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  1. I Run Trains

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    dude... i work here! don't you think i would know that?! smh..... the bx36 is definite. don't know bout the rest
  2. I Run Trains

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    who knows! WF is expected to get more new buses thou
  3. I Run Trains

    West Farms Moves and Possible Moves

    yeah but one of the guys talking was a superintendent...... Must be some truth
  4. Wassup y'all.. On My brake today, i went to hang out with my B/O friend at West Farms and i've heard some interesting things thats about to happen and somethings that are being talked about. - starting on Sept 2 (the New Pick) The Bx36 will be all Artics - The next line to go SBS might Be the Bx19 - Might Be sending The Bx15 and Bx17 to KB, and The Bx39 to West Farms. (Another Friend the drives out of GH said It was talks about the Bx15 going to GH) - The Bx35 MIGHT have Artics on some rush hour runs. Now before anybody try to attack my post, AS I SAID THIS WAS THE CONVO THE DRIVERS AT THE DEPOT WAS HAVING... The only thing that seems like its happening is the Bx36 all Artics.
  5. HOW?!?!?!?!? I will help so how will i have a hard time?!?!?
  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! People fail to understand that the fronting really doesn't have any control.. once RCC tell us to do something, we have to do it whether we agree with it or not!.. WE DONT CALL THE SHOTS!
  7. T/O don't have visible numbers!
  8. Most of the Time IT IS DELAYS! and ALOT OF TIMES WE DONT KNOW! WE ONLY KNOW WHAT RCC TELL US!... and what you mean stay clear of my types?!?!? with your "think you know it all attitude", you won't last... once you make it on the other side you will understand both sides as a passenger and a worker!
  9. yeah! You are taller but you are light in the ass! LMAO!
  10. for once in my life i can't disagree with you on that part!..... But let make one thing clear!... Im from the hood. I was raised in the hood! then i Moved out the hood into your neighborhood "Riverdale" Fieldston Road. And I'm upstate now! i say that to say you can't blame all people in the hood. some people in the hood had parents that cared and taught them right from wrong! Me being from the Hood i loved beating up on the bullies that bothered the innocent. right is right wrong is wrong. but you are way too judgmental!.. Hell you probably judge me too... matter a fact i know you do and that is fine with me. Just know god forbid these cowards was to ever come at you while you are riding my train, ill be the one to save you! -Facts-
  11. Now on the flip side. Before some of these people decides to "attack" or even start to have words with a work, they will side them up. test them, see what type of time they are on before they even think about saying or doing something. I've been in situations where things happened in my car that i've had to handle and these clowns would look at me and say what they have to say and the look on my face alone says I'M WITH THE SHITS! I'm 6'3 250lbs. so i already have a advantage over most that have tried me. We the workers are NOT ALLOWED to fight back BUT we are allowed to defend ourself meaning after you attack me first, i have one chance to knock your ass out to get you off me and i better make it count!.. overall the bottom line is these cowards know who they can try! But then there is a flip side of things from a transit workers point of view that i will keep quiet! and other workers know what i am talking about!
  12. Not all true because i've seen your type assault my colleagues too! its not a black or white thing but lets keep it 100! YOUR PEOPLE have made attacks on workers as well.. Effed Up part is the shit don't go viral all the time!
  13. THANK YOU!!!! SOMEBODY GETS IT!!! as a train operator, i went out my way working the line one trip! the PA in my car wasn't working so what do i do? when we had to make express stops, i open my cab door and yell the stops out the the passengers. thats not in my job description, but it saved me a headache from there people as well!
  14. "MTA employees who refuse to help people or don’t have the courtesy to inform people on what’s going on." how about most of the time y'all people be Sleep, or have your headphones on sky high and can't hear the announcements that are being made? thats not our fault! I will admit that there are some a**hole on the joke that are idiots, but not everybody is like that. My personality alone will not allow me to Not help a person especially when i have that info they need!
  15. i swear! you and you IGNANT' replies! And don't try to play off the fact that i said IGNANT' and not IGNORANT!


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