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  1. Why didn't MTA order Newer Diesel trains.

    Your question belongs in the railroad forum.
  2. Lower Montauk Branch Discussion

    I believe that's what is left of the Bushwick Branch. I remember that Times Square Stores had a warehouse near Bushwick and Montrose back in the day and they would get boxcar delivery of bicycles and auto parts from the LIRR freight yards up there. In the mid sixties there were trains running at grade throughout Bushwick and Williamsburg across some streets without crossing gates. I've seen that in that area but I also remember seeing that same procedure around Cooper Street near Wilson Avenue at the other end of Bushwick. At the eastern end of Bushwick IIRC the B20 bus used to cross some railroad tracks but I'm not sure if the bus on Grand St/Avenue does that. Maybe some surface fans can clear that up. Just musing. Carry on. .
  3. Lower Montauk Branch Discussion

    Let's face it. The doesn't want to spend money on PTC on the line which is why they gave the line to NY&A in the first place. The fact that there is only one station at Richmond Hill gives them another excuse to ignore the line IMO. Maybe the city, by way of NYCT, could acquire the line and repurpose it for something other than heavy rail ? Isn't the present administration simpatico with developers ? Just wondering. Carry on.
  4. Lower Montauk Branch Discussion

    Wasn't the Montauk Cutoff demolished recently? Maybe a month ago or so? I remember reading that the whole Sunnyside/Arch Street shop trackage was being reconfigured with the diesel fleet being relegated to the south side of the mainline, meaning LIC or HPA. For more than a generation the LIRR has been shedding assets within the city limits and I doubt that attitude is going to change no matter how viable this proposal may be. Remember the MTA funding is voted on by representatives of all the surrounding counties and this proposal, like the RBB, only benefits a small group of people in the long run. Just my opinion though. Carry on.
  5. Lower Montauk Branch Discussion

    I must have overlooked exactly where this reactivated Lower Montauk would terminate on the northern end. I’m guessing LIC because I don’t think it’s connected to any other terminal. Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central trackage are mainline only IIRC. Help me out here if I’m wrong. Carry on.
  6. Rockaway Beach Branch

    The idea is to have one racetrack downstate at Belmont Park and one upstate at Saratoga. You could build a new soccer stadium, a new home for the Islanders and an East coast Amazon headquarters at Belmont Park but it wouldn't be a railroad or subway accessible location without a massive influx of capital. It's an auto-centric location with direct rail service only on the Belmont stakes day. If you're an Islanders fan coming from the east you would have to travel to Jamaica and backtrack to reach Belmont Park. The area around Nassau Coliseum makes more sense even without direct rail service at the moment. The Garden City Secondary LIRR trackage is already partially in place as well as the area around Hofstra and it's probably much less costly to improve and maintain than the amount of money that Belmont Park and the surrounding areas would need. Either way it's easier for an Islanders fan to get to MSG by rail than it is to reach the Coliseum, Barclays or Belmont Park coming from the east. Heck, I'd propose mid-Nassau as a potential Amazon headquarters over the Belmont location. Seems like a railroad project and not a subway one. Carry on.
  7. Rockaway Beach Branch

    I'm not sure that many posters remember the back and forth we had when there were some people out there clamoring for increased service to Aqueduct. Guess what. The actually decreased bus service to the casino because it wasn't justified. I predicted that way back then. Quite frankly the novelty wore off. Casino patronage is down across the board in the metro NY area as well as the Philly to AC crowd. The only uptick in the area is Jake's 58 located off the LIE in Hauppauge, Long Island. Aqueduct and Belmont Park are auto-centric locations by design, whether you consider them racetracks or possible casino locations. Move away from the transit focus for a minute and you'd see that the state is trying to close Aqueduct one way or another and focus on Belmont Park. Perhaps one could make a case for the reactivation of the RBB but, IMO, it would have to be in conjunction with a Queens Bypass project. Connecting it to the existing QBL trackage and claiming it as a quick way to Manhattan is pure folly. The people saying it's an intra borough improvement have a better case to be honest. Quite frankly if the and not NYCT were to use the branch it would be a quicker way to midtown if it were connected to the LIRR mainline like it was years ago. I'd love to see the branch be resurrected for commuter use but let's be realistic with our proposals. Just my opinion though. I'm all ears. Carry on
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'd say you have the general idea pretty much covered but you left out the most important part. The makes the comparison easier to understand when it's added to the equation.
  9. Transit experts propose ending NYC's 24/7 subway system

    I'm not sure if some of the people who are posting are serious or trolling. Maybe because they don't venture out past 9 or10pm ? This ain't Philly or Chi-town. I can't believe that people are suggesting that it's okay to set up floodlights on an elevated track adjacent to someone's dwelling after dark. Short of an NTSB investigation it's not going to happen in NYC. I'm picturing the 3 line adjacent to the Van Dyke or the Tilden houses or the housing next to Jackson Avenue on the 2 and 5. I'd bet that before the first night's work was completed the floodlights would be turned off by one means or another and the workers would refuse to perform for safety reasons. It's one thing to be a railfan but let's come back to Earth. Even some of the underground ideas aren't fully thought out. If the subway system was fully automated one could turn trains anywhere there were switches in the proper locations. When you add the human element of the train crews things become more complicated. Where are the facilities for dispatching, crew quarters, and the restrooms located ? I'm pretty familiar with the IRT and I'd bet that most people don't realize where these facilities are available or the distances between the trains and those locations. Think 168 St and Broadway on the 1 or Borough Hall on the IRT. Are you putting Port-O-Sans at the end of the platform ? What might work on a 20 or 30 minute headway may not be able to work on a 10 or 12 minute headway. Just my thoughts. Let's hear your thoughts. Carry on.
  10. Lower Montauk Branch Discussion

    The LIRR stopped the regular service on the branch about 20 years ago. I think the railroad used the trackage for freight and deadheads after the regular service ceased. Then NY&A took over the route. I would guess the LIRR is still responsible for the upkeep. It's kinda hard to justify paying for and installing PTC on rarely used tracks. It always boils down to the Benjamins. Somewhere I can see some railfan or politician trying to justify spending $$$ on PTC on the Lower Montauk, Bay Ridge Branch and the Pilgrim State Spur calling it a "futureproofing" expenditure. BTW the Richmond Hill station on the Lower Montauk was the only one that actually had platforms. Every time I see that station I always think of the old Ozone Park station on the RBB branch and wonder if it's destined to suffer the same fate. Well built structures that, short of demolition, will stand for many more decades. Just compare that original construction to what the pays for new and renovated work today. It gets depressing, at least to me, when I stop and think about the woulda, coulda ,opportunities we (have/ or had) in years past. Carry on.
  11. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That was the last iteration for the and the just before the R142 made it's appearance. It was due to a fleet swap that and ended up with those colors. When the Redbird overhaul took place the carried the green stripe and the carried the black. Funny thing is I can't remember what color strip the " Green Machine" carried after the overhauls. Even passengers who never paid any attention to the fleets on the WPR line commented on that consist. Personally I hated operating that consist because it was the slowest consist on the or the . Your post brought back one particular memory. The last fleet swap began over a weekend so when my C/R and I arrived at Livonia Yard Monday afternoon and found a consist with that green stripe in our usual spot we went to the yard dispatcher to inquire about the change. She assured us that, for us ,it was a one day affair. We hated the fleet, lol. After that day we always operated that single R62A consist that belonged to the line and was used for the midnight Dyre shuttles. It didn't matter who the yard dispatcher was at Livonia the line super made sure it was ours. To this day when I'm asked about the equipment I've operated I always go back to the 8806-9075 cars on the ( line, pre or post overhaul, and the original R62A cars on the line. Even when the equipment was slowed down because of safety issues those cars remained my favorites. I remember when my RTO rabbi and some CED supervisors told some of us about the pending arrival of the NTT equipment they told us to "get ready for some cosmetic BS". To me after seeing and riding the R110s I had to agree with them. To me everything that followed was meh. Just my musings though. Carry on.
  12. R110 Discussion

    Replying to a 2011 thread ? WOW
  13. When will bad customer service in MTA end?

    Thank you. It’s the old one hand doesn’t know routine mentioned earlier. I don’t know the procedures these days but, IMO, there should have been signs posted and at least two people at this location assigned specifically to transfer service. The S/A working there should have been more helpful even if it wasn’t his direct responsibility. Believe me when I say that there are rude folks in the and everywhere else. I’m from the school where it’s okay to be polite and it doesn’t cost a cent. Nowadays I get called a dinosaur, lol. Just my opinion. Carry on.
  14. Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Why not use the B20 or the B60 and transfer to a Queens route heading towards your destination? That's if your starting point for the trip is around Rockaway Avenue/ Fulton Street or the Broadway Junction area. If you're further south along Rockaway Parkway/ Avenue why not use the from the terminal and transfer to a Queens route heading towards your destination? Just asking. Carry on.
  15. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I’m sitting here with my 86 year old uncle and HE wants to correct your post, lol. Any train that leaves from Atlantic Terminal on the LIRR makes stops on Long Island. He and I know what you are trying to say though. For those who missed his point I’ll make it clear(er). Every station on the LIRR except Penn Station is located on Long Island. Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. I had an elementary school teacher back in the fourth grade who taught us that fact and I’ve never forgotten it. He reminded me that my mom, his big sister, who passed away in July, would get on his case and mine if we didn’t correct that. We’re just having fun this morning so don’t take us too seriously. Carry on.


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