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Near Tragedy at Inauguration

Forest Glen

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Today was a historic day. Barack Obama became the 44th president and the 1st black president. However, a festive day nearly ended in tragedy. A 68 year old woman fell on the tracks at the Gallery Place/Chinatown station of the DC Metro. The incident occurred when the woman, who was traveling with a group, got lost and looked for her friends. She became disoriented and slipped on the tracks. A police officer saw the fall. Since a train was approaching he told her to roll into the trough beneath the platform. Although she dislocated her shoulder things could've been much worse. This incident may have occurred due to the record ridership of the Metro.



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Record ridership? That phrase does no justice to the utter mass of people that were attempting to use the metro. Every entrance had huge crowds & at times some stations were closed to avoid crowding related issues. I was gonna get photos, but i knew if i went in i would have had to stay the night.


- A

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