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  1. So it's still a lot better than the huge distance train passengers have to run.
  2. Nah, I was fine. My door operation was excellent, according to the TSS.
  3. Is that a threat? 2 Broadway doesn't like that kind of stuff.
  4. In light of people being pushed under actual trains, that's not a very nice metaphor.
  5. I meant quit school car, not quit the exam.
  6. A little birdie told me that Donald will be at Woodlawn at 13:00 tomorrow, so now you know where to find him if you want to say hello.
  7. Your sure about that? IRT car can't operate on B div. lines? Really? http://images.nycsubway.org/i112000/img_112629.jpg
  8. How could a C/R take a demotion to a B/O if a B/O makes more money?
  9. It's called paying your dues Dan. What, you thought you were going to have it easy from day 1? There have been plenty of people who have been XX for far longer than you have, like those who got hired right before the hiring freeze several years ago. Some didn't pick a job until they hit top pay. And as a T/O, you will be XX longer than you were as a C/R. And what's the big thing about picking a job anyway? When your fiirst pick, your going to get the garbage that nobody else wants. On top of that, you'll be getting a straight 8 and doing more work than people with 10 an 11 hour jobs.
  10. So is everyone in your school car classes still there? Anyone quit or fail the signal exam?
  11. There's no such thing as a govt. shutdown. When the govt. "shuts down" there are still cops and firefighters on the street. Forget to feed the meter, and I guarantee you there will be a ticket on your windshield even during a govt. "shut down."
  12. So did you A div. school car T/Os get to operate the R62s in New Lots Yard yet? Oh man, that is going to be an "interesting" day, to put it mildly. The 62s in 240 St. Yard, Corona Yard, and New Lots Yard might all look the exact same, but you will notice a major difference once you start operating them.
  13. I highly doubt crews are going to start changing all 20 signs on the 62s from Parkchester to Pelham every day. When was the last time a terminating at WIllets Point had signs that listed Willets Point as the northenr temrinal? Not once have I ever seen it.
  14. and I'm sure there is zero chance that kids with nothing better to do will spend the day pushing those buttons and sending out false alerts.
  15. And it will be a nice 30 years until you have the seniority to pick a hand switching job, assuming those jobs still exist by then.
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