consider a swear after so many people saying it...


Oh, thank you... I just started to know these 'shot form' like early this year... I though IIRC is like some kind of company...


Some people may be offended.

Shot form? You mean short form.

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