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  1. Lol no, Smee's have nothing to do with that it's the braking system that the cars use.
  2. I see you joined our Asian kitty squad!! Welcome aboard brother!
  3. R1-R68a. Take a look at this thread http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/5998-what-does-smee-mean/
  4. Have a strange feeling this is going to turn into a flame thread, but before it does i'll contribute. Worst trains? I'd say from a purely passenger standpoint all of the Smee's because they're noisy and uncomfortable. Lines that need improvement? on weekends, the needs more tph and the brooklyn . I'm really diggin the split with 160's so i'll leave that alone. Just my two cents...
  5. Sure it has its problems what piece of tech doesn't? The issues you listed are very minor and there's multiple work arounds for each said issue. For something built 14 almost 15 YEARS ago this tech is amazing compared to what was available back then. There's no need for that in the A division, and how is this tech primitive?
  6. Because something didn't happen back then isn't an excuse new problems emerge everyday, but I agree with Lance too. I wanna ride these trains while they're still fairly 'new' but i'm just too damn lazy to walk to the subway (3 blocks away)
  7. I'm assuming you mean when you're coming into a station and the announcement says "This is ___ street" All Ntt's have a computer/ detector to count the amount of times a wheel rotates to tell the train where it is along its route. Pretty awesome technology imo, whoever designed the R142's from a pure technological standpoint is a genius.
  8. Not that serious ladies, you guys are more immature than me!!! LoL. Moving on is there any word on 7211 & company or any other converted sets? I wonder how they'll ride (converted sets) compared to the brand new sets & other Ntt's.
  9. Can you tell me what's going on, I can't access the chat nor can I view or compose messages anymore.
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