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  1. Just received my letter from transit to show up on Thursday the 12th (list number 33**). I’m currently working for the city, do I have to fill out the employment section of the packet that came in the mail, or does being a city employee makes me not have to not fill out the 21 page booklet?
  2. Thanks for fixing that issue @+Young+ Wishing you an everyone else all the best for 2018
  3. Take a look at this chart for top pay info. I will also advise you to read through the the thread from beginning to end as there is a lot of good info in the previous posts.
  4. Wow, are you sure you’re in the right line of work? This was very informative I hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Thanks for letting us know some of the challenges from a insiders perspective. I have really been debating wether T.O is what I want to do, I mean the pay is good but the constant stress that a small error can send you downtown and back on the streets (even after probation) is mind boggling. I’m currently on the list for exam #3600 and just took The recent T.O exam given this year and hearing these issues are really eye opening. Thanks for sharing and I hope the culture does change keep up the fight.
  5. Looks like the MTA is trying to promote 74 Track Workers to Track Supervisor, on 11/7 they posted it to the employment website. Looks like we are going to see some steady movement on this list in the future.
  6. No I’m a New Yorker, I was think of getting a B but the A seems like the way to go.
  7. Which CDL class do you need to get into the Fleet Division?
  8. Did anyone else receive a letter for the open house on October 16th? As soon as I posted the site went down for the upgrade. Any advice on getting through with the cognitive will be much appreciated.
  9. Just received an email to attend open house on October 16th. I can’t believe it...
  10. Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I've been celebrating my birthday. I appreciate all the insight that you shared, hopefully these things will be corrected due to public and government pressure.
  11. For the people on the inside, is there any talk of mass hiring due to the problems plaguing the system right now? I'm hearing that the city and state want to fix the ongoing problems with the transit system. I remember a few years back when the system was running like a well oiled machine, now everyday I take the train into work there is always some type of delay. Do any of you have input on what's causing these problems or possible ways of getting this fixed or is it beyond track work and the mismanagement of the system on a hold? (granted I do know certain info is not availble to the public but any insight is much appreciated)
  12. Thanks for the info Jchambers2120 I was unaware that they went back to 8094 this is very troubling news. I find it a bit nonsensical that they would take this approach after 8094 has been running for so long. I hope this is not the case with this exam, but given the circumstances we will never know until these list are established.
  13. Thanks Subwayguy, that was a very informative answer, I'm gonna keep an eye on the promotional exam results. I know the list takes awhile to be corrected and established, but I would just like to gauge an estimated timeline.

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