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  1. Best Depots Manhattanville- When it comes to service they don't play and actually manage to come on time and have things running smoothly. Sometimes it does have to deal with the traffic in midtown and harlem river drive. Mother Clara Hale- Has good routes. Needs a bit of diversity when it comes to routes. East New York- Are the king of Brooklyn in my opinion and the routes are great to ride on. Worst Depots MJQ- Slowest routes in Manhattan, routes are mostly crosstown and select, and barely arrive on time. Kingsbridge- Dirty buses enough said Gun Hill- Dirty buses plus buses are always bunched up
  2. This is my opinion and please feel free in telling me your opinions as well. I believe the M125 should go to Manhattanville without giving up anything. It has come to a point where they either have Manhattanville store more buses or suffer some consequences on having buses deadhead to the terminal whether it be KB or WF and have problems with keeping the schedule. In addition I don't know why it has become a problem for Manhattanville to hold more buses it has happened before that Manhattanville has reached up to 289 buses at some point why can't it happen now
  3. I don't think Hale can handle the M125 due to the limit of buses hale can have unless they get rid of one route and give it to another depot. As far as I see it Manhattanville should makes sense since for starters Manhattanville depot is not that far from the first stop of the M125 going to the Bronx so I believe if the mta is smart they would choose that option.
  4. Ok some kids just pulled the emergency brakes on 6240 for no reason and now the Q53 is stranded out here
  5. Interesting.... I wonder if they are going to build another depot for Manhattanville replacement. I know for a fact Quill, Tuskegee and Mother Clara Hale can't handle Manhattanville's routes
  6. I don't know where you heard about this but Manhattanville Depot isn't closing anytime soon. It's confirmed that the MTA wouldn't move Manhattanville at all. In addition renovations for Manhattanville Depot already started so I don't know why they would accept to buy the land now especially when the MTA knows it just wasted money for facade fixing and now trying to convert Manhattanville into an all green depot
  7. Saw 3890 working on the shuttle with Manhattanville decals
  8. I would like to see... M31, M86, and M79 to TU M60 to MV or MCH M35, M100 to MV
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