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  1. I heard 17 inches and bmi over 25. Not sure but I think it's both because u can be thin and have a wide neck or just muscular.
  2. I'm 90x...feeling good about July class judging by how it's moving but if i get in the June class that would be a huge bonus! I'm actually getting a sleep study done now so it doesn't hold me back later when I get the call. My bmi and neck size will get me put on hold for sleep aepna so I'm jumping ahead of that now.
  3. Did u defer before or will this be your first medical?
  4. Bro wear whatever you want. I saw a guy in sweats and a yankee jersey. Tons of guys in jeans and polo shirts. I always play it careful and wear dress shoes and slacks and a dress shirt and then I'm uncomfortable. Then I get there and regret it when I see dudes dressed like they just came from hanging out on the block. The most I've ever heard anyone say is "please remove your hats".
  5. Yea.. This was my 3rd and hopefully last pre-employment. That process is a pain in the ass. My employment history was fine in the 1st pe.. They even gave it back to me during my 2nd pe so I could copy it over again and use it again. Well it wasn't good enough today and I had to do it over again lol. In a couple of fields I wrote "worked single event security jobs and collected unemployment when there was no work". That wasn't good enough for the lady that reviewed my paperwork and I had to expand on that and name every company I worked for. That delayed me about an hour while I looked up company info for jobs I worked 1, 2 or 3 days in (I used to be a security guard and hopped around a lot. Did summer jam one year and worked for a company called strike force for one single day). After I finished that's when she told me the lab was on hold for half an hour. That half an hour turned into 3 hours. A lot of patience is required but it'll be worth it in the end I hope.
  6. Today was a long ass day. The lab got put on hold from 11am to 2pm. I got there before 7am and still ended up leaving at 4:30pm and there were still a good 20 to 30 people waiting behind me. For 1st timers, prepare to be there all day and don't forget your chargers! Lol
  7. Damn I never heard anybody say 10 years before. It is what it is. But as far as the pick, Ive heard of people picking sooner than 2 and half years but I guess that's the norm. It's all good I'm prepared I'm just worried about what it'll do to the time I get to spend with my daughter. She starts school in September (she's 4) so I'm just hoping I get to spend some time with her at least. Tough but a man's gotta do what's necessary I guess.
  8. Yea she said they are looking to hire 60 TOs and 40 Conductors in June and July each. She also said they are trying to fill 180 train operator vacancies but she doesn't know about a class beyond July just yet. Sounds like there will be 3 classes of 60 each for to. I forgot how many vacancies she mentioned for conductor.
  9. She also said that everybody that has been processed this week has a good chance at one of the 2 classes, june and July. Everybody coming in next week she can't guarantee. I know it sucks to hear but I'm seeing a lot of people here for train operator who I have seen 2 times previously as well. So unless u are coming in for your 3rd pe, be patient because you may not be in these 2 upcoming classes.
  10. We actually had somebody from the front office answering questions. Delayed the process a bit because he was cool enough to answer every question asked. One thing I heard that is weird is some lady (I assume Ms Vargas but idk what she looks like) said we might not get to pick for 2 and a half years and might not get weekends off for 10 years lol. I hope this is just a gross exaggeration.
  11. Oh I always disclose and pay any tickets before i show up. But I have run drivers license checks before myself as part of my job and I've never seen a parking ticket background check. I guess department of finance but then if that's the case, why parking tickets but not taxes owed to the city? I've heard it said in here as an explanation that the mta doesn't want u owing the city any money, but if that's the case then something like owing taxes or other types of violations should be disclosed too no? Doesn't matter, I say disclose it all and pay any tickets anyway. I even pled guilty to a moving violation back in November just so it wouldn't stop me, even though I had a very good chance of winning the case.
  12. I always wondered the same thing...
  13. They probably finished sending those out for this week's pre-employments. We'll get more news when people start going in. I go on Thursday. I'll post up any info I can get.
  14. I see.. That's awesome though, I'm glad you are enjoying your retirement. You are living my goal which is to have the resources to travel and enjoy my retirement when I get there. This job will certainly help with that. Again I thank you and wish you all the best going forward!

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