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  1. Trainmaster5

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    I must correct you Deucey. The MTA is self-insured. That means that the State of New York (every taxpayer) is on the hook for settlement money one way or another.
  2. Trying to run the same game they did when Lotto was first introduced. That Lotto money was believed to be in addition to the state funding already in place. Too bad the idea wasn't chiseled into stone tablets at the time. All this chatter about congestion pricing and a lockbox for transit funding sounds good to many younger folks but as someone who has lived through several bond issues where the monies were diverted to other uses I'd like to see some ironclad agreements on the present financing plan. Railfans drooling over new equipment being delivered now and in the near future while signal and switch problems are a daily thing on the subways or the LIRR. My fellow retirees and some present RTO people think that Stevie Wonder could see the obvious disconnect taking place in transit's operations and planning. I recall talking to management in the subways when someone said that the new SOP was to " blind 'em with B.S and the public won't notice". IMO the governor, mayor and the better get their priorities straight today before any additional funding is added to the wish list. Reliable funding, right. Maybe the folks on the Left Coast have seen the light while many New Yorkers are still blinded. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  3. I've heard that "double" service into Manhattan idea being mentioned quite frequently but the other part of the equation isn't mentioned as much. Talking about the orphaning of today's Atlantic Branch. Look at the money recently spent to renovate the Flatbush Avenue terminal and the renaming of it to Atlantic Terminal. The structure work between Bedford Avenue and Ralph Avenue as well as the ongoing renovation of the Nostrand Avenue station. With this ESA gimmick monopolizing the LIRR/ convo the spotlight dims on the other projects somewhat. Those trains that now terminate in Brooklyn are being re-routed into Manhattan. What about the ridership that presently utilizes those trains you ask ? They'll now have the luxury of detraining at Jamaica and transferring to a Brooklyn bound train, located not cross platform but in a newly constructed platform area (not) nearby. I guess those re-routes will have plenty of seating heading to Manhattan when their core ridership leaves at Sutphin. Likewise those direct trains from PJ, Babylon, and Ronkonkoma to Atlantic terminal will be history so their riders will have to make that new trek at Sutphin too. BTW those diesels that terminate at Jamaica, Hunterspoint, and LIC aren't welcome at Penn or GC either. Oh, before I forget, those double-decker passenger cars can't fit in the 63rd St tunnel into Manhattan toward Grand Central. Meanwhile the has a third track proposal in Nassau County on the board, a completed Second Track project in Suffolk on the Ronkonkoma Branch, discussions about additional MNRR service in the Bronx along with Amtrak. All of these ideas, the Prince talking about " blowing up" the , as my man Marvin Gaye said " What's Going On" ? Not to mention SAS. For once I have to agree with the Prince. Don't blame LIRR, MNRR, NYCT, blame the itself for this ongoing, convoluted disjointed regional planning concerning downstate transportation. I think we need someone with vision, and clout, in charge. Just my diatribe/ opinion. Carry on.
  4. Please elaborate on how a local election in any part of this country can cause a national candidate to suffer consequences because of a situation that candidate has nothing to do with. I, personally, think that a large portion of the American electorate is uneducated or under educated but your response amazes me. I think she lost the election because she was a poor candidate and voters wanted change. The eventual winner was, on the surface, a better promoter of his ideas although any real New Yorker from the man on the street to Mayor Bloomberg knew the truth. I was born during the Truman administration and have been following elections since Eisenhower passed the torch to JFK and have never heard an explanation like yours. That’s my opinion . Carry on.
  5. Trainmaster5

    Subway history question - B Division

    Maybe I didn’t word it correctly but I know that the TT didn’t loop back and the train(s) that did loop in the pm weren’t R32s. I asked the forum some years back if anyone had a picture of the massive overhead sign on the north bound platform at Chambers and someone was nice enough to provide one. It normally read “ via Williamsburg Bridge” but when the special was due the “via Manhattan Bridge “ portion would light up. Gotta remember that the only regular traffic on the Bridge was the and on the north side so when I happened to see a train on the opposite side one day it piqued my interest and I was determined to ride that train. First time I rode it I went to Ninth Avenue and transferred to the Culver shuttle. It was easy to be a transit explorer when I had a bus and subway pass😁. Now I’m a retiree with a free pass and no time limits and I have no real desire for exploration. Of course the RFW was a big part of the fun back then. FWIW at Eighth Avenue on the Canarsie there was a smaller sign that had to Canarsie or to Lefferts Avenue as destination options. The BMT with it’s myriad service patterns really had informative signage at it’s terminals and major transfer locations. Carry on.
  6. Trainmaster5

    Subway history question - B Division

    TT ran to Chambers through the Montague tunnel and terminated. This was a midday operation .It relayed north of the station, reversed, and headed back south bound. There was a train or two that followed the north bound route through the tunnel in the PM rush but I it continued north from Chambers and over the south side of the Manhattan Bridge and back to Brooklyn. I don't recall those trains being signed up as TT trains however. The TT and T used R32 cars IIRC and , as you pointed out, rush hours meant the trains ran to Astoria as a Broadway express and back to Bay Parkway or maybe Stillwell.
  7. Trainmaster5

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    I seem to recall a recent photo op in the Amtrak Hudson River tube 😁. Although it was a tacky stunt I thought the prince drew some attention to a needed replacement job. I personally thought that every Sandy damaged tunnel should have been replaced with new prefabricated ones. This Canarsie job appears to be a quick fix bandaid at best. I don’t pretend to have the expertise these new experts bring to the table but as someone who worked in the construction field for a decade I’d say that anyone who believes that the board, individually or collectively, has a clue about what the work entails should probably put the pipe down. There are some good people in the agency but doubt that they were consulted on this new proposal. This new version may be successful but a last minute rework of a project seems rather extraordinary to me. The original plan has been publicly known for some time. At the very least I’m happy that my fellow posters and the public at large can see what I’ve known for years. The board is useless and is a rubber stamp doormat for the governor of the state. I can take Lance, Deucey, VG8, Rail Run Rob, BrooklynBus, B35, and any number of my fellow posters from Surface, RTO, and CED, with some signal and track people and I guarantee collectively we can do a better job than the present board. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  8. Just got a call from a friend who recently retired from the and reminded me about a conversation we had with some people in the agency. He remembered me asking about tunnel closures and replacements before any post-Sandy work was started. My question then and now was how much a prefab tunnel would cost and how long construction would take. We never really got an answer to either question but looking back on the Montague mess and now this last minute substitute plan I'm wondering if our ideas were ever part of the discussion. We're not sand hogs nor were we acquainted with anyone familiar with tunnel fabrication but we are wondering if anyone in a position of importance even thought of our solution. I guess we'll never know. Maybe all of tunnel projects could have been completed in that time frame ? Carry on.
  9. Trainmaster5

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    You are not being snide but you are indirectly pointing out what I was trying to say. I'm saying that you have to give me something before you ask me to pay more. If you're already having budgetary problems I'd be a damn fool to give you more money to squander without anything in return but a promise that you'll do right by me in the future. I don't screw my head on in the morning. Been around since before the 1951 bond issue. After listening in 60+ years of BS excuse my cynicism. Carry on.
  10. Trainmaster5

    Breaking News: Governor a Cuomo Signs Lockbox Bill

    @Deucey I’m gonna direct this to you because you appear to be the only person that has looked at the big picture and the ramifications. The problem as I see it is twofold. These transit/urban planners are trying to accomplish a somewhat admirable goal with CP and dedicated transit funding. Problem is that they are either missing the obvious or are deliberately trying to ignore the real impact on everyone. First and foremost transit access to the core must be expanded and improved before implementing any sort of CP plan. To do what seems to be the present strategy is putting the cart before the horse, IMO. I foresee progressives and conservatives bypassing the state courts and bringing a number of suits in federal courthouses for years to come. BTW your dad is correct in that those TBTA bridges were paid for years ago. Is there anyone dumb enough to be blind to the reasoning behind the constant construction projects on certain bridges? The toll money should morally be used for bridge upkeep and not diverted to the state or the although I’m aware of the reasoning behind the diversion. Improve the rail and bus networks first. Do a transit bond issue and put it on the ballot. If you word it so it’s legally dedicated to transit improvement only and it’s passed improve the service. Then you try CP. I don’t know how it would play out but I doubt that the has the equipment to take a significant number of people off the road at present. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  11. Trainmaster5

    Subway history question - B Division

    Thanks for the correction. I don't know why I said to Forest Hills when it had to be a local coming through the cut. The Sea Beach always terminated at 57-7th.
  12. Trainmaster5

    Subway history question - B Division

    1961-67 IIRC BMT Broadway had this 2 Broadway locals- Fourth Ave and Brighton- (QT) ,(QB) tunnel or Bridge after the rush 2 Broadway expresses- Sea Beach and Brighton plus 1 Broadway Express- West End T from Astoria during the rush hours only The and originated at 57-7th toward the mid 60"s but there was a time when the or the Brighton QT went to Forest Hills 11/9/65, the night of the first blackout I experienced, this was the service pattern in effect. Hope this helps some. Old folk's memories sometimes fail to compute. Carry on.
  13. Nailed it Lance. You have people in the DC Metro area with their own transit problems who don't care about the situation in NYC. Now imagine someone in Neckbone, Mississippi caring about Cuomo, the train, or a tunnel closure. Democrats or Republicans. 😁
  14. There’s actually a myriad of federal and state agencies that have jurisdiction over parts of the operations. PTC on the railroads, signal and timer installations on the subway system, SIR equipment requirements in the past , SBS, bus specifications pertaining to road worthiness. Just a few things that I can remember off the top of my head. Ever notice a conductor or train operator with earplugs? OSHA mandated safety equipment. Even the most mundane things in the world of transportation are subject to regulatory approval in some fashion. It’s no different than air transportation or motor transport. Carry on.
  15. Trainmaster5

    Okay, I sympathize with MTA for once...

    99% of the time when first responders arrive on scene nothing is allowed to run on an adjacent track. If there's a fatality power will be removed on all tracks near the incident until the responders are finished, the ME makes his/her determination, the body is removed, and the RTO supervisor on scene, in consultation with the responders, notifies the RCC that everything is okay and it's safe to restore power. Police, Fire/EMS won't even enter the tracks until power is removed from the incident track(s). Nobody, including RTO and CED personnel, wants to be on a roadbed with trains moving near them. I may have missed something but what I described is the basic protocol. Carry on.


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