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  1. Like you said "some" retirees. I loved the 62A's and R142's and hated the Kawasaki counterparts. Then again I loved my Redbirds ( 8806-9075) more than anything else we had in the IRT back then. To each his own I guess.😊 Carry on
  2. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you. It's a game being played by the that some of us warned about from the beginning. Wait 'til one of those artic run jobs goes uncovered for a day and maybe some people will understand what I'm trying to point out. You'd think that the second busiest route in NYC would have a service increase. Sounds like the people who urinate on a person's leg and try to pass it off as rain. My opinion. Carry on.
  3. If wait times are increased but they run fewer buses, no matter the size, how is this better? If the ridership numbers remain the same all it adds up to is longer waits. The same amount of people are still being transported by my calculations. When it’s 20 degrees outside and Mr. Wind, aka the Hawk, is kicking butt I doubt if everyone will feel the same way you do. I never expected to see someone agreeing with a service cut , as per the Daily News article, on a transit advocacy forum. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  4. How does this mesh with today's Daily News article about reductions in B46 service across the board ? I'm using spotty wifi on a tablet so maybe I'm misreading the article? Help this old man out please. Carry on.
  5. Actually the NYPD doesn't control which tracks are electrified or not in most cases. NYPD will notify RCC or an RTO supervisor on the scene to make the determination. Years ago I was operating my train s/b and made a stop at Baychester. There was a large black garbage bag laying across the running rails about 50 feet in front of me. I detected movement and decided to investigate. Lo and behold there was a despondent man wrapped up in the bag who claimed to be suicidal. I called Command Center and requested power removal on my track and returned to the man but kept my distance. In the meantime 2 rookie NYPD officers showed up and, without thinking, approached the man. I used a profanity and called them over to me and told them to stand by my train and wait until the lights and AC went off. The man's hands were almost touching the third rail when I originally spoke to him and a light mist was in the air. Finally the power was removed at the same time their sarge and his driver showed up . When we were all on the platform and I told the sarge exactly what happened he told the rookies that they risked their lives being on the tracks without knowing the power situation. As they were leaving I asked the console dispatcher to restore power and he told me to wait for the motor instructor to arrive on the scene. My RTO folks know him as #1 but he was a motor instructor on the 5 line back then. I used my cellphone ( big no-no) while he called from East 180th Street and power was restored finally. I got to New Lots Yard, made my layup, and proceeded to call Command Center. The Desk Superintendent took the phone from the console dispatcher and said he had talked with the motor instructor about the power restoration issue I had with the console dispatcher. By rule ,at that time, the person asking for a power removal was the only one allowed to ask for the power to be restored unless a supervisor was present. That meant me. The supervisor couldn't get to the scene. The Desk Superintendent said that there were so many new T/O s on the road that the console dispatchers would routinely ignore the rules and wait for a supervisor to arrive on the scene. He said that #1 had vouched for me and that he also knew my rabbi personally. My RTO folks know why I worded the power off situation the way I did. You know what I didn't say. Carry on.
  6. Long before tagging trains became an issue. That’s what I was getting at. I actually lived near the line when Lo-Vs were the mainstay. Heck I frequently went to Fortunoff’s stores on Livonia by Pennsylvania Avenue. Mid Fifties -‘60. Saw the to Dyre appear and watched the last part of the Van Dyke and the whole Tilden houses being built. Swam at Betsey Head pool. Even then there was no graffiti on the trains. I think it was 20-25 years before the practice started and transit realized that storing equipment on the structure was a losing proposition 😁. Thanks for the post. Brings back some memories I’d kind of forgotten. Carry on.
  7. I highly doubt that anyone would consider storing trains on a center track between New Lots and the portal to Utica 😀. Perhaps using it for service changes has some merit but the costs associated with interlocking(s) at New Lots, Junius St, and the portal to Utica would garner an inevitable resounding no vote from Signals and Track departments. I can almost guarantee that . The obvious nonstarter is that whom would benefit from such an expenditure besides people going to an from New Lots station itself ? I realize the poster was being rhetorical with the question but it amazed me that anyone would really consider the idea as a realistic one and make plans for it. Your take and that of my RTO buddy who mentioned the "express" intervals somewhat restored my faith in posters in general. Thank you. Carry on.
  8. Actually we were told that it would provide additional service to the stops that only saw service every 20 minutes on the Lex overnight. It also was a great idea for the West Side local riders who were screwed watching their Brooklyn or Bronx trains flying by on the express tracks every night. I knew train crews that were upset about the added stops but they understood the reasoning for the changes. Just my recollection. Carry on.
  9. What time did the parade actually wrap up along Eastern Parkway? I bet that had something to do with the gap. That and whoever was in charge of the dispatching in the area . Just my take. Carry on.
  10. That’s what the SOP was when I was there. If you don’t hold the train(s) directly ahead of the incident whenever things clear up there will be a gap which will impact the incident train and it’s followers depending on how long the delay is. I was held at 96th and Broadway one Saturday night while working the . The people working the Grand Concourse tower missed me because my follower was delayed at Allerton Avenue, in the Bronx, by the skating rink crowd. We were on a 12 minute headway so you can imagine how large the gap was. We had trains laid up on the structure from Pelham Parkway down to Bronx Park East so there was no way to bypass the incident. I’ve actually operated the 148th St- 135th St Lenox shuttle down to 96th and to Times Square at different times to cover the gap in similar situations and we only had 5 cars. It really boils down to what the Command Center (RCC) or local supervision decides. I know that feeling when you catch the right train but because of a delay on another train you miss that connection to the railroad at Penn or Grand Central, the Ferry, or the last bus of the night to your house. It’s happened to me. Carry on.
  11. Let me point out something that I lived through. This dates back to the late fifties until 2010 or so. The Nostrand Avenue corridor didn’t have any Lexington service during weekend daytime hours. The nine car trains provided service. Every 10 minutes on Saturday and every 12 minutes on Sunday . The mirrored that from New Lots. After service ended for the day the replaced it on Nostrand Avenue. The provided Lexington service to Utica during the daytime hours on Saturdays on 10 minute headway’s. On Sunday it was either the or that ran out to Utica daytime but the would still go to Flatbush after the last left. I don’t remember when the express service ended on the weekends, probably about 8:30 or so, but I know that only one Lexington Avenue service ran into Brooklyn at a time. By the time I became a C/R the , , and lines ran on 10 minute headways on Saturday and 12 minute headways on Sunday daytime no matter the southern terminal. Hope I didn’t confuse everyone. Carry on.
  12. @ VG8 Looks like Kellyanne Rinaldi is somewhat angry with you 😃 . How dare you contradict the official line.
  13. Since I have to renew my employee/pensioner pass soon how would this OMNY program affect me ? I’m asking here instead of the Crew Room because my wife usually travels with me. I remember that on my last renewal trip the people in the pass unit couldn’t tell me the correct procedure for a retiree to use on an SBS bus. I do have an iPhone with no card enabled. Just asking before I end up embarrassing myself at Atlantic-Barclays. Carry on.
  14. The connection was further south, in this picture it was past the overhead connection. This picture was taken of the area south of Livonia station and the Junius Street station. The connection you're speaking of was just north of the station at New Lots Avenue. The switch was set up so a transfer had to platform at the New Lots station, the gate opened, and the transfer would wrong rail down to the Bay Ridge Branch. I remember old BMT cars lined up down there waiting for the LIRR to pick them up and head over to the Brooklyn waterfront for scrapping .Hope my description helps. Carry on.
  15. My bad. Was thinking that you walked over to 33rd from First Avenue and entered the system there. Carry on.

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