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Starting A Run..


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While I wait for a red signal to clear in BVE, I might as well post this.


When a T/O is starting a run, they always apply throttle, then cut it for a second or two and then apply full throttle again. I know its a standard operating procedure but never found the reason behind it. So what's the reason why this is done regardless of equipment / line? I think it's to make sure that the throttle works and doesn't become stuck. Clarify this for me.




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Sensitive roll test to make sure the train rolls free (ie make sure a hand brake is not applied in one of the cars, or one of the cars is not "dragging"). This is one of three brake tests T/O's will do, in addition to standing brake tests (while not moving, ensure air is going to the brakes and being released) and dynamics tests (grabbing brake while the train is moving and making sure the train slows down).

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