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  1. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    you might be ok because you are from another country.. just have all ur documents
  2. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    not passing the medical.. they didn't accept a diabetic one time
  3. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    i can't speak for the A division because i hate working the But the running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes on paper. could be off a lil.. but it took me 2 1/2 hours one time... smh
  4. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    to a certain point you are correct. pending on what you got convicted for, you are going to jail... that's neither here not there.... The way Transit operate you would have thought you was applying for NYPD!. they want to know everything... they will hire convicted felons that did time. They just want know know is the case CLOSED! They won't fire you because you was convicted of something and you showed them. They will fire you because you LIED about it!
  5. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    You wanna withhold that information GO AHEAD! I seen people get let go because they lied on The app! But i don't know anything.. i just been here 3 years going on 4.. what do i know!
  6. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    if you get arrested, you was convicted right?!?!?!? But maybe arrested was the wrong word, but if you have any convictions like i said, make sure you have them disposition letters because it may not hurt you know but if they find out you lied.... that your ass!
  7. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Actually Orientation is 3 days. the first 3 days you will be At TWU doing orientation.. and its long and BORING. LOL But they are very Strict with paper work. EVERYTHING HAS TO MATCH AND BE ON POINT! When they called me, It was In april, but due to having to get another social Security card and My name was spelled wrong on my diploma, I didn't officially get hired till July 11 and started July 27th... they will work with you.. just make sure you have everything.. if you been arrested, have ur disposition letters too! Thats important!
  8. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Yes. its possible. Just let them know watch the reason, and your name will still be on the list. you just may have to call To resubmit your name to the list
  9. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    thats packet is pretty much EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL I'm serious !
  10. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    yeah.. and its penalty jobs too
  11. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    Start off with 1 week, and that one week comes after 6 months i believe... when i started i took my vacation in my 10th month there. I been there for 3 years now and i get 2 weeks! In January i will be at 4weeks i forgot row long you have to be there before you get 5 weeks!
  12. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    yes.. i been doing 6 days a week they so short!
  13. I Run Trains

    T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    you will fine! the are plenty of people with sleeves and the big ear lope piercings


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