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  1. Any chance that Baisley Park’s XD60 would get the on board announcements/screens?
  2. Any chance that Baisley Park's XD60 would get screens/announcements?
  3. So a car was involved in an head-on collision with X3-45 express bus in Staten Island. https://youtube.com/watch?v=maXLZaxw1JU
  4. Will the MTA someday order this cng bus from Novabus? We already have Orion VII CNG(being retired), C40LF, XN40 & XN60. I want to get some thoughts on this. We have the diesel and cng variations of the Xcelsior XD40/60 and XN40/60. The MTA has the Novabus LFS and Novabus LFSA. So since they have those two, why not order the cng model? Picture below is the Novabus LFS CNG and the picture does not belong to be. All rights goes to Peter McLaughlin from busdrawing.com
  5. Haven’t post here much but any chance that the MTA would get Novabus LFS CNG or they would rather stick with the NF XN40/XN60?
  6. I notice that someone uploaded a video of a combination of a R160 siemens testing on the and a 10-car R179 testing in Broad channel. The person who uploaded the video goes by the name of "Shamari Kinsey". The original video with the R160 siemens testing on the belongs to Caitsith810, which was uploaded on December 12, 2007. The other original video with the 10-car R179 belongs to gregorygrice, which was uploaded on December 21, 2016. The video description said "Thanks to Catisith810 and gregorygrice for the testing. Not only subscribe my channel, but also those channels." I don't know why this person decide to upload this video and I am not sure if he even ask Caitsith810 nor gregoryrice for the videos. Is this consider stealing? Uploaded by: Shamari Kinsey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZPPDMdRRrE
  7. And where will the conductor be if he or she need to close the doors and check if anyone might get caught on the closed door or possibility being drag?
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