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  1. He's referring to the NG hybrids. Those units could easily replace the 6700's at MHV and Hale (whenever that happens cause none of those are being retired at this time).
  2. Must of been system-wide. I saw it on the Bx3 earlier today.
  3. They're not. 4743 is already back at Kingsbridge (On the Bx2 at this time).
  4. The Bx22 one is the default destination. The Bx22 going to Bedford Park is just a weekday extension.
  5. Looks like its here to stay. That set came with 2466-2470 and those cars got the red stripes back (They came with the green stripes from the 6 in December).
  6. A shuttle bus for the 1 Train. Its the one created for those that can’t access the 191 St station on the St Nicholas entrance due to elevator replacement.
  7. A lot of the ex SBS units still retained their old fare stickers. The depots just didn’t bother removing them.
  8. It wasn’t. The bus was at Kingsbridge after a brief stint at West Farms last year. The bus just returned to West Farms just this week.
  9. That’s for the A. The elevators at 181 St are being worked on. The 191 St replacement project starts in February.
  10. 4267 & 6716 are running on the Bx12 SBS. 4000 & 4361 are on the Bx19. 4259 is on the Bx40. Also, some Bronx routes are still using artics (Bx15, Bx39, Bx41/SBS). The Bx19 & 22 have at least one artic in service.
  11. That's good to hear. Side notes: 3467 is also at Yonkers. 3157 from Spring Creek to Eastchester.
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