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  1. Agreed. Some of these “proposals” are tinkering more on being fantasy reroutes over practical solutions. If the worst of these cuts come to fruition, we’ll probably see reductions in service systemwide with peak-express and rush hour variants eliminated. I don’t think any line will flat out be discontinued or rerouted except for the B, W, or Z.
  2. In regards to the conductors being hit and and insulted, I’d attribute that to the ignorance the average NYer has about their own subway system. In almost every video of a conductor or operator gritting soulmates, it’s usually an irate straphanger that’s upset at the train being late, slow, or skipping their stop. They believe that trains operate like cars do, with the motormen/women simply able to move the train wherever and however they want.
  3. Blame the people that live in the area surrounding the station. They’ve repeatedly protested any change to the station bc it would involve the construction of a new entrance at 69th street, which they’re opposed to. Given that this station is heavily trafficked due to Hunter College and nearby hospitals, it’s long overdue for a renovation.
  4. I’ve always wondered what that facility was. It takes up the southern end of what’s already a massive mezzanine at that station. You can see evidence of stairs that once led to this area from either platform. Even at its peak, I can’t imagine this station ever needed that much mezzanine space. Typical IND.
  5. I feel you. The moment you take one step into a station, they swarm and harass you to buy a swipe from them and won’t take no for an answer. I remember telling this one guy I wasn’t interested, only for him to tell him that the station was “gang territory” and something could happen to me if I denied him. I avoided the Jerome Line for a while after that.
  6. It looks like the long closed entrances to the Broad Street station are finally being sealed. If I’m not mistaken, these were closed after 9/11 since they’re directly next to the NYSE. I recall reading an article a few years ago about elevators that were planned for this station, but residents of the neighborhood opposed it due to fears of terrorism. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.
  7. Was able to just catch this bad boy before it pulled to head to (presumably) ENY yard. As a longtime Concourse line user, it’s my dream to finally see the gets some new trains.
  8. Reminds me of the whole elevator debacle at 68th Street where residents of that neighborhood don’t want elevators on 69th street because it would “change the character” of that street. Ridiculousness. The Queensway just flat out wouldn’t work, in my opinion. The High Line relies on the heavy foot traffic around the areas it runs through, in addition to being accessible by multiple heavily-trafficked arteries (34th, 23rd, 14th). The Queensway would run through a somewhat isolated portion in Queens, and even though it bisects some prime corridors, it would pale in comparison to that of Midtown Manhattan. Train service to the RBB should be restored, although that price tag really needs to be re-examined. Compared to other large scale projects, it should be much less expensive than the SAS and East Side Access.
  9. Geez, looks like my initial post about the weekend M train started a civil war here. No need for these long paragraphs fellas, let’s keep things amicable.
  10. I hope you’re joking. platforms are the standard IND length, so there’s no reason the couldn’t stop there. I hope you’re being sarcastic, as that has precisely nothing to do with Far Rockaway.
  11. The kiosks at the Second Avenue Subway station have already begun to disappear. The ones at 96th Street have been removed. By extension, the USB ports that were on them are also gone. They almost never worked but hey, a commodity is a commodity.
  12. Im sure this has already been posted, but here are some M signs at 96th Street - 2 Av, months after the service started running. From what I’ve heard, the M to 96th is actually pretty popular, to the point that there might be a political push to make it or something similar permanent after the L train slowdown wraps up. Thoughts?
  13. Basically just putting sprinkles on a turd. At the end of the day, it’s still a turd. What the Flushing el really needs is some serious reconstruction, not netting and paint.
  14. I believe what you’re referring to are those old IND black-on-white signs on the columns warning people not to stand close to the platform edge. Those weren’t ads, and I don’t believe ads have ever been placed on columns in the NYC subway. Other systems have them for sure. As for the IND signs, a few still exist around the system, albeit covered under decades of grime and dust.
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