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  1. I’m surprised Manhattanville is still losing buses. I wonder how they are planning to cover the 1 train closure. Since from what I heard they are adding more service on the M3
  2. Went a few a pages back and it hasn’t been reported
  3. Honestly I can see the XDE’s going to Brooklyn and the Nova hev to Manhattan and Bronx. Also there might be a possibility that Manhattanville Depot can get both Xcelsiors and Nova hybrids and shift those hybrids and 2008 Orion VIIs to other depots like JFK, LaGuardia or Quill
  4. So does this mean we will start getting these buses this month
  5. Little update on that. 3815 is back at MJQ Its running on the M22
  6. Is there a depot that is definitely going to be it’s testing ground or are they just doing show offs to other depots
  7. 3815,6734 MQ to MV 3932,3940TU to MV 3815 and 3940 are on the M98 6734,3932 are on the M116
  8. Ok so someone spotted a second production unit LFS HEV making its rounds in Plattsburgh NY.
  9. There’s no need to attack him. He was just giving other people a warning since people tend to do anything just to go see a bus. So please keep your words to yourself and don’t get butt hurt.
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