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  1. Manhattanville looks like is short today as 3890 is on the M4 3804 is on the M10 3934 is on the M104
  2. Why are these buses at MCH isn't Manhattanville supposed to be priority right now since they are scrapping their Gen IIs
  3. As it currently stand 6763 still has MCH decals and 4006 also has MQ decals which both of those buses running on the M2
  4. Looks like Manhattanville is short again 6763 is running on the M2.
  5. The roster has it assigned to OF but you maybe right unless someone would like to correct me. Also 4256 and 4266 haven't run for a week now is there something wrong with those buses
  6. Honesty he doesn't even understand half of what's going on. The only thing he can be described as is a foamer. Claims to be a Quill worker and now East New York worker like let the kid dream. We are all adults we know what's up we just gotta ignore his nonsense

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