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  1. TO. When did you go in for PE and medical?
  2. I believe seniority goes by the date you are officially hired.
  3. Congrats! How did they contact you?
  4. No idea. But if they’re doing 5 days of processing more applicants then they must need a lot of people and if you’ve already done pre employement I’d guess you’re good for August or September.
  5. For anyone who has received a pre employment letter but hasn’t gone in yet, they are doing T/O pre employment processing every day this week.
  6. Why don’t you just decline transit, that way you can still reinstate your name for the next 4 years if sanitation doesn’t work out?
  7. Damn that’s it? Can i move my vacation around or anything?
  8. Can anyone tell me what the parental leave allowance is for when my kid is born?
  9. Obviously with how many people they reached out to before the list is published they need a lot of TOs. Considering nobody expected to hear anything until another year from now, if you have a relatively decent number you will definitely hear from them eventually, and probably sooner rather than later.
  10. From what I have gathered on this board, nothing will necessarily disqualify you other than lying about information.
  11. http://web.mta.info/nyct/hr/pdf_exams/8703.pdf For TSS, 77k for 40 hours per week, not sure if that’s a strict mon-fri but I’d imagine not. Also don’t know overtime possibilities. I imagine there are promotional opportunities as well within TSS but they are probably not civil service positions.
  12. Yeah they definitely seemed like they were super tired of getting calls about train operator stuff.
  13. When i first got my pre employment notice i couldn’t get off work and didn’t wanna tip off my current job so i called and asked, they said i could just call when i was ready to come in. Now fast forward 3 weeks and they tell me different things. One person said to call back in a month and one said to go in tomorrow. Don’t wanna go in for nothing But worst case scenario is i get sent home so no biggie i guess.
  14. Gonna ask again cause need to know: if i go to a pre employment date that’s not mine will they process me or send me home?


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