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  1. I’ve actually been on a couple of D trains that do this, mainly during rush hours when the express tracks are clogged with too many trains. It’s pretty awesome seeing trains use non-revenue tracks/switches during their regular routes.
  2. We often talk about Chambers Street and Broadway as some of the most disgusting stations in the system, but how about 205th Street ? I can’t remember a time where this stations WASNT suffering from constant water damage, garbage bags galore, and restrooms nasty enough to give you the courage to hold it in until you get home. There’s even a vomit-like substance near a column that, over the course of the past few months, has basically FUSED with the floor. This station needs some TLC desperately.
  3. The R32s have definitely begun to show their age with a myriad of mechanical problems recently, while some R179s have been having similar issues too. The R179s were pulled from service a few months ago for mechanical issues as well.
  4. Anyone’s guess. I passed by 1 Avenue today, and I couldn’t see any visible progress on the platform or on street level. Just the same blue wall that was put up last year. I would’ve expected at least a visible elevator skeleton by now, but then again I don’t know much about elevator construction.
  5. I know some people don’t like them, but I really like the red tiles at 49th Street . They give the station a cozy, warm, unique feeling. I know some want the station to go back to its original look, but considering the rest of the line already looks that way, I’d say we can do with this station looking differently than the rest.
  6. I think we should give the some more credit. On the stretch between Hoyt and Euclid, it’s not only more consistent, but dare I say even faster than the . The R179s were a great improvement, not to mention the nice variety the line currrent has (R32/46/179). IMO it just needs to run more frequently and the mergers at Canal and Hoyt need to be timed better as to not snarl both services.
  7. @Union Tpke Once again, thank you so much for this compilation, it’s been great reading through all these newspaper articles and learning about these entrances. I was looking through those old SubTalk forums, and came across multiple mentions of a 47th street entrance to the 50th Street-8th Ave station, which I didn’t see posted on your list. I found the discussion about it using this link.
  8. The person who recorded the video mad a comment asking why an MTA employee didn't intervene. Simply put, they aren't trained to handle a tragic occurrence such as this. If anything, it would've resulted in two people shot dead instead of one. It's easy to point the finger when something like this happens, but there really is no way to anticipate something like this breaking out.
  9. They've removed some of the wooden planks to reveal that it looks like the southbound platform
  10. I find it a bit humorous that the old Jamaica Avenue El went further into Jamaica than the Archer Avenue Subway does. If I'm not mistaken, the portion between 121st And 168th streets was actually the youngest part of the line, yet the first to be demolished. Makes me wonder if it was worth getting rid of to begin with.
  11. The R40 slants were a dream on the , especially during rush hours. Those things could FLY down a track in no time. Since the is purely R68s, it was nice to see a different fleet running on the Concourse line.
  12. There are a couple of these hiding out in plain sight if you know where to look. I saw an 80s style sign at Van Siclen Av hanging off the canopy.
  13. There are a couple of these hiding out in plain sight if you know where to look. I saw an 80s style sign at Van Siclen Av hanging off the canopy.
  14. It's a shame that R179s are crapping out so early out of the gate, hopefully things can improve sooner than later. I've actually come to enjoy the R179s over the R143/R160s. I can't really put my finger on it, but the interior of the R179 feels more spacious compared to the R160s, which I enjoy.

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