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  1. That’s odd. I saw it at the Eastchester scrap lot on Saturday. Either I mixed up the number or it left the lot shortly afterwards.
  2. It was stated by other admins that speculations and other thoughts of bus moves should go to the Bus Random Thoughts thread instead so that posts of actual bus moves are not buried in this thread.
  3. Yep. That was just the GPS of 8543 acting up for a bit.
  4. One ran on the SIM7 about two hours ago and 2882 was at Eltingville.
  5. When did it go to Gun Hill? That unit was a Tuskegee unit for a few years now.
  6. Still at LaGuardia. It was a small error from the site.
  7. I have a photo of 2906 on the QM4 from January 19. Keep in mind that 2906 was assigned to Eastchester before so that might be the source of this confusion.
  8. 6031 was not a Stengel original and some of the 5900s have moved to LaGuardia during the summer. The units are more than 4 years old at this point but they had issues since they were introduced on the Q44.
  9. What about the ex Gun Hill units? Ulmer has more of those than ones from Kingsbridge. I do know maintenance of the Former KB Xcelsiors was not good so I wonder how the Gun Hill units are holding up at Ulmer Park.
  10. I didn’t dispute the fact that the 2002 units are not in good shape. I was just pointing out why some of the newer units might of been scrapped before any of the remaining old MCI’s did even if it does or doesn’t make sense.

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