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  1. It was at Grand Ave for over two years before it arrived at Flatbush recently.
  2. Keep in mind that the proposal of the M125 sees the M100 terminate at Amsterdam instead of following 125 like normal.
  3. No. 4533 is on the Bx34 at this time. Not sure about 4524 or the other Former Grand Ave units at Gun Hill.
  4. Those two got their second repaints when they were still at Kingsbridge. Just because they still sport Bronx ads doesn’t mean that they didn’t get their second repaints.
  5. 3573 is a LaGuardia unit. 3753 was the other unit that ran at Spring Creek yesterday.
  6. It’s back at Kingsbridge. Must of been a one-day loan considering that the bus ran on the 36 last night.

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