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  1. With this in mind which depot you think should get this route?
  2. Yesterday I got to see the bronx redesign and well caught me by surprise was that the mta is trying to split the Bx15 to have the regular Bx15 go to Fordham and The Hub while this new route that they created which will be the M125 will run from The Hub to Manhattanville via 125st now what are your thoughts on this? As well as which depot should cover this new route? The M125
  3. What about Manhattanville why can the depot hold more buses there than OF?
  4. 6409 to scrap caught fire today at 145 and Frederick Douglass
  5. Well the way I was thinking is having Manhattanville keep the routes that it has and with the conversion to artics it can have a split run with the M60 and M35 since it makes sense with Manhattanville Depot being closer. Also I would like to point out that there are plans to make M96 into Select Bus Service which would also make sense to do so.
  6. I question why they can't convert Manhattanville to an artic depot to help out routes like the M35 or M60 or even the M15
  7. Funny enough that Quill couldn't run their NGs from Yukon the minute they came but when Yukon sent their NGs to Manhattanville it hasn't broken down or seen any problems. Literally the select bus service NGs were running on the M98 the next day and mind you it's a highway.

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