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  1. I've seen people say that chapter 1 and 2 should be studied asap. I haven't gotten to the signals yet because I know some more guidance via the instructors will be needed to really understand and absorb them. I will still take a look though. Today is my last day at my current job. Then 5 days off and a new beginning. Good luck to everyone starting on Monday.
  2. I don't think so. It's actually called the 1 in 3 rule and it only means that if an agency is hiring from a list, they don't have to select in order. They have to call the top 3 and can pick any one of those 3,even if the other 2 scored higher. I think it applies more to lists that multiple agencies call from. For example if Dep of health is hiring from the mother vehicle operator list, they can hire any 1 in the top 3, but those other 2 can be hired by any other agency. They don't get disqualified because DOH didn't choose one of them. Train operators only get hired by the mta, so i really don't see how the same rule applies here. I would like to see confirmation on this rule actually being used by the MTA because I don't think it makes sense. Of course I may be very wrong. Has anybody actually received a latter disqualifying them because of this rule?
  3. I've never quite understood that rule as it relates to this exam. I work for a city agency and when they recently called from the clerical list, that rule applied because they had to interview 3 and choose 1 of those 3. For this list tho, we aren't being interviewed. It's just did u pass? Is your paperwork in order? Did u pass the drug test? Did u pass medical? I don't understand how someone can randomly be rejected if all of their stuff is in order. That's kind of f**ked up and has to be illegal. If i paid the exam fee just like u and passed just like u and neither of us had anything that would disqualify us, why would I just get dropped like that while u get to go on? I'm not arguing I'm just saying I don't understand it. Plus, in typical lists, even if the other 2 of the 3 do not get hired, they go back on the list for other agencies to consider them. They don't get disqualified just because an agency didn't hire them. So I don't understand how that rule applies here.
  4. I'm hoping for the A division so maybe it'll be a little sooner. I'm just hoping I'm doing overnights or PMs that week by some stroke of luck lol. If not it's whatever but it would be awesome to be there for her first day.
  5. For those already in school car, About how far in does the training schedule start switching to afternoons and overnights? Just wondering if there is a chance I'll be doing a different tour by September. Really hoping I can be there for my kids first day of school. Wife is a teacher so she won't be able to take her and it would be nice for her if at least one of her parents is there with her.
  6. That's hard to say. It all depends on people deferring or failing or getting put on medical hold. Really wouldn't have a clear idea.
  7. Yea u can defer. Others here have deferred as well. If the trip to DR I had planned was happening before August 19th, I would have deferred too so if feel u.
  8. Yea right when I got called in for the final processing with the HR specialist, first thing she asked me was whether I can start July 22 and she had me sign a document stating I can start that day. At that point I could have deferred.
  9. I've been reading my rule book whenever I get a chance and it's becoming more and more real every time I turn a page. Can't believe this is finally here.
  10. Yea just click on my name and go to my profile.. There should be a messaging icon in there
  11. Yea that sounds right. U gotta have a followup with the sleep specialist to interpret your results. I think mine was about 10 to 14 days later.
  12. Feel u on that. I'm gonna miss some of my coworkers but man my current job is a drain on my morale. I was not built for office politics. More of a hands on blue collar guy so this is more up my alley. Hang in there man it'll come.
  13. Don't worry it's still June. I'm sure they will ramp it up in July for the August class. Maybe they are giving people on medical hold a chance to clear their issues before calling a bunch more in.

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