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  1. Well, it has been more than six years since the bus was converted. Plans for more conversions were quickly dropped later on.
  2. It’s heading towards Grand for a repaint. A lot of MTA Bus hybrids are getting second repaints.
  3. 7572 already left Jamaica (Now at Quill) a few months ago.
  4. Both depots are down to 28 NG’s each and they’re spread thin on multiple routes so it feels like both depots don’t have much hybrids running up here or at all. Its mostly LFS’ up here. Compare that to the beginning of this year when KB had nearly 80+ hybrids.
  5. Those weren’t reported here (I had to check the previous pages beforehand). Also, 1285 is at Kingsbridge not Gun Hill.
  6. 1276 & 1278 to Gun Hill. Does anyone know what depot has 1266?
  7. That’s what he meant to say last week. It went from Gun Hill to KB to Grand.
  8. That was from an update from September 1 (More than a week ago). 5256 is doing a run on the M101. Not sure about the status of the other units mentioned.

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