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  1. It’s an App that can be used to share info with classmates. The App is called Slack. Came in handy with the Conductor class I was in previously.
  2. For those of you in the Nov 26th class. This is just a suggestion. Start reading the first 38 rules in the Rule book. Then read Train Operator and Conductor as you need to be conversant in titles that are similarly engaged in the movement of trains. I will be going around the induction class asking everyone to join a Slack group that I created. It will help with sharing info as pertains to our induction group. I will then make class groups which will help with studying and comparing notes.
  3. Just got the email to go in for Medical on Tues Nov 13. Considered for Nov 26 class. List no. 33*
  4. Anyone already in off this list that was a conductor already? Thought I read in earlier posts there was. If so what do they have you do. I got my letter to go in for pre employment on Nov 2nd.
  5. Already in as a conductor but can’t wait for them to call for TO.
  6. Does anyone know where to get your list number for this exam? I didn’t look through the entire thread so if this was answered I apologize.
  7. Transit are you going to be at the appeal tomorrow? You took the 4/9 am exam right? If so let me know about question 31. I also answered B
  8. Looking like 31 for the 4/9 am is a question to protest.
  9. I'm trying to switch my schedule at work to get there.
  10. I'm sure there is more than just us two that put B for 31. Sounds like an appeal to me.
  11. 4/9 am session one wrong - question 31
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