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  1. Negative on 5307 being repainted (Its still has its original paint). Side note, 5896 has been repainted.
  2. Its at Hale. You might of seen the video of the bus driver on NBC which was from Mid March. It has since returned to Hale (On the M7 as we speak).
  3. I’m pretty sure they still don’t have the necessary personnel available to install them at a faster pace.
  4. 6822. There was a clear picture of the bus near the end of the article.
  5. Express coaches are still used, except for the QM17. The 17 is using hybrids for some reason.
  6. Trains are still running their normal overnight runs when the system is closed to the public. And the station's lights are still on so I'm not sure how the MTA is saving money on electric bills during that small window closure.
  7. Not really. MHV only has 38 OG’s compared to 200 NG’s. Quill only have 26 and they have been using mostly NG’s and XD40’s for most of those runs. Hale’s amount are around the same with slightly more NG’s.
  8. Well, they are just extras. Also, some of them do return trips when they short turn like on the Bx3. Most of the loans end at Kingsbridge Road, but they make the return trip to Manhattan. As for the Bx9, some of them do make the full trip (A West Farms XN60 made a trip to 262 St last week) and some of them do start at 262 Street instead of 225 Street like most of the loan runs.
  9. Check the previous page for more info. This is just a loan.
  10. It was at Grand up until January of last year.
  11. Most of the Manhattan buses already have the OMNY readers installed (They are supposed to be active right now for Manhattan buses). Also, most of the buses that were moved are in service at their new depots.
  12. He's referring to the NG hybrids. Those units could easily replace the 6700's at MHV and Hale (whenever that happens cause none of those are being retired at this time).
  13. Must of been system-wide. I saw it on the Bx3 earlier today.
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