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  1. I have a story to share about something I’ve observed for a year now. There is a door on the Queens-bound platform at Rockaway Avenue that has been ROUTINELY vandalized on a daily basis. The culprit always advertises wanting to perform a sexual act on someone, followed by leaving their number at the bottom. It gets wiped each morning, only to reappear again that very night without fail. It’s gotten so bad that the MTA gave that door a fresh coat of paint, only for the message to reappear like a pimple on prom night. I don’t know whether to be creeped out or impressed at the dedication.
  2. Lafayette Avenue will never cease to baffle me. A quaint local station with a gigantic mezzanine that would make some express stations blush. IND philosophy at its finest. I’m typically against mezzanines being shrunk or segmented, but if there was ever a station that needed it, it’s Lafayette.
  3. That’s probably not a good idea. Rockaway Blvd is not equipped to be a terminal full time, the shuttle service would have to be scheduled around the MUCH busier Lefferts and Rockaway , and the merger/split between those 2 branches would become convoluted with another service involved. The shuttle should remain as it is.
  4. That’s more preferable than a torrent of people sneaking in through the emergency exit. The HEETs are, by and large, the most effective control against farebeating the subways have had. It saddens me that they’re being replaced, when I think that they should instead be redesigned. Perhaps with some easier-to-push bars and stickers to indicate how to use them (for those few unfortunate souls), I think the HEETs should stick around.
  5. It’s true. Last year, I caught one of those R68 “Special” trains for Yankees games at 145th Street. That thing FLEW down CPW faster than any train I’ve ever been on, and the run between 59th and 42nd took less than a minute. It was a glimpse of the true potential the CPW express run has without being hampered by timers.
  6. Mostly like just MTA-speak for “blame the computers for the bad service, not us!”
  7. A shame. We must protect the existing ones at all costs! I’d name the locations for some of them, but I don’t want draw attention to them in case the get replaced.
  8. True, but your “questions” don’t really fit here. Most of what you say is either ridiculous or ignorant, and you’ve disregarded the advice others on the forums have given you. Also, the answers to your questions can easily be found elsewhere or by simply using common sense. I can see that you’re new here, so do yourself a favor and read the rules and some older threads to get a sense of how things go down here.
  9. Please disregard. Passed by last night, and the blue barricade walls have been removed. Apparently the underpass was closed temporarily to install some new railings for the staircases. Still filthy as ever, though.
  10. I’ve noticed that the underpass at Dyckman Street has been barricaded at both ends. If they end up sealing it, I won’t really miss it because of how absolutely FILTHY it is. It’s covered in roughly 30 years of piss, and its barely used. Also, the unused underpass 23rd Street has also been barricaded too.
  11. Oh please. There have PLENTY of stock in the past that have been near identical to other fleets. Compare the R33s to the R36s, R32s to R38s, R40M to R42, R44 to R46, R62 to R62a, etc. Most of these share the same propulsion, and some (R32 and R33) have essentially the same interior. Let’s take off the nostalgia goggles, huh? The R211 is already evidence that the MTA is still open to new designs, no reason to expect that they won’t keep experimenting moving forward.
  12. As long as it’s close to “Dee-Kalb” or “Deh-Kalb”, I really don’t mind it.
  13. I hope you guys realize I was joking about the Reads Lane thing. That would actually be an immense waste of resources as there are plenty of other lines much more worthy of an extension.
  14. I was gonna let them figure it out on their own. 😂

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