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  1. That's a bit tough to do as they have a dead end to deal with in East 15th street
  2. They got lazy it seems and rushed an edit in on the maps.
  3. That's too bad for them. You can't get ANOTHER bus on Belt Parkway especially with that traffic. Those people better think of alternative routes quick if they don't want to pay another 2.75. Not my problem. And certainly not worth the 's time in extending a route for those people.
  4. Yeah, B82SBS to the mall? That's asking for trouble traffic wise. If people want the mall, they can transfer to the B83
  5. Yeah, they have enough. Even if they need more, they can just borrow from FB. But the orders were sufficient it seems
  6. How hard is it to get a new route on that map? I've seen members here doing it with ease with paint
  7. There are too many to list so I won't even bother
  8. That's pretty insane they did that and sent a few more B67s to the Navy Yard. It makes no sense there. But then again, it is the : They never make sense
  9. I'm not too sure if anybody thought about this but having 2 bus routes running along 7th ave (B67/69) is a bit overkill. I would prefer that the B69 returned to its original routing pre-2010. It makes no sense for it to go straight on 7th ave, right on Flatbush, and then to that circle of death that is Grand Army Plaza to Vanderbuilt. The routing on 8th Ave and Prospect Park W made sense to me, IMO
  10. Rare R179A shuttle And that R42(?) Diamond Q takes me back...
  11. Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the R32s and R46s but they'll have to stay for now. Patience is key. Soon, the s will have the NTTs. Not now, tho
  12. I guess it was to provide an easier connection to the but honestly, Glennwood should be been a two-way street from the get go if they wanted to do that.
  13. HAHAHA. Making utica ave into a one-way street. Wallyhorse would be jealous
  14. Nice. Thank f**k that weird loopy thing is eliminated. That was a complete waste of time for southbound B6/B82
  15. Q35: Brooklyn College Flatbush Ave Sta B11: Midwood Flatbush Ave
  16. Someone wanted the B44SBS to go to KCC? Yeah...no thanks
  17. Okay...and? What's the point of this statement? They just come off as disingenuous
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