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  1. I’m 81*. I got off medical hold a while ago so I’m probably going to be in the next group of people called. I’m sure I’ll have to take another drug test. If I get called for one I’ll let you guys know.
  2. In a rare fit of optism from me: maybe the class will be closer to the end of March, in which case they might not be calling for it just yet?
  3. I’m list # 81x. I just got off medical hold a few weeks ago so I’m assuming I’d be one of the first to get called for final processing. I haven’t heard anything yet but I’ll post here when I do. The March class was more or less a rumor, wasn’t it?
  4. Thanks for letting us know. Sad news.
  5. That’s good to hear! I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but are there any materials available online or otherwise where we can start learning all this before we’re placed in a class?
  6. When did Ms Vargas say that they’d start hiring again in three months?
  7. Exactly this. I was supposed to be in the Jan 28th class but it took just a little too long to get off of medical hold. Bad timing, bad luck, inefficient doctors: call it what you will. It’s aggravating to be so close and then have the rug pulled out from underneath you. I’ve taken so much time off to jump through all their hoops that it’s become problematic at my current job. Yes, we have to be patient. But there’s no getting around the fact that we don’t know for sure that there will be another class, or at least another class any time soon. It was easier being patient when they had a new class roughly every month. Now we don’t know. You can argue that they wouldn’t have called so many people if they didn’t intend to hire us. But they called in all those people back when it seemed certain there would be more classes after January. I remember reports of there being a March and April class. The decision makers at the MTA change their mind on a dime though, or so I was told by the woman at window 3. That is what happened here. They changed their mind. So who knows what is going to happen. You can be patient, but for what?
  8. I assume they’ve hired enough people for now. I guess they’ll start calling people again when more TOs retire.
  9. My medical hold was finally cleared today. The woman at window 3 (180 Livingston) said they weren’t hiring train operators. I asked if they would be in the future and she said she didn’t know. I also have to go to DCAS to be put back on the list but the woman said I needed to wait until the end of the month. I asked her why and she said that’s what DCAS told her to tell us. She didn’t have any further information about it when I pressed her. Aftet all this, I’m greatly disappointed that they’re not hiring TOs. Let’s hope they change their mind soon.
  10. The same exact thing happened to me. I was also considered for the Jan 28 class and was put on medical hold. I’m still on medical hold though. Did you get back on the list? What did you have to do exactly?
  11. First, they had me go to my personal doctor and have him write a letter. Then the MTA doctor decided that wasn’t good enough so she sent me to their outside doctor. I didn’t have a choice who it was at that point. The MTA doctor just circled the name of another doctor from a pre-printed list she had and asked the medical intake people in the waiting area make an appointment for me. I don’t know if it’s standard procedure or not. But I get the very distinct impression the MTA doctor really doesn’t want me to get through the medical portion.
  12. The “outside doctor” they sent me to hadn’t returned one of the forms he needed to. He sent most of them but there was one missing. So now I have to call 180 Livingston in 7-10 days again to see if he sent it in. I suppose there’s no rush since there are no further classes planned.
  13. I just returned from 180 Livingston. The January 28th class is full. There haven't been any more classes planned at this time. I was put on medical hold for the third time. Apparently, the MTA would rather hire people with criminal backgrounds than someone with a medical condition that is easily and completely treatable with medication. I'm starting to think this just isn't the employer for me.
  14. Is the January 28th class full?

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