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  1. Cabanamaner

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    IIRC, dwell time is the amount of time a train spend in a station. Reducing dwell time is important to keeping trains running on time. It is usually lengthened when people hold the doors open, preventing it from leaving.
  2. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Thankfully, the folks who did the 4th Ave line renovations are also doing the Concourse Line renovations. The ESI work on the CPW has been shoddy, if not completely jarring. So far, the work on the Concourse lines has been much more intensive and noticeable, whereas the CPW stations were seemingly left alone until about a few weeks before their opening, where it felt like they rushed the repairs just to get the station open on time.
  3. Cabanamaner

    Fair Fares January 2019

    That's not the point. What's having a good subway system if you can't afford to use it? This city is built around the subway and thus should be accessible to all New-Yorkers, even those who are struggling. I can see this program reducing fare evasion a bit, and maybe bringing some unseen benefits. Good on the MTA.
  4. Cabanamaner

    Alternate subway history

    What even is this? You didn't explain yourself in 2016, and you haven't done so here now. What does "Alternative subway history" even mean? Is it another timeline where subway service is immaculate, capital spending is logical, and rats in subway stations are unheard of?
  5. Cabanamaner

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Most likely just supports for the express tracks above.
  6. Cabanamaner

    Lack of overpasses/underpasses between directions

    Nostrand Avenue actually does have a crossover, though it's no longer in service. It was part of the closed mezzanine the station has that stretches all the way to Bedford Avenue and, in my opinion, should be reopened.
  7. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this. The pre-renovation lights clash so hard with the sleek, modern look of the new lights. They should've just kept the station closed until the end of the month. The ESI work on the IND stations has been sloppy compared to the BMT stations. I'll be very irked if they screw up on the Concourse stations.
  8. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Nope, the mezzanine is completely empty aside for a trash can in the middle.
  9. Cabanamaner

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    My thoughts exactly. I've detested Phase 2 ever since discovering that it wouldn't send the SAS to The Bronx. If the goal is to alleviate crowding on the , then having the SAS go to at least 3rd Ave-149th Street is a must. The actually Phase 2 plan seems to needless complicated, with a sharp curve onto 125th and having to be incredible deep underground in order to avoid disturbing both the IRT Station and the Metro-North Station. Granted, building a new tunnel in between Manhattan and The Bronx ain't cheap.
  10. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Well, the construction walls at 163rd have been removed. The station actually looks a lot better and I dig the new art that was installed. The stairs leading to the 163rd street entrance/exit have been removed on both platforms, essentially confirming that this exit won't reopen anytime soon. Quite a waste of a pretty large mezzanine, I feel it would be pretty easy to install elevators there.
  11. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    I'm really not a fan of those half-height turnstile walls or whatever they're called that are in place at the ESI stations. I've seen people simply reach over the wall, push the emergency door bar on the other side, and walk through effortlessly. It's almost like the MTA made it easier to beat the fare. I'm sure they could be come up with a stylish design that, you know, doesn't rob them of money?
  12. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    Maybe because some of the work is ESI related?
  13. There were two switches south of the Fordham Road station that seemed to allow downtown express trains to switch to the local track, and local northbound trains to switch to the express track. You can see the outline of where they used to be on the approach to the station. These two probably weren't that crucial to service, but I felt that i'd throw them in the mix.
  14. Cabanamaner

    Enhanced Station Initiative

    As of today, the construction walls at 110th Street were taken down and the result are... barely anything. The station opens next month and looks identical to how it did before it closed, with the same tiles, artwork, etc. The only thing different seems to be the new floor and platform edge strip, which could've been installed while the station remained open. I understand that part of the ESI work is structural and not all cosmetic, but they could've at least been a little more imaginative.
  15. Cabanamaner


    Hello, welcome to the forum! I don't mean to sound rude, but your idea comes off as a bit of a mess. Given the locations of all the shuttles in the city (42nd Street, Franklin, Rockaways), it really doesn't make any sense to connect them all. The money all that would cost could be better used on other projects. The 42nd Street Shuttle is due for an upgrade over the next few years, the and will see a boost in service next year when the Canarsie tunnel shutdown happens, service on the Brighton line is fairly frequent already, and ridership in the Rockaways doesn't warrant additional service at this time.


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