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  1. Union and HR people told my induction class the exact opposite.
  2. Not true, provisional T/Os probationary period started on our first day. Confirmed by union and tss.
  3. Everyone is hired as provisional so far off this list until it is certified, then they are changed over to permanent. Our provisional time counts towards our probationary period (its “temporary” hires that don’t).
  4. Can anyone tell me how good the union dental benefits are? There’s only one medical plan that has payroll deduction but it also comes with dental. I don’t wanna pay for that dental though if it’s the same as the union dental benefits.
  5. Good luck to everyone starting schoolcar tomorrow. I know it’s just gonna be paperwork and benefits stuff but I’m so excited to get started.
  6. Is there lunch every day in schoolcar? I like to bring lunch but don't want to carry it around if I'm not gonna have the opportunity to eat.
  7. I have a good heavy duty backpack that has a strap on top to carry by hand, will i be able to use this?
  8. Also, on the green sheet that tells me where to report for school car it says no backpacks, is this true? Is it just for these 2 days, because I’m assuming I’m gonna need a backpack.
  9. Can anyone tell me what the deduction amount from their paycheck is for health insurance and what plan they have?
  10. I didn’t hear anything about that sorry. They did say that once the list is established they are going to start back at the top of the list though.
  11. Thank you! That’s awesome and I’m really glad to hear it. Been planning this/waiting for it for years now, can’t believe it’s actually happening.
  12. After 11 hours at 180 Livingston today, i am officially an MTA employee. Excited to get started.
  13. This just saved me from ordering a bunch of the wrong pants, thank you.


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