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  1. Yea what the previous poster said. As long as u on it they don't stress u much on the time. If u walking slow or look lost then it becomes an issue. 1 of my classmates who failed ran out of time trying to find a mistake he made. In that case time matters.
  2. That's wussup.. I don't get any more road ops days until after yx, but at least I'll be able to operate during that time. Just passed my final practical today. I'll be station switching this week, yard posting for 10 days after that, and then yx for 2 months.
  3. Passed my signal test, midterm, and first yard practical. Got my final yard practical coming up tomorrow and then the stressful stretch is over. We actually lost 2 people in my class so far. 1 guy was having a hard time balancing the material and his personal life so he took himself out and plans to put his name back on the list later on. The other guy failed his retake of the practical. Some aspects of this job can be really easy (midterm, 1st signal test) but some of it can take u right out if u aren't on your game. Anyway, already got my yard posting papers. This is all moving so fast but I'm loving it.
  4. I'm only 2 months in, I doubt I can apply yet. But isn't ATD the promotional exam for Conductors? I'm a t/o I heard we take the dispatcher exam and Conductors do the assistant dispatcher. Idk, I just passed my signal test and have my final yard practical coming up, so my mind is just on those things right now. Thanks though.
  5. Yea he knows his shit. We were at ps 248 taking our midterm yesterday so our TSSs were elsewhere.
  6. I think u had one of my TSSs.. He mentioned he was doing a conductor practical yesterday. Tejeda?
  7. He ran out of time trying to find out why he wasn't charging.
  8. 2 of them due to moving with handbrake applied during the cut or add. The other one missed an off centered brake stem and could not figure out where air was escaping from while he tried to charge. Nerves got the better of them.
  9. Passed my practical. However 3 of my classmates did not and I am still anxious for them. Hopefully they can pick it up on their second and final shot.
  10. They will send u a letter with a list of documents but basically they want your social security card, photo ID, birth certificate or us passport, high school diploma or ged. They also want the paperwork that they send u regarding employment history filled out.
  11. That was your first road ops? I'm sure everybody has shitty first road ops. It took til my 3rd road ops to have more than a couple of decent stops. My first time I was so overwhelmed just trying to take in all the signs and signals that my stops all sucked. It takes a while to get used to taking in all the information and then be able to make a decent stop. Don't worry give it time. I'm supposed to go on road ops again on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to see how much I've improved.
  12. You wanna laugh? We were practicing cuts today in advance of our practical this Sunday. I dumped twice! First time I didn't bring the brake handle to full like I thought I did and let go of the master controller like an idiot. Then the second time I over compensated for my first mistake and went too far. I couldn't believe it LOL after giving you that advice and I screwed up the same way myself. It's all good tho I'll make sure not to do it Sunday. Just gotta get those mistakes out of my system before the practical I guess. I feel good going in.
  13. Just remember that at that point you are only moving about 1mph. U don't need max brake, so there's no reason to go that far with the brake handle.. Go halfway or even lower and u will still stop. If u try to go to full service, it's easy to end up dumping. Once you are stopped with the lower amount of brake applied, then u can bring it slowly to full service and continue. I'm assuming the R32s are similar to the R62 tho, maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Definitely, that's all part of prepping for yard movement. You always have to do the standing brake tests and sensitive rolling if you have space before the low home and have permission in a yard that requires permission before even moving to the low home.

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