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  1. Just to give you guys some measure of hope. Everywhere I go I meet older guys saying they are retiring soon. One guy even said he's putting his papers in this week. The current pick ends this Saturday 11/16 and then the next one will start, and they will probably have a better idea of how many people they need at that point. So dont lose hope and keep waiting patiently and you will be here soon.
  2. Nice congrats. The learning don't stop man keep studying. Something I personally do, make copies of the schematics for whatever location u will be in during posting. Once u do the move a few times, look at the schematic and it'll make sense for you and sort of glue itself to your brain.
  3. Is there anyway I can change my username to beanz? If taken then daddyshark1019 will also do.
  4. That sucks man. That's something they should have discussed with you. You should try calling schoolcar and finding out.
  5. You guys are right. Somebody asked a question and we got carried away answering them. I will try to only answer questions about schoolcar in that thread from now on so if anybody has any questions about how it's going, just go ahead and ask it in there.
  6. You have to use the verbiage "sufficient handbrakes". How much is sufficient depends on the grade but on level track, 2 should be enough for the BIE.
  7. Yea remember that you can't descend to the roadbed without your gloves, glasses, flashlight and vest, but u can operate with just gloves. So mention during the practical that you will put on your ppe before descending if u do not have it on. Its probably a minor thing because u will be wearing it during the practical anyway, but it will win u points if u mention it.
  8. It's for removing debris on the 3rd rail and also for breaking shoe ribbons on a runaway motor, although they don't want us doing that anymore.
  9. Don't forget to secure the train and bring a shoe paddle with you. And also mention your ppe. N a big one is don't forget to release handbrake before taking off after the bie has been resolved. Those are all things people easily forget.
  10. Yea that's one thing to be careful for. A mistake is forgiven once, but not if u make it over n over again. Shows you are not learning. Sucks.
  11. Do you know that for sure or are you guessing? We never got the story because that was his last day and he never spoke to any of us after about what happened.
  12. We had a lot of nervous people in my class but we all passed all of our stuff. We had one guy fail because of the practical but he still passed his midterm and signals and all of the tests except for maybe 2 in the very beginning. This stuff is not simple but it isn't complicated either, just have to study and apply yourself.
  13. Starting YX tomorrow. A week and a half of Yard enhancement (visiting all the yards one more time) and then off on our own for 2 months. The wack part is that no more Saturday n Sundays off but it'll feel good to be on my own. I feel like I learn better without training wheels.
  14. Nice, congrats! I just started yard posting this week. Did some station switching at Utica and parkchester with some old timers with sweet jobs. 9 to 12 relays, hour and a half lunch, and then almost 2 hours of WAA. I'm talking about people with 28+ years on the job. No wonder some old timers don't retire until well into their 70s. Job gets easier with time. They were all cool though and gave me mad game. Next week is some yard posting at actual yards and then yard extra for 2 months.
  15. Things may change. He's also said multiple times that they need a lot of operators. So it isn't the end of hiring. There just isn't anything scheduled right now.

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