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Lower Level of the 167 St (B)(D) Station

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I Know The (4) Is Crowed Cause Once It hits 167 you dont have a seat and if you find one you gotta shove to get ther before anyone else thats why i changed to the (A)(:P©(D)(E)(R)(W)


Oh man... you have to FIGHT for a seat on the 4. Getting on at Brooklyn Bridge and finding a seat at Grand Central is considered lucky. Not being able to find a seat after 86th Street means PROBLEM.

And that's as of 6:45.

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What fight More Like WAR on the (4)<4> and dont get me started on trying to find a seat on the (D) At 145st


Well man, I don't know about the downtown rush traffic in the morning, because I don't use them at all. But I know that people at 7:30 would race down from nowhere at Bedford Park to jockey for the D.

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