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  1. Round of applause to you bro !!!!!
  2. When do you go in for medical bro?
  3. Just like everyone else been saying, just listen attentively and follow all their directions, you will do fine. I took mine last year October and passed. I was nervous too but once you are there and actually take it, you will be more at ease. My list # is 16xx by the way.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, but what about during the winter months? I could be wrong but I believe the forum for 8094 mentioned that they usually do not hold classes during the winter months but again, I could be wrong.
  5. I agree but I read from another forum that some who took the promotional exam was being called and attend the same classes as the ones who took the open competitive for 8094. I could be wrong but I have not seen or read anywhere that said that they have stopped hiring promos. Would anybody have an idea on how many more people took exam # 6601 compared to # 8094?
  6. That is great news, congrats!!!!! Just curious if the MTA employees who took the promotional exam to become conductors are still being called in along with the ones who took the open competitive exam # 8094?
  7. But in all honesty 2nice, you just might receive a letter before the week or even the month ends, just stay positive and congrats on getting only 4 wrong.
  8. Morning everyone This is my first time posting but have been trolling this forum and others for quite some time. I also received a letter to take the OPA on 10/17/2017 for 10:30AM. After looking over my proposed answer sheet, I thank GOD that I have only 3 wrong. I would like to extend all the best wishes to those who have received an OPA letter already. Also, the ones who have not received their OPA letter yet, still got a lot of time left before Exam # 8094 finally ends next year February. (Praying that it actually ends, because its been a long 10 years for that same exam, lol)

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