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Started posing in a few threads and forgot to leave a little message here! I actually stumbled upon these forums when I was searching for a list of LIRR service changes, and was amazed at the amount of information you guys have. Naturally, I registered an account.


Brief background:

Grew up in and around Queens, and then actually went with my dad down to Florida for a couple years. A nice place to visit, it certainly wasn't for me as far as living goes, and I was ecstatic to get back NY a couple years back. When gas prices began to get really obnoxious in early '08, I took advantage of the fact that I literally live right next to the Gibson LIRR station on the Far Rockaway branch out in Valley Stream now, and began using trains and buses to get everywhere just like I did when I was 15. Haven't had plates on my car since. (For better or worse...)


So yup. thaaaaz about it. Been riding these trains since I can remember. I mainly miss the R33s on the (7), and perhaps the biggest surprise I've ever had riding transit around the tri-state area was an actual Metro North FL9 in regular service on a trip up to Danbury a few years ago. Amazing.


Used to go to model train shows and stuff with my dad and gramps as a young kid too, so it's always been kind of an interest to me - one that I'm sad to say none of my friends really share.


I'm also into music, sound production, computers, and general urban exploring and... well, I'll stop while I'm ahead.


A picture? why not? That's me dressed far better than normal when I went out with the fam for the annual lunch at Peter Luger. Best damn hamburger I think... anywhere. (Much better than Paul's on 2nd ave IMO)




That's it.

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