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  1. The reason is that we can’t assume that the cause is the same for every incident. I can remember when a few trains went BIE around 96th St. and Broadway some years ago. IIRC they found a decomposing body under the platform. Not every train that passed by went BIE. I was involved in an investigation where three or more trains went BIE on the s/b express tracks just north of Brooklyn Bridge with no cause found. When I arrived at the scene a motor instructor I knew suggested a different test. I moved my train as slow as possible through the affected area. He actually discovered that one of the running rails was flexing up and down affecting the track circuit causing the stop arm to rise and fall putting the trains in emergency. It was creating a track circuit and the stop arm would trip the train and then return to normal. A normal investigation by a train operator would never discover that type of problem. In that particular case it was the same reason for the earlier random BIE cases. When I left the motor instructor on the scene I figured he’d be there for a while. Three and a half hours later he was on the s/b platform at Worth St while the track department was putting replacement spikes in and the signal guys were waiting for track to finish their work. If the motor instructor didn’t find the problem earlier by rule every BIE that occurred would have to be investigated. Remember that old saying about assume ? I can assure you that assuming leads to discipline in RTO. Carry on.
  2. I actually rode the from end to end maybe 25 times when it ran. Always s/b during the PM rush. Always had the RFW to myself. Perhaps you're right about the additional stops but it was promoted as a quick way to Coney Island and to Brighton Beach. From 57-7th it was faster than the (QB) that was introduced at the same time as the between Brighton Beach and 57-7th because the (QB) was a local, a sop to the Brighton riders who used to ride the original Express before the 6th Avenue connections on the Manhattan Bridge. The original was faster, IMO, because it was a more direct route to the Bridge from Brighton even with its stops to DeKalb. The covered more miles as a rush hour special service. I remember discussing this with my schoolcar classmates and instructors. That's where I was first exposed to the argument about running more trains vs running more service to the destinations the ridership desired. Seemed like the agency never took an O&D survey of the passengers but were content with patting themselves on the back because the new connections were made. (Rj) and services that ended up carrying air after they left the Nassau Street loop, especially after the rush hours. I was a provisional RR Porter for a while back then and heard the complaints firsthand and read about them. As a young man with a free pass and no real responsibilities it seemed like heaven to me but when the adults, and later on my instructors, pointed out the shortcomings I started to look at some things in a different light. Just my observation. Carry on.
  3. I haven't had that discussion with people in the know. I know for a fact the situation Deucey has discussed that even before the countdown clocks there were certain people who took advantage of the overnight headways. I've been on work trains that were not running where the perps didn't even realize that they were being observed and watched people being robbed, women being harassed, and gay and lesbian couples being physically assaulted. Between intervals. My partners and i intervened in some of those altercations and, as noted , the presence of 4 or more burly men usually changed the perpetrators minds. There were times when the Transit Police showed up and advised us avoid the potential altercations. We've observed consensual sex acts , straight and gay, in the rear of a train in the South Ferry loop because everyone was in the first five cars of the train and no one realized that we were on the inactive diesel in the inner loop. This was happening every weekend while we and the track guys were assigned to the tamper at Bowling Green. Has crime increased since the introduction of the clocks ? I don't know but from my perspective it's certainly been made easier for some people. I'm going back 30 years with my observations but even with the preponderance of cameras these days it hasn't really stopped the determined idiots. Unless you're a regular overnight commuter or a worker down there you would be surprised what goes on after midnight. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  4. Your last sentence sums up my feelings about the countdown clocks in the subway, especially when they were introduced. I have a few NYPD family members and when I brought them my concerns they said they were also conflicted by the safety vs convenience dilemma. We haven’t talked about it since then but if I have a chance I’ll bring it up. You’ve probably realized by now that some of these decisions are made by someone at a desk poring over “data” who has no clue what happens to the data when it comes to the real world. Stevie Wonder is probably more aware of the consequences then some of these cubicle dwellers. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  5. That's basically what I was taught years ago. I was working at Lenox years ago and the TD, the TW/O, and the CTO sat me down at the model board and explained that way of thinking. At that board one could see a s/b train entering 149-3rd in the Bronx which meant the Lenox-135th shuttle could leave the terminal and make the relay move at 135th middle and not block the s/b . If things were normal I would ride the shuttle, switch to the at 135 st and transfer to my New Lots bound at Nevins. BTW the was Express in Manhattan back then and we would catch a somewhere between Times Square and Chambers. As you pointed out with the and the running local together there's really no way to space them and keep that important connection at Nevins St. Back then the also had an important connection at 125th and Lexington because the s/b terminated there late nights with the running local all the way to New Lots. You nailed it. Carry on.
  6. @ Deucey, @ CenSin Gotta remember that the mantra at is budget neutral or savings at all costs. That's why I'm so cynical about many proposals my fellow posters propose. Some of these ideas or variations of them have been proposed in-house over the years and have been shot down because of budgetary reasons solely or in part. $$$$ but no brains, IMO. If I told you that I took a SMEE train into Livonia Yard to be laid up and found a missing door panel glass somehow the budget word got thrown into the conversation. The line barn would have to charge the line budget to replace the glass. NO JOKE. The alternative was for me to take said consist back up to East 180th St yard and return with a new consist. Never mind that the barn at Livonia used to be a line barn and still had stacks of the door panel glass in the barn unused because the line was using R62A cars at the time. Of course if I did take the consist back uptown and return with another my O.T. would be charged to the line budget. Luckily the yard dispatcher, the barn chief and I were on friendly terms so the cost issue was squashed in-house and I used the same consist the next morning making an OT "special" trip up to East 180th St. That "cost" thing can sometimes end up biting the powers that be in the butt. Before budgetary concerns became such a big thing I've piloted transfers from East 180th St -Concourse Yard- Avenue X yard with most of the mileage in the "B' Division and OK'd and operated an IND Slant 40 from 207th St yard to Concourse Yard. No "B' Division personnel involved so no budgetary charge. Heck, the B Division Desk Trainmaster told me that I was " B" qualified although I was an IRT guy. No one brought up the budget word back then. Now that's all you hear, Subway, Surface, Railroad(s). Maybe common sense should be added to the conversation ? My opinion. Carry on
  7. Imagine how it was for 30 years of cab time because I’m allergic to peanuts . I swept and mopped many cabs in my career. Peanut shells, candy wrappers, chewing gum inside the cab . Sodas, coffee, beer, wine from outside the cabs seeping under the cab doors. I remember riding the DC Metro years ago and comparing it to NYCT. Night and day. Thing is it’s not only the coworkers but the whole NYC metropolitan area in general. Take a ride on the LIRR from KO to Penn Station and look at the garbage that piles up on that run. I remember that there was a hotdog and soda stand at the bottom of the escalators at Broadway Junction above the IND platforms. My family made us finish eating ( if they sprung for it ) before we descended down to the IND platforms. There were also some penny gum machines on the columns at the south end of those platforms and if we got any gum we had to keep the cardboard packets for gum disposal in the solar cans when we left the train. I guess that would be considered old fashioned and an inconvenience in today’s world. Just my recollections. Carry on.
  8. Believe it or not I was told some variation of this almost 20 years ago. The tactic was called “blind ‘em with BS” and although it primarily concerned the subway it extended to the Surface department too. Based on a reduction in headcount with the gradual elimination of runs mainly through attrition because of payroll and pension increases. Less bodies equals money saved today ( payroll) and in the future as a pension cost. That’s one of the reasons many of us were against the widespread introduction of SBS and articulated buses in the first place. That and the desire for part timers. It’s like the introduction of OPTO in the subway where the could pay a T/O $1.00 more an hour while eliminating the C/R pay completely. Increase the running time of some subway runs and you can run less trains and reduce payroll while the general public and the press don’t realize what happened. Eliminate the jobs in Surface and RTO that pay in excess of 9+ hours and the oldtimers will retire and that means money saved for the agency with little or no service increases. You, BrooklynBus, and a few others can see through the game but the general public doesn’t have a clue. That’s my take. Carry on.
  9. Thanks for the correction. Gotta laugh though because I'm 70 years young, have used the abandoned Woodhaven station downstairs on the Atlantic Branch and paid the extra fare when the first went to the Rockaways. For the last decade or so I've been the historian in the subway forums. Glad to see I now have some help. My cousin and I drove by the Ozone Park Station Thanksgiving evening because I had to show him that the structure was still standing. We passed the old RBB station earlier that day on the way to dinner and I was surprised that he never knew what the structure across Atlantic Avenue was. Then again he's one of those people who gets lost between Riis Park and Downtown Brooklyn while driving. Anyway welcome aboard the forums.
  10. I like the idea but it seems to work differently on my desktop compared to my tablets both Android and iPadOS. My desktop screen shows location-stops-car#s from left to right on the bottom of the screen but some of my tablets omit the whole bottom line info no matter which way they're oriented. Landscape or portrait makes no difference. I'm on my desktop right now, not near my mobile devices so I can't tell which mobile device does what. Then again I still get confused with the redirected new mta.info. It might say there's no service between C.I and. Kings Highway yet if I click on Brighton Beach or Ocean Parkway it shows train service in both directions. Tried it last night with the signal fire. Top of page says no service yet scroll down and it shows regular service in both directions. Also my devices don't show what's shown in the original post but if I go to Google Play or the App store that's what I see. IIRC I'm using the my LIRR.org link rather than the app itself. Either way I find it useful. Carry on.
  11. Okay I'm very late to the convo but what exactly is the question here ? AFAIK Inwood is on the Far Rock branch, right ? If I'm understanding this correctly there's a timetable saying 22 minutes to where ? In '62 the NYCTA ran the subways on the Rockaways and there was no connection to the LIRR Far Rock branch. Are we talking about the time from Ozone Park station perhaps ? Even then I can't see a 22 minute run from Ozone to Penn Station. Am I missing something here ? Carry on.
  12. Although RR503 is entirely correct in pointing out the problem with the IND part of the equation. Gotta remember that for many years there was a line east of the Concourse line that carried a share of that ridership that was pushed over to the IND after it shut down. I wonder if bringing back an 8th Avenue addition to the Concourse line would make a difference, too. As it stands the and mirror each other from Grand Street to Bedford Park Blvd so if something goes wrong on that stretch the gets the best treatment while the is an afterthought. The difference between myself and many other posters is that I rely on personal experience and what I was taught back then. I remember when my mentors came to a few of us hourly folks and said that the powers that be learned a new word, throughput, which would supposedly improve our lives in RTO. Before I retired they would tease me about how much my Transit life had improved. Remember that I started out with older SMEE equipment, moved on to Redbirds, R62A, and finally R142. New signal system, ATS, what have you. Running time increased from Dyre to Bowling Green on my old interval by 8 minutes . My rabbi and his associates created a job that they knew would keep me from getting in trouble with management. I have touched base this week with many of my instructors and colleagues who share some of my sentiments. One person reminded me of the day I announced my retirement plan to him and a few other superintendents while we were standing in front of the Transit building at 130 Livingston. A line supervisor, a school car superintendent, a deputy and a young man brought over from the LIRR. I looked at the LIRR recruit and felt saddened. I thought it looked bad that the NYCT had to go outside of the immediate agency to find someone who would buy into the program. RTO supervisors banished to the SIR or transferred between divisions was not a good look, at least to me and the supervision that I personally knew . Charts, graphs, and position papers do have a place in RTO Planning but in my opinion knowledgeable people are worth more. My opinion. Carry on.
  13. Just re-read this whole thread and it amazes me that not one person sees the obvious solution ( except me ) while the rah- rah folks debate Concourse, Woodlawn, Dyre, Pelham. Meanwhile the people you're counting on to alleviate this mess somewhat have ignored your problems as if they don't exist. It always appeared to me that the mindset of the folks in charge was that Concourse ridership was west side vs Jerome meant east side. That may be where the trains were heading but it ignored the desires of the individual ridership. As if there were no options and everything was an absolute. Remember that line that ran from the Bronx to City Hall or Chatham Square ? Cut back to 149th St-3rd Ave at the Hub ? Then the new edition of the same agency proposed eliminating a portion of the line in the Bronx. Same agency that is doing a piecemeal replacement for a short segment of a line that should be 100% focused on the Bronx, IMO. Meanwhile that same master plan adds a somewhat useless turn westward in Manhattan while ignoring everything problematic that this thread has pointed out. Maybe you Concourse/ Jerome folks are an afterthought or taken for granted ? Maybe the ire of the Bronx posters should be directed at the and the politicians who control the agency. BTW the running time from Woodlawn to 149th-GC used to be 18-20 minutes with the old equipment. I'll let jc or I run trains correct me 'cause I don't believe any of that Trip Planner BS. That's my rant on the subject. Agree or not. It's okay with me. Carry on.
  14. This obsession with the , , and lines, especially the area around Lenox Yard and the 149th St Concourse and the Third Avenue stations is fascinating to me. I see unrealistic construction ideas proposed that are supposed to be built by a broke agency that can’t deliver the agenda it already has laid out. Thinking of SAS and ESA. I realize that we’re talking Random Thoughts, aka “ Fantasy Island “ stuff, but ignoring reality does have it’s limits, IMO. For example has anyone ever waited at the ten car marker at the north end of the , , platform at the Concourse? Remember that muffled sound heard from time to time ? That’s the existing infrastructure for the MNRR. That five car platform at 145th and Lenox is causing delays on the line ? Since when ? I have never experienced that as a C/R, M/M, or a passenger. As Union TPK posted before that idea about the and at East 180th was argued about twenty years ago. While some of the demographics may have changed the original argument still exists today. Does the subway run for operational reasons or to serve the ridership ? It boils down to a simplistic approach. Back then the public, via it’s politicians, spoke.. That bottleneck of the S curve from Tremont to East 180 has been there forever. It’s constructed to avoid private property and the original train yard which was demolished back then and the sold property put to other use. BTW the old trackage no longer exists for reconstruction of the old station at the East. That old section was removed and the doesn’t own the property between there and the old railroad ROW connection IIRC the old and the new bus depots utilized some of that land. Just my observations. Agree or not. No hard feelings on this end. Carry on.
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