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  1. Yup I just saw two sets of MNRR M3As parked where the old LIRR M3s were at Arch shops
  2. Yea I actually had 9674 on the B32 this past Monday, it was still in great shape
  3. Ah ok, damn thats a shame. 9667 was a really good one.
  4. They should send some of those Quill RTS's to Queens or Brooklyn if they'll be getting more LFS's
  5. Awesome set of pics! Cool to see the Four Hearts bus in action
  6. At least its something other than an Xcelsior
  7. Oh, it was mentioned above that it was at MHV mistakenly. Sorry for the confusion
  8. I saw 7580 being towed onto the LIE going Eastbound, I'm assuming it's scrap
  9. I think it was noted a while back but yea, 9667 and 9457 were reactivated
  10. I'm guessing all the SC units are being re-equipped with GPS, 7631 also is trackable
  11. Ah ok, what would be the chances that they would put some TA buses in there for the shuttle?
  12. I heard from a driver at GA that there are talks going around that the old Crosstown Depot in Greenpoint would re-open exclusively for the L Shuttle but I doubt that would happen. Who owns the area now anyway?
  13. Damn that sucks, I wish there was a roster giving the status of the V's. By the looks of it, they might be done
  14. What ever happened to those 1991 TMC RTS HAI buses?
  15. I passed by the Depot and also saw 9667 next to 9457
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