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  1. takes over 6 weeks to hear something, few more weeks and you'll get the results if you passed. few months after if selected you will be contacted by human resources and so on and so forth
  2. the training program is no walk in the park. get ready to have NO life outside of the railroad. other than the commitment it's a fantastic place to work
  3. the processing center is at 180 livingston street in brooklyn, mostly paperwork and waiting. get there EARLY i can't stress that enough. first one in first one out when i went. if driving the macy's lot across the street has early bird parking for cheap and you can drive in carefree and leave without a walk/bus/subway ride since you will get out of there midday. you show up late and your gonna be there all day
  4. good luck guys, moved right along. unfortunately i'm still waiting for some kinda reply
  5. where is the tread on tips to being contacted, i've applied for years and years for everything and have been contacted for the engineer position once and they wasted my time. my resume like others is a mile long of customer service experience/2 degree's/railroad experience/ mechanical experience,guess it's a luck of the draw
  6. i was just talking about this with some classmates as we are getting close to end of probation. alot of mistakes were made by us and others in YX which is considered "training". some of them were kept on platform for months and others on the verge of termination. they need to stop trying to hang all the employee's for making mistakes in training. i can see after you pass the final and are road qualified. but you go into the YX having maybe 50 station stops under your belt if your lucky and they expect you to be a seasoned train operator. idiots
  7. Yeah I was at that open house as well. Still waiting
  8. mine said the same thing, hopefully that is a good thing too!!
  9. Hey guys, I finally got the call after the years of applying to attend the open house, initial testing. Question;it says to list traffic tickets, does anyone know how far back I should go and do they consider equipment violations as having to get listed.
  10. how long ago did he apply? was it the posting that just closed? wondering cause yet again i have not heard anything from them for this position
  11. true that, i was at westchester for most of my time on YX and was able to learn the in's and outs of that yard, every move or combination of moves they do in the yard. but only did a couple put ins to pelham never to parchester. rest of my time was at mosholu and corona. corona has the long layups and putin's to main street which give you good practice with timers, and woodlawn i was on the 239 wash which is like a solid 3 hrs of operating mainline, loads of practice. unfortunately many of my classmates were stuck their whole time at utica doing switching for the whole 3 months and didn't learn shit. guess i got lucky. the yx really is what you make of it, you can veg out and sit there watching tv and playing on your phone waiting for a move or you can be the dude that asks the dispatcher to give you anything at all. your choice
  12. just a standard north face or jansport bag will suit you just fine, it will be full but you can fit it all in one. i am not a fan of the roll around bags, they look really really unprofessional and you looks super lazy trying to roll it around by the train tracks
  13. yeah if those that applied are already being called then i pretty much feel screwed already. my background without going into to much detail is a bachelors degree/5+yrs management experience/currently employed with nyc transit as a train operator/perfect criminal and ticket record/perfect credit/trade skills in construction, carpentry, auto repair, and i'm a minority. so for anyone that thinks they don't have preferential treatment for whoever is sadly mistaken (so far as my experience has been). i have been applying for over 3 years and have never even been invited to open house/initial test, easily over 10 applications for all types of positions.
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