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Personal R142 for Trainz!

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Hey, 2 Train Master, I am almost done with a full ABBA set of R179 concept cars. I'll have screenshots soon, and if you give me your e-mail I can send the SketchUp model of the set to you along with individual A and B cars and an AA married pair.

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OK. I just finished the model R179 set. The cars are each 75'6" long, leading to a total train length of 604', and arranged in ABBA sets. Note: the ABBA sets in this case are arranged in ascending order, so that the A cars are 3 apart. For instance, the set I posted here is 3125-3126-3127-3128 instead of 3126-3125-3127-3128. There are still only 16 doors on each car rather than 20., and the interior design is almost an NTT tribute to the R44/R46. Below are screenshots.














If anyone wants to put this in Trainz, PM me and I'll e-mail you the .skp file.

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Not as of yet. So far the R179s have gone through about five different revisions and the current version looks like a cross between an M8 and an R44 with R160-style LED interior diplays (see it at http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17435 Note: the railway in the pictures is a giant SketchUp model, not a Trainz line. Frankly, these cars are a long way from being Trainz-ready. When they are finished, I am sorry to say they will not be on the download station because I cannot access it. I'll post on another thread when they are done and you guys can PM me then.

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