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  1. I think you're mistaken. The R46s out of Coney Island Yard are performing worse than Pitkin Yard. Though in general they're pretty bad now...
  2. R46 5810-5813 (Coney Island Yard) has been experiencing issues for a while now. It is missing its end rollsign boxes and has now supposedly been retired (to be confirmed). April 15th
  3. Yes, the sets are being delivered there from Nebraska, originally placed outside as separate cars. They then move them into the plant for final assembly and such before moving them back out as linked cars.
  4. Discussion among my friends leads to two likely plans for the R211, factoring number of cars for both option orders, separated into replacement and expansion, as well as the plans for the expansion of Jamaica Yard (which can be found at http://web.mta.info/capitaldashboard/allframenew_head.html?PROJNUM=t8100419&PLTYPE=1&DISPLAYALL=Y ): A. all 5-car sets to Jamaica Yard to cause various displacements (possible plan mapped out) B. some 5-car sets to Concourse Yard, some 5-car sets to Jamaica Yard A less likely plan C would be: some 5-car sets to Concourse Yard, some 5-car sets to Coney Island Yard All of the 4-car sets are likely to be solely for East New York Yard fleet expansion, though personally I would take those sets from the C while replacing them with 5-car sets.
  5. Does anyone know of any other free permanent image (including GIF) hosts? I've been using Discord since it was the easiest way for me to upload and link images, but that isn't an option anymore.
  6. 5970-5973 is in Pitkin Yard and hasn't seen service since August. 6240+6242 was last seen in service in November.
  7. Pitkin R46s are better maintained compare to CI R46s. That's why it's believed that the plan is to have the R211 push some out to CI to retire their worse for wear cars.
  8. Indeed. 5894-5897 and 6186-6189 may be the reason for 2768-2771 and 2772-2775 being transferred from Coney Island Yard to Concourse Yard.
  9. R46 5894-5897 and 6186-6189 have been transferred from Pitkin Yard to Coney Island Yard! The former set is currently in service on the Q.
  10. I made a tier list for various bus destination sign companies and products :p https://tiermaker.com/create/bus-destination-signs-16928989
  11. That's the font and graphics used on Luminator Titan by New York's NICE (Nassau Inter-County Express).
  12. I'm not sure what you're trying to ask. This is a 200x24 Luminator (or Twinvision) Spectrum.
  13. Yes, this is a 120x16 Smart Series III side sign.
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