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  1. As of today 5213-5214,5234 are out of service from Quill
  2. The only depot that's getting hand me down buses is Manhattanville. Nothing new
  3. I'm assuming since the NGs from the bronx are going to Brooklyn then the SI NGs might go to Manhattan
  4. If not mentioned 3965 CS to MV according to the updated roster
  5. So I was wondering this for a while but why is Manhattanville retiring their Orion VII Gen I if the nova lfs haven't hit the Island yet.
  6. With the retirement of RTS's at Flatbush and Ulmer Park do you believe it's possible that all the NG's from the Island go to Flatbush or some to Ulmer Park temporarily and have the new LFS order go to Manhattanville temporarily until 2020 just to cover shortage in Brooklyn
  7. Ohh ok also I know this isn't the right place to talk about these types of things but why is Manhattanville retiring their OGs when the Nova LFS order hasn't arrived yet for the other depots to displace their NGs
  8. Actually not really since the OGs from Manhattanville aren't getting replaced by Nova LFS
  9. The Nova LFS might be delayed due to what the MTA has in store for Staten Island since they are planning to have the new OMNY on those buses starting April or June
  10. I'm guessing Yukon might be changing their mind in terms of recieving these Nova LFS's or the Nova LFS's are being delayed
  11. Just saw 4015 on the S57 so it's still at Yukon

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