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  1. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I'm really not a fan of those half-height turnstile walls or whatever they're called that are in place at the ESI stations. I've seen people simply reach over the wall, push the emergency door bar on the other side, and walk through effortlessly. It's almost like the MTA made it easier to beat the fare. I'm sure they could be come up with a stylish design that, you know, doesn't rob them of money?
  2. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Maybe because some of the work is ESI related?
  3. There were two switches south of the Fordham Road station that seemed to allow downtown express trains to switch to the local track, and local northbound trains to switch to the express track. You can see the outline of where they used to be on the approach to the station. These two probably weren't that crucial to service, but I felt that i'd throw them in the mix.
  4. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    As of today, the construction walls at 110th Street were taken down and the result are... barely anything. The station opens next month and looks identical to how it did before it closed, with the same tiles, artwork, etc. The only thing different seems to be the new floor and platform edge strip, which could've been installed while the station remained open. I understand that part of the ESI work is structural and not all cosmetic, but they could've at least been a little more imaginative.
  5. Cabanamaner


    Hello, welcome to the forum! I don't mean to sound rude, but your idea comes off as a bit of a mess. Given the locations of all the shuttles in the city (42nd Street, Franklin, Rockaways), it really doesn't make any sense to connect them all. The money all that would cost could be better used on other projects. The 42nd Street Shuttle is due for an upgrade over the next few years, the and will see a boost in service next year when the Canarsie tunnel shutdown happens, service on the Brighton line is fairly frequent already, and ridership in the Rockaways doesn't warrant additional service at this time.
  6. It's not being an a**hole when you're enforcing the rules. Mr. Thomas was under no obligation to give that criminal any transfer, especially when he evaded the fare. It's an absolute shame he was killed, but we shouldn't have to bend over and turn the cheek on crime either.
  7. My apologies. I didn't know there was a rule against that sort of stuff here. I'll remove the video and this won't happen again.
  8. Since there was some ESI work going down at the station, someone left the usually locked gate to this area open. Decided to take a quick video and head out before I was caught. ****Video Removed by East New York for violation of NYCT Forum rules and the criminal act of trespassing on MTA property, which we have a zero tolerance for.****
  9. Cabanamaner

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Curious, did Broadway Junction ( platforms) ever have a full length mezzanine? I see some evidence of it on the ceilings, but I can't find any records of it online. I refuse to believe that such a massive station was built with only one entrance/exit, but I can't imagine where any other exits could've been before being closed.
  10. Cabanamaner

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There's this bootlegger that frequently uses the in The Bronx to sell his stuff. He's an elderly looking man who just rambles on as mostly everyone ignores him. On one occasion, he boards the train as usual and begins his usual shtick, trying to convince anyone who will listen to buy his DVDs. At the next stop, a second bootlegger enters the train, also selling DVDs. This other bootlegger is much more charismatic and energetic than the elderly man, and is actually able to convince some on the train to buy his stuff. The first bootlegger stands behind him in horror with a crushed, defeated look on his face as his rival claimed his territory right in front of him. Truly the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen on the subway.
  11. Cabanamaner

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    That would be as ridiculous as sending the to Far Rockaway or the to Dyre Avenue. Such an extreme service change would baffle existing customers and shy away potential new ones. If there's a need for additional weekend service at CPW local stations, just using the existing pattern would be enough.
  12. Cabanamaner

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    I somewhat support weekend service since the can be brutal at times and for the few unfortunate souls who don't know the isn't running. But the general ridership on the just doesn't warrant an expansion in service. For the time being, it's fine as it is. Like Caelestor pointed out, the express-to-local switch the would have to make to terminate at Second Ave would clog up and service in both directions. It's just not worth the hassle in that case.
  13. Cabanamaner

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    Not true. The gets some good usage as the Brighton Express during the AM and PM rush hours when most trains are packed in and out of Brooklyn. Keep in mind that the is now a supplementary line, in that its main purpose is to assist the full-time lines. It's a blessing on Central Park West when the are too crowded to get on.
  14. Cabanamaner

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That's NY for you. Some people are too oblivious for their own good. Although, I doubt they could make out what the conductor was saying over those muffled speakers.
  15. Cabanamaner

    List of closed New York City Subway entrances

    The 174th-175th Streets station has an additional closed entrance/exit on the southbound platform on the west side of the Grand Concourse, nearest to 174th street.


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