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  1. Hi all. So I know that I received a letter to come in to Livingston tomorrow at 7:30, but the problem is I don’t live at the place they sent the letter. Do I have to bring the letter with me? Or what number can I call to reschedule or try to get a letter sent to the correct address
  2. So I got my list number 2xx , I’m currently 19 & I’m pretty sure I can’t join until I’m 21. I heard it’s possible to be kept on the list and held until I finally become of age which is March 2019
  3. Quick question, anyone have any idea when MTA Bus, Mabstoa, or NYCT plan on creating another exam? I'm 18 and really want to get into the MTA at 21.
  4. So does anyone know when the next exam will be ?
  5. Thanks for the info, I've been searching for an answer for a while.
  6. Does anyone know what happens if you can't pass the ishihara color plates? Is there another test they can give you or are you disqualified on the spot?
  7. My father works full time for mta bus company out of college point
  8. I'm 17 right now, so I guess I'll apply next year if they have an exam then, since I heard it can take about 3-4 year to be called. I would like to get in as soon as possible.
  9. Well I currently have my junior license at age 17, would this count toward the 2 years or would I have to have my full license?
  10. Hey guys quick question, does anyone know what the minimum age to become a bus operator is? Thanks in advance.
  11. I believe I'm partially colorblind, even though I am sure I can distinguish between traffic colors and sign colors.
  12. Anyone know about another eye test the mta gives you other than the colored plates?
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