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  1. The B46 runs every 60 minutes while sh*t like the runs every 20 minutes. And they have no excuse not to send out buses, the B46 literally passes the depot it runs out of (and terminates there part-time!)
  2. Where did I make a damn joke? Have you ever ridden or waited on the B82 overnight? Especially during the f*cking 1 or 2:00 hours? You claim that Flatlands/Utica is closer? Not everyone is going southbound (the world doesn't revolve around Mr. Fresh Pond) Are you dumb? Have you even actually did the walk??? That can mean the difference between catching and missing the bus! And you really don't wanna miss the bus during late-night hours! Oh, and a 3-leg transfer is never a good idea. WTF? #1 Reason why we need the Utica Avenue Subway. The 2nd densest bus route in NYC. And, like every other peasant bus route in this sh*tty city (like the B9 and especially B7 if that even counts), it has crappy overnight headways. I thought you would know this kind of stuff, Mr. Superior God that you are (not). Considering that you were apparently on the forums since 2008!
  3. As it exists now, the bus ceases to run to Kings Plaza during late evenings/nights, instead terminating at Avenue L - Flatbush Avenue. During these hours, the also ends at that point (ceasing to operate west to Coney Island Avenue. Service along these lines is replaced by the / Q35 as well as the B82 for the and respectively. However, since the is one of the most heavily operated lines in NYC (2nd most in fact), I feel that the lack of a full-time and connection is pretty lame, so I made an idea. The would turn eastward on Kings Hwy with the and make all 's stops to Utica Avenue (turning around via Utica/Glenwood and back on Kings Hwy). Daytime and rush hour service would be unaffected and would run to Kings Plaza as usual.
  4. read the bolded lol. This is the MTA we're talking bout. Anything can change, anytime. Look I was riding mad RTS's on the B82 (ENY depot) and then whoosh they just freaking disappear.
  5. I just noticed that the B46 - Fillmore Avenue runs are not mapped on any bus schedules/timetables. The only B46 short runs shown are the Avenue H to Eastern Parkway / ones. What's up with that?
  6. But I assume the automated announcements do the same job as manual ones (though I swear my R62 rides feel announcement-less sometimes)
  7. "Tie in with the visual announcements"??? Sorry if I'm dragging it man, but I don't get this. ***When your ing quoting system isn't working
  8. Are conductors allowed to make manual announcements at will (on R142/A's-R160's) or advised to let the automated ones play?
  9. Uh, if you have nothing useful to say, keep your fingers off the keyboard. The went express, skipping Nostrand/Kingston Avenues.
  10. One day, I took the headed to the junction. The and arrived at the same time, but since the arrived first, I took that. Rogers Jct-bound, the / were tied. I looked to my right, I see the leave, turning onto the (IRT) Nostrand Avenue Line. "THIS IS: President Street" (Note this 5 train said: TO FLATBUSH AV) No... I look to my right and I see "NOSTRAND AVE." Announcement: This train will be heading to Utica Avenue, go downstairs and transfer to an uptown train to Franklin for a downtown or train! What the s@#%?!
  11. LMFAOOOOOOOOO this got me weak Wait, so the Orion V was supposed to be dead now?
  12. But 9525-9699 and also 4900-5104 both recognized as 1998 though. (notice the bolded #'s) It's as if MTA with their lazy @sses just said, "ehhh just throw all nine thousand's in the scrapper!" "we lovez us some fooooouuurrrr & fiiiiivvvve thousands HUEHUEHUE"
  13. i was boutta make a post about this cuz... i just rode one today from franklin to flatbush and i couldn't stop staring at the thing IT WAS TURNED OFF
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