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  1. This does not seem to be the case with conductor exam 6601, where they are calling people in for OPA prior to official list establishment.
  2. Haven’t heard anything but following the conductor thread those with high scores should expect to get called in for OPA wrote an official list is published. I’ve also heard from a few conductors I’ve met that they are short on TOs so boring off the new list is a priority but people talk so who knows.
  3. Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    You said you are a CPA but you’re questioning this guy on why he would want to be a conductor if he’s so smart he didn’t fail a basic memory exam?
  4. There were 2 people in my testing room also who said they didn't have a DL. Oh well. Can someone explain to me how reinstatement works? It seems to me from what I'm reading that if I get the call and decline I can then basically accept as long as the list I'm on is active, is that right?
  5. Yet another question: I am hearing/reading mixed things about how a tie breaker is settles i.e. the date you registered for the exam vs. the last 5 of your social, can anyone provide some info on this? I waited about 2 weeks to register because the website was not working for the first few days but the last 5 of my social starts with 0 so that would obviously be a plus for me.
  6. Thank you to everyone on this forum who provides information it has been a priceless source as I try to plan my future.
  7. Thank you for the answers QnzBound.
  8. Another one: what is MTA policy regarding being heavily tattooed? Nothing visible when wearing a suit but otherwise covered.
  9. T/O Exam # 8098

    This would seem to be a good sign for those of us that took 7604, correct?
  10. I am reading that MTA is now pulling off the promotional T/O list with no plans to hire anyone else from the prior OC list, any truth to this?
  11. Another question (sorry for asking so many): I just looked up the last OC exam and the list says it was established in 2012 for the 2009 exam? That seems like a really long time and this was handled by DCAS so why is everyone saying DCAS was faster?
  12. The protest session starts august 1 I believe so you still have time. All of the info is on that orange sheet you were permitted to take with you where you wrote down your answer choices.
  13. Thanks again for all who have provided info. I am curious (hoping some of you who are already at MTA can answer this): what are the pay/promotional opportunities for train operators after getting off probation? I know the hourly rate at 40 hours a week comes out to around 66k. How much overtime is there? Does the pay increase with time? What higher paying positions could one possibly move to from the TO position? I would be leaving an established career to take this job (if I were to get offered he job which is still not a sure thing of course) so I am interested in the advancement possibilities. Thanks again.
  14. Hi all. Congrats to everyone who passed. I didn't get any wrong, scoring 100%. A few questions: 1. Can answers be changed during the protest period, or will they just add an additional correct answer? 2. Any loose idea of a timeframe for a call? Thank you and congrats to everyone again!


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