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  1. Wow, I haven’t been here for awhile. Hope everyone is doing well, and congrats to those who made it in. I was hired last year 9/25. Its been pretty good so far. I actually like this job. Lots to learn, lots of good dudes (for the most part), and you can make some decent money here. As far as the freeze on classes, a memo went out about 2 weeks ago freezing lots of OT projects. Seems until next spring, transit will try to do as much as possible on straight time, so that may have a bearing on hiring as well.
  2. Ive yet to use my dental benefits (high plan), but I’m told they’re better than the base plan. The people being called off this list are still receiving provisional postions? How does that work if you’re already a MTA employee? I’ve already done my probation, and am in the early 2000s on this list. Does that mean I’ll be a permanent T/O if I choose to accept the position?
  3. It May matter. If there are any fines, I suggest you pay them off ASAP. I’ve seen many people get held up at processing due to traffic issues. Not trying to be a downer or anything, but I thought they were stopping classes for awhile? Hopefully they can get the main pick finished in the meantime.
  4. Your employee pass (metrocard) is available for use by the person it was issued to at all times. You will be asked before it’s given if you would prefer a badge for the LIRR or the Metro North. As a reminder, do remember that you can be traced via your pass. So don’t go pulling any nonsense which may get your ass in trouble. As far as the express bus, officially you’re supposed to pay. Take that as you will.
  5. Please take into consideration that new hires do not understand the lingo and you’re gonna have to break down everything you just said to them.
  6. Not trying to be a hard ass, but a lot of you don’t read through the thread. Some of you ask the same questions that have been answered 4-5 times over. OT is based on 2 things. Your report location and seniority. Some guys have a pretty steady stream of OT, some don’t. Depends. They have a saying down here ; “you’re responsible for your own safety”. While this definitely can be a dangerous environment, it’s up to the individual (for the most part) to be aware of their surroundings, and know their own limitations. I’ve seen some dudes try to be macho and carry the mat and they almost wind up eating a rail. Take your time in what you do, follow procedure, and respect the environment. If there’s something you aren’t sure of, ask. If you feel unsafe doing something, say so.
  7. 6am-10pm? Never heard of that. Specially while on ojt.
  8. It’s based on which report locations have openings. Doesn’t matter if you live out in ENY, if there’s a slot open at 239th street yard, and that’s the only one available, you’re gonna have to make that trip everyday until the next pick or youre able to bid out.
  9. RDO = regular day off. Again, I don’t want to tell you “well you’ll get at least X amount of OT shifts per week”. For one, OT rotates on seniority order so you may get it one week and not the next.
  10. 1) I believe it’s 23 and change (I’d have to check my files for an exact number) 2) it’s capped at about $32 and change currently after your 5th year (again, I’d have to check). 3) a little more than a dollar. 4) Not really. There are instances where you get to pick into a morning shift out of school, but it’s not really the norm. 5) From what I can tell, not really. I could be wrong though. Your pay is based upon your title/seniority, regardless of which shift you’re on. 6) Never “expect” OT. It’s definitely there but it’s dependent on what zone/gang you’re in. Some of my classmates rarely get to see the OT sheets at their quarters but it’s pretty regular at my quarters. OT is also dependent upon your RDOs. Some OT May pop up but it may fall on a regular shift for you.
  11. Has nothing to do with it. If you go back in the thread, there are people who were hit by the rule pretty early on during the hiring process. Its applicable to any CS exam.
  12. The rule basically says when there is a tied score, they can remove 1 person out of every 3 for reasons besides test scores.
  13. Civil Service Law Section 61 allows public employers to choose individuals for appointment or promotion from the top three scores from an Eligible List. An Eligible Lists is the list of candidates who have passed civil service examinations, identified in order by their test score and from which State and Local agencies will hire or promote employees. The Civil Service uses a scoring methodology that first calculates a raw score (i.e. the number of questions correctly answered by a candidate), and then creates a band scoring table which groups the raw scores within certain ranges in the same band. As a result, all eligible individuals falling within a particular scoring band will tie for the same rank. In promotional examinations, typically, seniority credits will be applied to the raw score before a band score is applied. Veteran’s credits are also added in open-competitive and promotional exams after the score band is applied. The rationale of the One in Three Rule is to allow employers to consider factors other than test scores when making appointment and promotions.
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