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  1. Just took one of the special trains to 145th Street. The signage on the outside of the train says “Last Stop”, and the automated announcements have it as an to Myrtle-Wyckoff Aves. I guess there’s no program for an M to 145th Street. The look on people’s faces after 59th Street has been PRICELESS, so much confusion and very little signs explaining what’s happening. The only thing more rare than an on CPW would probably be the on the Grand Concourse or the to Far Rockaway.
  2. Might want to include the dates it actually happened in the title of the post next time bud
  3. I am honestly BAFFLED by the hatred for 75-foot cars I’ve seen on this forum for years. While I respect the R32/R42s, I’m actually more fond of the wider, longer R46s and R68s. Yes, they’re not perfect and their slowness is well-documented, but that’s more a flaw of design above all else. With today’s technologies, I’d actually like to see another 75-foot car introduced to the system, of course being much faster than the current ones. I was kind of bummed to learn that the R211 were switched from 75 to 60 feet. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Whatever happened to the passageway between 50th Street and 50th Street ? I remember it being reopened after many years back in 2011-2012-ish (there’s even videos on YouTube showing it off), but it’s been closed completely for the past few years. Is there a formal reason for it’s closure?
  5. That’s actually one of the smarter recommendations I’ve seen on here.
  6. Not surprised by this actually. I recall the blue construction walls on the southbound platform of 4 At- 9th Street being left there for YEARS, with them finally being removed earlier this year so we can see the large windows once again. Plus, does anyone remember when the mosaics at Smith-9th streets were literally cardboard cut-outs until the MTS got called out on it?
  7. Yes, it came out a while ago that the alarms would be reactivated at certain stations to deter farebeating. But just like last time, it’s pretty ineffective in actually stopping people from going through. As for the cops, I’ve actually noticed more of them at smaller stations lately, especially at night. I’ve proposed that a redesigned turnstile and better police surveillance could actually make a difference.
  8. Quick question, did anyone here actually use the Jerome Ave express pilot back in 2009? I’ve known about it for a while, but I’ve never actually seen anyone speak about it. How’d it go?
  9. Seriously. This entire thread boils down to same ideas being thrown around over and over and over. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen “Extend the C to Lefferts” , “Send the G back to Forest Hills”, or “Bring back the V and restore the original M”, all ideas which have been proven to be terrible or unintuitive give system limits.
  10. A few years ago, there was an annoying operator on the who would yell that the D doesn’t stop at DeKalb Avenue. Every. Single. Stop. Yes, the D does stop at DeKalb at night, but yelling that at every stop during rush hour doesn’t make any sense.
  11. I can’t tell if the ESI work at the two Penn Stations has wrapped up or if it’s still ongoing. The only work I’ve seen done was in the mezzanine, with a few staircases being resolved. Apart from that, the station platforms themselves appear to be virtually untouched.
  12. I find it curious that the Bx19, long considered to be one of the slowest moving turds in any borough, will be left virtually untouched after the redesign. I don’t know if splitting it in half would help, but that stretch on 149th Street from Southern Blvd to Grand Concourse is notoriously brutal. And even though its already been roasted, that BXM17 route has to be the MTA’s version of a troll post.
  13. I have a story to share about something I’ve observed for a year now. There is a door on the Queens-bound platform at Rockaway Avenue that has been ROUTINELY vandalized on a daily basis. The culprit always advertises wanting to perform a sexual act on someone, followed by leaving their number at the bottom. It gets wiped each morning, only to reappear again that very night without fail. It’s gotten so bad that the MTA gave that door a fresh coat of paint, only for the message to reappear like a pimple on prom night. I don’t know whether to be creeped out or impressed at the dedication.
  14. Lafayette Avenue will never cease to baffle me. A quaint local station with a gigantic mezzanine that would make some express stations blush. IND philosophy at its finest. I’m typically against mezzanines being shrunk or segmented, but if there was ever a station that needed it, it’s Lafayette.

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