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  1. But always Monday through Friday right? So if school car is 9 months i can plan on having weekends off for 9 months?
  2. That list was extended for like 4 extra years though.
  3. I got the pre employment letter but didn’t go yet (trying to delay my start a bit).
  4. I would call and double check this. I called and asked if i could bring a copy of my college diploma instead of my high school and they said yes.
  5. Thanks very much. What happens if i have a wedding to go to overseas next summer? I’m assuming i won’t be able to pick vacation in summer, am i screwed?
  6. Asking again cause nobody answered: how long after starting schoolcar until i can take a vacation?
  7. That’s weird to me, I’m assuming the tests were similar but with TO paying so much more idk why less people would take that test.
  8. You’d be surprised. I have a lot of screw up friends who either never got one or are incapable of keeping a dl in good standing. It’s a smart move to weed out the kind of people you wouldn’t want to hire for a job like this.
  9. I think a lot of people were disqualified because of the license requirement for this test.
  10. Can someone answer this for me: how long after starting schoolcar would i be able to use a vacation day or days?
  11. Did she have the license before the end of the filing period?
  12. What are the reasons they would pass over someone?
  13. Getting arrested and getting convicted are totally different things. You should prob still disclose both though.


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