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  1. Or you end up with the problem we had at Lenox Yard where you had to cut many of the trains to lay them up because many of the yard tracks couldn't hold a full length train when the went to ten car trains. Perhaps AY yard wouldn't have that problem though. I don't remember the actual layout of that yard.
  2. Perhaps you're right but sections of the West End, as well as Broadway-Brooklyn, have been known to shower "gifts" down to unsuspecting motorists and passerby from time to time. I was more concerned about the street to structure supports (those concrete encased pillars) rather than welds extending from the current platforms. Knowing the history of the as opposed to it's predecessors I can see them trying to do this on the cheap as a retrofit and having to come back later and then do the correct thing. Color me a skeptic. Carry on.
  3. There is another impediment to extending the platforms along the Eastern Division, especially the and lines from Marcy eastward. Any Bus Operator, truck or car driver who has traversed any distance under the Broadway Brooklyn el can point out that the street grid was never considered during construction. There are pillars along the underside which block the existing intersections at many points and I wonder if platform extensions would make the situation worse with new supports installed in newer locations. I haven't made many trips under the Myrtle Avenue segment recently and I don't remember the street grid from there up to Fresh Pond so maybe someone else can comment on that situation. Same question for the B/O and Surface fans who travel under the el including those who travel toward Sutphin or on the to Canarsie. Just something to ponder. We are talking about heavy concrete platform installation here, not lightweight walkways replacing rotted wood ones. Carry on.
  4. Did anyone else come across the report about the train suspension between Broadway Junction and Jamaica Center? A signal problem at Cleveland St caused by a blown fuse? Things like this is why I don’t care about New car deliveries as much as some posters do. Carry on.
  5. nycsubway.org used to be one of the sites I’d recommend to anyone who needed information about the history of the subway. Times have changed and I have cautioned folks to be careful about relying solely on the site. Track maps are probably reliable but I was going through the Line by Line pages and I was shocked to see 135th St- Lenox described as a two track station when my memory and track maps have a center track there. Even one of the thumbnails shows the center track. It seems that many thumbnails have been removed from the site over time covering all lines and some station descriptions have been modified. I wish everyone would take the time to look at the descriptions of stations that they know and point out any errors they encountered. I don’t get around the system as much as I did in the past so I gotta rely on the posters and my family to keep me informed. I’ve tried to contact the site through their contact list on the home page with no response except for a sometime poster to this site who couldn’t help me. Maybe someone on the site can get in touch with someone over there. BTW I didn’t respond to your post because even a decade ago s/b trains used the yard lead during the am rush as SOP to avoid blocking the Dyre trains arriving at the same time. I find myself more interested in the infrastructure of the system these days as well as scheduling and delays, probably due to my experience and training. Just my observations. Carry on.
  6. Happened to converse with some friends, old neighbors and fellow retirees, and I brought up the subject of bottlenecks that was a busy thread for a while on the forum. We're all Brooklynites who resided in what's known as Prospect-Lefferts Garden these days from 1961-up to 2019 for some of us. The comments about Nostrand Junction and DeKalb affected all of us at one time or another as students, commuters, and or employees so our experiences and those of our parents are not the same as many posters of today. Most of us are retired so it's the children and grandchildren who use the Brighton or Nostrand Avenue/Eastern Parkway lines today. For instance I commuted on the Brighton to my afterschool job at Alexander's at 58th and Lexington daily and on Saturdays. from Church Avenue or Prospect Park to 57-7 and local to Lexington. Non rush hour commute. Only incident that I remember was 11/9/65. Blackout #1. The owner of Alexander's made sure to put me on a s/b bus to Brooklyn Bridge, I walked over the bridge, caught the B41 bus and went home. No big deal. The next big thing was the Chrystie St opening which was considered a failure by almost all of the adults in my neighborhood and others along the Brighton line. As a few of us noticed in the responses in the thread some people are trotting out the same gibberish the TA put out back then. The Broadway Brighton service was eliminated and the was introduced instead. More service, the 6th Avenue stopped nearby, and you could transfer at DeKalb if necessary. Back then the ridership called BS on the whole thing and some rush hour Broadway service was brought back to Brighton. Imagine the TA telling ridership that the was a viable alternative for a commuter. I personally liked it. The commuters told the TA where to stick it. Didn't help anyone north of Brighton Beach at all. Meanwhile you had an elongated route from Coney Island to 168th Street which outside of the Nassau Street rush hours carried air on both outlying ends. Excess mileage, older equipment, well thought out. But you could always transfer, right? More trains doesn't always equal better service. My Eastern Parkway/Nostrand folks, especially the old ones, aren't overjoyed about service on the line either but many of us remember that there was no Express service between Utica and Atlantic during the weekday non rush. The main complaint over the years was that the Nostrand line should have been extended and what happened to the Utica line? Simple answer was money and politics. The Nostrand line as constructed couldn't be a good moneymaker. Where was the generator ? South of President there was a penitentiary on the west side, the BMT had Ebbetts Field at the Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park. One family homes on both sides of the street down to Robinson Street ( Winthrop street station at the entrance now called Parkside) with a movie house. The east side below Sterling had the St. Francis of Assisi church and complex and the King's County hospital a block to the east. Church Avenue had a commercial district and a movie house, Beverly was one family homes for the most part and Newkirk had the Vanderveer water works and not much else. The remnants of the water works caused as much damage to the line as those up on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. Finally Flatbush Avenue was a busy commercial district. Brooklyn College hadn't been constructed back then. Utica Avenue was even less built up back then. The IRT went for the money and that was the Livonia line because of the population density. Remember that the city wouldn't allow the BMT or IRT to raise the fare so that's why the IRT was constructed that way. BTW if you're into hustling your buddies and coworkers for whatever reason here are two facts. The Eastern Parkway line was built on the south side of the street because the rich monied folks lived on the north side of the Parkway. Go to school in Rugby or Flatbush back in the day and the terminal moraine was part of Earth Science and Brooklyn history. It's also the second rapid transit line construction in Crown Heights. Anyone want to take a stab at the first? It's not the Fulton Street el. That's in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The LIRR is the first. Crown Heights begins on the south side of Atlantic Avenue . The IRT runs across the middle of Crown Heights. Brower Park and the Children's museum are located in Crown Heights. Take a look at some old LIRR maps and they show stops on most of the same cross streets as the Fulton Street el. School's out. Carry on.
  7. In the immortal words of Micheal Ray Richardson “ the ship be sinking “ 😁. Nothing more to say. Carry on.
  8. I see two things in your response that IMO are problematic. The west side of Elton Street has had new one family homes constructed from Hegeman, past Linden, and down to Stanley Avenue. I'd wager mucho dinero that any politicians proposing an el construction down this corridor would be signing their own death wish, politically and figuratively. That's without bringing up the underlying problems with the soil, sand underpinning the housing development I used to inhabit down there. That encompasses both sides of Flatlands Avenue and the south side of Cozine Avenue from Pennsylvania Avenue on eastward. When they tried to go condo with us the environmental issues were exposed that were worse than we thought. FWIW the western portion of the development has even more drastic water seepage and sinking problems. That precluded my idea of swinging a branch of the eastward down Flatlands to the area. We were told that any new subway construction would have to be to B division standards anyway so that's where our employees/residents thoughts were focused. Before we combined that with the height restrictions on the mall buildings themselves. The restrictions have nothing to do with the flight path into JFK either. The landfill on the southern, eastbound, side of the Belt Parkway stands higher than the mall does. It would appear that the construction factor outweighs the convenience factor in this case. My opinion. Carry on.
  9. My experience with bottlenecks was different from most riders because of the types of jobs I had. I also had the advantage of experienced supervisors at key locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I worked PM rush hour jobs on the for 20 years or so. In my experience with bottlenecks the delays at the Junction, while irritating to the riders, didn’t automatically make a n/b or late. RR503 and some other posters are realizing that the schedule is the determining factor in lateness reports. I had a job that started at East 180th St and ran light to Bowling Green and looped for n/b service . If there was an earlier delay s/b that affected the Lexington Avenue trains heading to/from Brooklyn the Grand Central dispatcher would coordinate with the Nevins dispatcher and depending on the situation I would loop and go in service 10 minutes early. Other times the GC dispatcher would loop me at Brooklyn Bridge an I would go in service from there heading n/b . There were two instances where I was looped at the Bridge and ran light to Union Square for service. Both times that happened he would instruct my C/R and I to proceed northbound when we determined that we had a sufficient load. In my experience with the Lexington Avenue line the pm slowdown was timeframe from 4:45-5:25 pm from Borough Hall to Brooklyn Bridge and continued up to 149th St-Grand Concourse. I don’t know how many times I’ve “raced “ my friend on the from the Bridge n/b and we would enter Grand Central together . Sometimes I would be entering East 180th St and he would call me on the radio as he was passing Whitlock. Point is that when I entered Dyre I was on time. The magic of scheduling 👌. Just my experience. Carry on.
  10. Time has managed to obscure many party labels. Nelson Rockefeller (R), Jacob Javits (R), Al D'Amato (R), Rudy G (R), Andrew Cuomo (D), RFK (D), JV Lindsay (R), Mario Cuomo (D), Michael Bloomberg (R), local politicians, and nationally LBJ (D), and RM Nixon (R). Look carefully at the party labels and add Barack Obama, Liz Warren, Joe Biden, and GW Bush to the list. I don't think many younger posters would put those names into the same categories that an older person such as myself would. Of those names who is considered centrist, liberal or conservative today compared to their heyday ? I will honestly say that if I happened across a crime scene involving any of those folks I would cooperate with the PD to some degree. If I came across the same scene today and any local or national ( R ) was involved I wouldn't lend a hand if I witnessed the crime, saw the getaway car, and memorized the license plate. I wouldn't even report the crime if I was the only witness. Just my opinion though. Carry on.
  11. Depends on who is calling the shots at the Junction. ATS might have a or running late so that train goes first. If Utica tower has control and there's a late sitting there that train has priority, especially if Utica needs that stuck behind the train. Basically it boils down to a timetable vs the situation on the road. In a perfect world no one gets delayed at the Junction because the timetable doesn't have trains crossing each other's path at the same time. There were times when I left Utica n/b on a crossing over to the express track at Utica behind a train that I followed from New Lots and both of us waited, side by side, at Nostrand, while a crossed over from President Street and I followed that all the way to Dyre Avenue. That train was supposed to be ahead of a train which left Utica two minutes before I did. That Flatbush becomes a late train with heavy ridership in the pm rush all the way n/b and my train is probably late too. BTW the to Nereid behind me is going to close in on both of us between Freeman and East 180th St and, if there's a delay on n/b service, that train is going to get crush loaded at the East and probably end up going in service to 241 St. What I just described was a fairly common occurrence and I learned to live with it and not get bent out of shape. One late train at a choke point can cause all of that. The problem could have happened s/b and caused the delay. Carry on.
  12. As a former resident of the area and a realistic RTO guy I've wondered about extending the Livonia line south toward the mall. The problem as my mentor pointed out many years ago is where do you realign the trackage ? To the housing development or to the mall. Those who propose a stop on Linden Blvd should stop, take a step back, and rethink that idea. Some of my friends look at the posts sometimes and admonish me about some folks proposals. To address this situation let me make this very clear. A stop at Linden Blvd using the existing trackage should never be considered. Livonia Yard is small enough as it is and Linden Blvd is two short blocks from the existing station. Using the yard lead as a guideline it's two train lengths + to Linden. One to Hegeman and one to the overpass at Linden. I walked the length of the yard, all the way to Stanley Avenue, for 20 years for a put-in, layup or both, daily. Walked down to Cozine as well during part of that time at 2 am before the B6 bus was sent up to New Lots station. Long before the shopping mall was built those of us who worked in that yard and lived south of it realized that there were private homes due south of the yard and on the south side of Cozine Avenue there's an existing housing development where many of us lived. We knew way back then that there was no way for the city and the to take that land realistically. That's why the B6, B20, and the B84 bus services are set up the way they are. For forty years the mantra for that area has been east-west bus service toward Rockaway Parkway . Look at the bus forum where some long time posters have pointed out the way of thinking. Look how long it took to provide bus service to the mall from Starrett and from the east. We couldn't get one bus, B83 or B20 to run from Broadway Junction along Pennsylvania Avenue to Starrett on the overnights. We were "advised" that those folks transferring from the or at that time of night should transfer to the to Rockaway Parkway for a B6 or now, a B82, bus heading eastward. Simply put if the wouldn't give us one bus do you really think they would take property to extend the Livonia line ? As for the mall itself it was originally thought of as an "auto-centric" destination located off the Belt Parkway, easily accessed by car. When it first opened most of the workforce weren't neighborhood residents but people who arrived by car. The other argument we heard, which had some merit, was that the soil composition in that area was too sandy to support heavy construction. IMO whatever the merits some of these plans have place them next to the SAS phase 3, Utica Avenue extension, and the Queens Bypass and RBB. Conversation pieces. Just my opinion but in my 70 years I've seen more demolition and very little construction from the BOT, NYCTA, bloodline. Carry on.
  13. I'd say that CenSin and the 63 year old quoted in the article are the most realistic folks on the topic. Just my opinion though. Carry on .
  14. Since I didn't see an / s at the end of your post I guess you were serious about your post. Let's say a B/O has 55 minutes to get from point A to point B. That's the guideline he/she has to adhere to. Are you actually advocating the B/O should break that guideline because he/she feels like it ? IDK if you are gainfully employed anywhere or if you're a student yet to enter the workforce so here's a bit of advice from someone who put in 30 years in Transit and 50 years total in the workforce. The quickest way to lose a job is to disobey the rules/ guidelines. Unless you own your company you CYA and abide by your employer's rules. That's rule # 1 anywhere you go. Carry on.
  15. I've never understood why Transit and many folks are so determined to create/add service from East New York and Spring Creek toward the Rockaway Parkway L station and surrounding area. I lived near Flatlands and Pennsylvania for 25 years and most people I knew wanted to go north to the IRT or the IND. It was a great day when the B83 was extended from the old terminal at Pennsylvania and Liberty to Broadway Junction. That's when the B20 traveled along Linden Blvd from Pennsylvania Avenue. The Rockaway Parkway wasn't the preferred destination in those days because most riders would transfer from the Canarsie line at Broadway Junction anyway. Just my observation. Carry on.

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