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  1. After the medical I was on the training bus one week later
  2. Probation finally over a weight lifted off my shoulders
  3. how long have you been at jamaica depot
  4. i do 3 round trips on the q3 every saturday night easy route i like it
  5. congrats and welcome to the family if you TA Jamaica depot is a nice depot easy to get days off there book is open all year round and nice and easy short routes
  6. they might send you a email instead of calling you
  7. congrats guys ja depot is lead back easy routes late night is best to work no traffic and almost empty bus all my work is 9pm to 5am and 5pm to 1am best way to clear probation
  8. jamaica depot is great easy route and lead back late night is the best to work empty streets and bus
  9. is ms cruchshink your instructor if so tell her anderson said hi she is tough but real down to earth best instructor she gave me a good foundation
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