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  1. Facts... and Ms Gibbs you don't wanna see............ When it comes to your job Lol
  2. No! Not Fully, but thats part of it... fact is some T/Os are reckless
  3. THE FASTEST ON A 62A I've gotten was 42mph on that stretch! Never was able to get a close to 50! If there wasn't so many timers going down the downgrade in the East River Tube, I know i can get it to 50mph! But i'll never know!
  4. Not possible! Timers won't allow it! If there wasn't any timers on the down grades it can happen
  5. Yes trains actually do! I can tell you when i work the going south bound between 72 and 42, i get the train up to 53 Mph. On the and going north Bound between 42 and 59 st, Ive gotten it to 50. On the south bound Bowling Green to Borough Hall i can get it to 49-51 mph. and During a G.O on the going South bound down the middle track From Gun Hill to 180, I got the train to 55mph between Allerton and Pelham Parkway just before the timers. its Possible!
  6. Um! You know Artics Turn easier that the standard buses due to the shorter Middle... Those buses made harder turns in worse situations!
  7. dude... i work here! don't you think i would know that?! smh..... the bx36 is definite. don't know bout the rest
  8. who knows! WF is expected to get more new buses thou
  9. yeah but one of the guys talking was a superintendent...... Must be some truth
  10. Wassup y'all.. On My brake today, i went to hang out with my B/O friend at West Farms and i've heard some interesting things thats about to happen and somethings that are being talked about. - starting on Sept 2 (the New Pick) The Bx36 will be all Artics - The next line to go SBS might Be the Bx19 - Might Be sending The Bx15 and Bx17 to KB, and The Bx39 to West Farms. (Another Friend the drives out of GH said It was talks about the Bx15 going to GH) - The Bx35 MIGHT have Artics on some rush hour runs. Now before anybody try to attack my post, AS I SAID THIS WAS THE CONVO THE DRIVERS AT THE DEPOT WAS HAVING... The only thing that seems like its happening is the Bx36 all Artics.
  11. HOW?!?!?!?!? I will help so how will i have a hard time?!?!?
  12. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! People fail to understand that the fronting really doesn't have any control.. once RCC tell us to do something, we have to do it whether we agree with it or not!.. WE DONT CALL THE SHOTS!

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