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  1. Know the 1st part verbatim f**k iron horse
  2. I can’t wait for this guy to take it deep from crew. What’s your address bro I’ll mail you some vasoline
  3. The split for you when you work my train headlights to markers 😂
  4. Lmao bro you didn’t even hire on yet and you’re already making a bad name for yourself 😂
  5. Background check took a month just did my medical today I'm going into August 16 class
  6. For the most part she was quick. I had to verify some information with W2 etc it's painless just takes a while
  7. Yeah I filled everything out over a month ago
  8. That's only the beginning part the background check takes about a month
  9. I didn't get it I haven't had that many jobs and I has all the paperwork they needed to prove like old W2
  10. Yeah JonnyP it means you're still in the process just keep following the steps. I'm waiting on Medical and to finish my background check i should be in the middle of august class.
  11. Damn good thing I took an early test
  12. Did they say anything about the classes?
  13. It's not that bad if you have a mess up they'll just email you and then email them back the correct info.
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